5 Fastest Electric Skateboards You Can Get Right Now!

Although most people love electric skateboards because they’re novelty and modern, there are a lot of adventurous skaters who actually use electric skateboards to race in big tournaments. Believe it or not, some electric skateboards possess incredibly lightninglike speed. If you’re searching for a way to both satisfy your passion for speed and your interest in electric skateboards, our post today is what you need. Keep reading to find out 5 fastest electric skateboards nowadays!

What Creates a Fast Electric Skateboard?

What Creates a Fast Electric Skateboard?First of all, let’s find out some crucial standards that create a fast electric skateboard. Well, there are a lot of factors affecting the speed of an electric skateboard; some of them even have critical influences on the final result. But overall, these following factors are the most important:

  • Riders’ weight: Frankly, this factor plays a significant role in the final speed of an electric skateboard. The heavier the rider is, the slower the board is. It’s pretty reasonable as a higher weight creates a bigger burden on the motors and limits the speed.
  • Motor power: As a matter of fact, the speed of a skateboard mostly depends on this factor. The more powerful motors a skateboard has, the faster the speed is. It’s also a great solution for overweight riders as they can fix the situation by buying an electric skateboard with strong motors (motors with over 1000W of power are enough to solve every weight issues)
  • Terrain type: Well, most research shows that skateboarding in steeper areas will be slower. In fact, most manufacturers nowadays only test their products on moderate surfaces; therefore, the performance of these boards has disappointed many people. As you may guess, powerful motors can also fix this problem, too.
  • The design and quality: To be ready for a place in the top speed list, a board must be built well. Yes, we’re talking about solid power transmission, dual motor setup, and high-quality materials, etc.

In our post today, we will present you 5 electric skateboards that have the fastest speed of all. Let’s break down these masterpieces in details.

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard – 25 mph

Skatebolt Electric SkateboardThe first name on the list will be Skatebolt Electric Skateboard. The top speed of this electric board is 25 mph, which is incredibly impressive but as it is the max range that skateboards nowadays can achieve. Not only does this skateboard possess the dream top speed, but it also performs well in other aspects. With dual brushless hub motors (which creates an output of maximum 1000W), this skateboard nearly faces no difficulties in achieving its max speed. The impressively powerful motors also allow riders to climb hills with the maximum degree of 30, which is much higher compared to other skateboards in the market today. Moreover, Skatebolt Electric Skateboard also accelerates perfectly and its performance seems to maintain its stability as the battery goes down.

Possessing a 36V, 6600 mAh LG lithium-ion battery which lasts almost 16 miles per single charge, it could be said that Skatebolt is owning a pretty long-lasting battery life. To help you manage the battery better, the manufacturer has installed some indicator lights on the remote control, which we think it’s pretty professional. Moreover, for your safety, the skateboard is also equipped with LEDs on the front.

Being made out of 9 layers of Canadian maple wood, Skatebolt Electric Skateboard has a well-built deck. These layers of maple wood help this skateboard carry riders weighing up to 280 lbs. Also, the quality of Skatebolt Electric Skateboard is excellent as it feels very solid and durable. Even if you throw it several times and it’s still fine.

Another plus for this candidate is that it has easy-to-use controls. There are only 2 modes of speed and riders can switch to forwards mode or backward mode quickly. If you worry that your electric skateboard cannot survive under rains or must be kept away from the water, then take it easy! This skateboard is waterproof!

Overall, Skatebolt Electric Skateboard is a worth-to-try skateboard. This skateboard performs perfectly, its speed is in the fastest range, and it comes with a few incredible additional touches.

Ninestep Electric Mountainboard – 25 mph

Ninestep Electric MountainboardAlthough the Ninestep Electric skateboard is also in the speed range of 25 mph – which is the best range of all, it definitely looks like a mountainboard more than an electric skateboard. It’s pretty easy to spot out some differences: the big wheels, the pneumatic tires (which are meant for off-road riding). The skateboard is also equipped with 2 foot straps to help you control better, especially when facing bumpy areas.

Having an incredible top speed, this electric skateboard possess 2 powerful custom high-performance brushless motors. Although it is on par with the Skatebolt Electric Skateboard, the Ninestep brings back a feeling that it is faster, especially when not being on the tarmac. The acceleration of this skateboard is also great thanks to the motors. This skateboard can also reach 30-degree climbing degree as well.

About the battery, it is an LG 11Ah battery, which lasts you 20 – 25 km for a single charge. It’s also pretty convenient as it only takes less than 3 hours to be fully charged. No more waiting forever to get back on the roads again!.

Well, Ninestep Electric Mountainboard can also do better than that as off-roading is not the only thing it’s good at. Believe it or not, riding on the tarmac is also an advantage of this skateboard and it can even be a great commuting skateboard. It feels smooth and comfortable to ride, and on bumpy roads, it also performs incredibly well. Compared to other skateboards out there, its speed is already extremely fast, and it can even be faster when riding downhills. Overall, the Ninestep Electric Mountainboard is wonderful, and worths the money.

Phoenix Ryders Dragon – 25 mph

Phoenix Ryders DragonA familiar face in the skateboards’ rankings. Well, to be honest, this is the third time we’ve seen this skateboard featured on rankings. The most memorable ranking it was on was the best electric skateboards under $300. This has actually opened a lot of financial potentials for this skateboard in the market.

Owning dual 500W motors (which in total is 1000W of power), Phoenix Ryders Dragon has a top speed of 25 mph and an incredible acceleration. The battery life is also nice as it can last for a maximum of 18.6 miles as well as achieve the climbing range of over 25 degrees.

Besides that, the design of Phoenix Ryders Dragon is the most impressive of all. The primary colors of this board are red and black – which are strong and modern. Being made out of 8 layers of Northeast maple wood, this skateboard is incredibly strong and durable. It can even carry people of 275 lbs – a record-breaking number.

Equipped with a red tail LED, riders can even see clearly in the dark. The remote control of this skateboard has all the basic functions to help us control the board better.

The performance of this electric skateboard is also high and solid which will satisfy every need of yours. It’s also a traditional skateboard as there aren’t any gimmicks or any weird riding styles. Still, it gives you a wonderful experience. It’s also one of the best boards on the list of skateboards bringing back perfect performances when the weather isn’t good. With an affordable price of under $300, this skateboard has surpassed tons of high-end competitors in the market.

MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 – 22 mph

MotoTec MT-SKT-1600If you are an electric skateboard lover, you may be surprised when seeing MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 for the first time as it doesn’t look like an electric skateboard at all. The reason is that the manufacture of MT-SKT-1600 produced it for off-road skateboarding.

Possessing large pneumatic rubber tires and strong motors – up to 1600W of power thanks to dual motor set up, this board offer incredibly high speed. The fastest speed this electric skateboard can achieve is between 18-22 mph. The lighter the rider’s weight is, the faster the speed is.

Here are the measurements of MotoTec MT-SKT-1600: It is 46″ long and weighs 71 lbs. Compared to a regular electric skateboard, MotorTec has a larger design and a bulkier appearance. As it is made of 12-ply maple wood, the board can bear up to 260 lbs maximum.

On the other hand, its big size is also a downside of this board as it’s very difficult to make turns. Also, dues to the large size and the heavyweight, riders will be exhausted carrying it around when it runs out of battery. Mentioning the battery, MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 possesses a built-in 14000 mAh battery, which lasts 10 miles per single charge. To be fair, the battery life might be longer or shorter depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain as well. However, this electric skateboard itself consumes a lot of power.

The wireless remote control of MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 is also a minus. The feeling it brings back is pretty low quality. With a powerful electric skateboard like MotoTec MT-SKT-1600, riders had expected a better remote control than that.

All in all, compared to the high-end price of $690, MT-SKT-1600 is still a worth-to-buy product, especially for the excellent experience it brings back.

KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition – 20 mph

KooWheel D3M Onyx EditionNext, it would be a big mistake not to mention KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition. Being manufactured by KooWheel, KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition has become a huge name in the industry. Although it’s only a sequel to their already popular KooWheel line, it doesn’t hide under the shadow of its predecessor. Its deck is also made out of a thick layer of Canadian maple wood, which can hold a rider of 290 lbs. It’s great that even if you are a little heavy, the skateboard is still stable, but of course, the top speed and range will be also influenced, too.

Thanks to the dual hub motors provided in D3M with the total power of 700W, KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition reaches the top speed of 25 mph – listing D3M into the list of one of the fastest electric skateboards in the market.

If you’re not a speed lover and just like to go for 17 mph, your electric board will switch into the “un-governed” work mode – limited top speed. If you want to unlock the full power of KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition (which is 25 mph), please switch the power button on and off for 7 times.

The battery life is also respectable – a fully charged 5500 mAh (the standard battery of KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition) battery can last for 20-25 miles. Moreover, it’s even more convenient as you can change the battery. When one of your batteries is down, you can quickly put on another one and continue your journey. If you like, you can also order a smaller 4400 mAh battery to easily get your electric board on the airplanes (pursuant to the TSA limitations).

About the weight of D3M itself, it is also very light and easy to carry around as it just weighs 16 lbs. Priced at $650, the quality of this skateboard is no joke with no quirks or problems. In the mid-range segment, KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition will get you the best experience of all.

To Wrap It Up

With KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition, we have come to the end of our ranking of 5 fastest electric skateboards. What do you think about all the candidates in our post today? Although, there are a few electric skateboards possessing the same top speed, above are the most completed ones. Their prices are also various, but still, you can get yourself a fast ride at any price range whether it’s the high-end section or low-range segment! So, what are you waiting for? Try them out now!

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