Best Exile Skimboards For Best Sportsmen

Exile Skimboards are the collection of skimboards produced by Exile-one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world. On the first days of building itself as a skimboard provider, Exile’s owners realized the increasing demand for beach activities and decided to develop high-quality skimboards in order to meet those needs.

Year by year, Exile has released into the market a large number of skimboards with different sizes, colors, shapes, weight and quality, which helps the brand attract numerous customers and turns it into one of the most leading skimboard companies in the world.

What Is Exile?

What Is ExileThe founders of Exile, Aaron Peluso and Andy Chiavetta spent many years of their youth researching the market and finally found the way to release their first skimboard products in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, these products were not welcomed at that time and they had to put a lot of effort to improve and develop a brand-new type of skimboard.

Things started to get better since 1994 when Aeron Peluso launched and operated his skimboard selling website Skimonline.com that immediately obtained an incredible number of viewers, paving the way for the development of Exile later.

For the next few years, Earon Peluso and Andy Chiavetta continued to figure out the way to expand their skimboard brand. And they were finally successful with their own trick: Bring their products to the crowded beaches and introduce them to people, then let them try for free. Thanks to this smart marketing strategy, their skimboards sales skyrocketed and gained more popularity in the market.

The most remarkable milestone was in the spring of 2002 when Exile Company was officially established and has constantly developed to become one of the bigger skimboard producers until now.

Are Exile Skimboards Good?

Are Exile Skimboards GoodExile is famous for producing various lines of skimboards with different properties, fitting the customers’ pockets, purposes and quality requirements. All products are manufactured by using modern producing lines and cutting-edge machines. Additionally, these skimboard products are carefully and comprehensively tested before releasing out into the market to minimize the potential risks for users.

Durability is the factor that makes Exile products stand out among other products. Skimboards are often in contact with salt water, which causes them to be easily damaged or corroded. Besides, exposure to intense sunlight and the skimboarder’s total weight pressing upon the skimboards makes them brittle and curved. However, high-class materials along with advanced technology will lengthen Exile skimboarders’ lifespan.

Service quality helps Exile build trust among clients and investors. The website’s design is eye-catching and informative. The menu is managed clearly and contains the pictures of all skimboards. Product prices are publicly displayed so that customers can see and choose the best suitable one.

Moreover, the consultants and customer staff are always available to answer your questions, enthusiastically consult you to choose the right products and fully inform you about Exile’s maintenance policy.

The only concern about Exile comes from its goods delivery. Many customers are quite disappointed with the delivery process because they have to wait for many weeks to get their orders shipped.

How Much Does An Exile Skimboard Cost?

How Much Does An Exile Skimboard CostAs mentioned before, Exile’s skimboards vary differently in terms of the quality of each product. As a result, the customers who have high income, average income or low income can easily pick up an adequate skimboard.

Exile also sells second-hand skimboards with reasonable prices, so customers will have more choices. These used skimboards are still in good condition and guaranteed to be the genuine products of Exile.

In addition, customers will receive a discount policy if they buy more than two products. This impressive policy magnetizes more customers to go shopping at Exile’s stores and increase its profits.

It is common to feel confused when shopping for an Exile skimboard because of the enormous numbers of its products. Do not worry about this since the 5 suggested skimboards listed below will give you an idea of what to look for!

Top 5 Exile Skimboards For You

Blue Small EX1 Skimboard: For Average-Income Customers

Blue Small EX1 SkimboardThis skimboard impresses customers by its small size and simple design. Its overall length is just 51.50’’, making transportation easy and convenient. Moreover, its smart and easy-to-use design is suitable for beginner or intermediate skimboarders who are starting to get used to skimboarding or undergoing the training period.

It has the same color as sea water: Blue. This bright color is suitable for teenagers or positive, energetic riders who want to spend time relaxing at the beach and recharging their energy.

This board is also well-known because many professional skimboarders choose it for their tournaments. That is the reason why it has become Exile’s most popular and best-selling product.


  • Hybrid Shape
  • Well-Designed Dimensions: 51.50’’ x 19.75’’, 100-155 Lbs
  • High Efficiency
  • Reasonable Price
  • Durable Materials
  • Superior E-Glass Reinforcement
  • Epoxy Resin System
  • Showroom Gloss Finish


  • Limited production

Red Extra Small EX2 Skimboard: For Dynamic-Personality Customers

Red Extra Small Pro EX2 SkimboardThis skimboard is the best choice for advanced riders because its design is a bit more complicated than EX1 products. Its longer and narrower shape is an upgraded version of EX1, which helps riders skim on flat water or surfable waves effortlessly.

Despite its sophisticated design, this EX2 skimboard has a thinner frame than that of EX1 skimboard and weighs less than EX1 products. It is also noteworthy by its red color, which fits the people who have strong personalities and like taking risks.

Its price is more competitive than that of EX1 skimboards, so take it into consideration if you want to buy it.


  • Pro Shape With Flat Deck
  • Small Dimensions: 51.25’’ x 19.25’’, 95-130 Lbs
  • Limitless Production
  • Premium Polyester Resin
  • PVC Foam Core
  • Flexible Operation
  • Pro Shape With Flat Deck


  • Long Delivery Time
  • High Price

Exile Blairacuda Skimboard: For Artistic High-Income Customers

Exile Blairacuda Double Carbon Fiber SkimboardThis product is equipped with carbon fiber, resulting in stronger, stiffer and more durable boards. Plus, its 5/8’’ thickness makes this board the thinnest core, suitable for intermediate or advanced riders.

Its fish shape helps skimboarders perform well in straight waves and easily do side turns. Its color is quite dark but decorated with attractive patterns, perfect for artistic people or the middle-aged.

It has the highest price among these 5 suggested skimboards, so if you are on a budget, you should think twice before purchasing this one.


  • Covered With Carbon Fiber->Durable And Long Lasting
  • S-Glass Reinforced And double Rail Wrapped
  • Modern Design
  • Durable Substances
  • Epoxy Resin System and PVC Foam Core
  • Unlimited Production


  • High Price
  • Difficult Operation

Used Extra Small EX2 Skimboard: For Low-Income Customers

Used Extra Small Pro EX2 SkimboardIf you need a cheap but qualified skimboard, this product will meet your requirement. This kind of skimboard is basically the same as EX2, the only difference is that it is a used skimboard, not a brand-new one. However, its price is lower than that of the original product 20%-30%, so you can save a lot of money.

After Exile stores buy back the used skimboard, these skimboards will be tested carefully for minor damage and promptly repaired in order to ensure the original quality before the stores resell them.


  • Low Price
  • Always Available
  • Various Choices


  • No Maintenance Policy
  • Low Quality

Black Small EX1 Skimboard: For Unique Customers

Black Small EX1 SkimboardPrincipally, this Skimboard is similar to the first suggested item, but the special trait is its spectacular color. Often, riders choose the bright colors for their skimboards such as green, blue, yellow, orange or other relatively dark colors like brown or grey, while black is the least favorite and not many riders are confident enough to pick this color.

Why? Because this color absorbs the sun heat a lot, which makes its covering swiftly fade. Furthermore, this color will attract sharks because they think that your skimboard is a greasy seal. Before thinking about doing something different, ridiculous and even dangerous, remember to take it into account!


  • Exclusive Color
  • Reasonable Price
  • Rational Quality


  • Easily Faded Covering
  • Restricted Production


Exile Skimboards undoubtedly satisfy even the most demanding customers thanks to its diversity in shapes, colors, prices, quality and other features. Each product made by Exile has its own properties, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should rely on many factors when deciding to buy a skimboard.

If you are a low or average income person and want to buy mid-range products, the X1 or second-hand skimboards are the right ones for you. In contrast, if you are a well-paid person and want to possess a high-quality skimboard, X2 products are the most suitable.

In terms of function, X1 boards are a perfect choice for beginners or teenagers because these boards have simple and lightweight design, while X2 or carbon fiber boards match with semi-professional or professional riders who need a durable and first-rate board for training and competition purposes.

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