Top 10 Fastest Hoverboards For Speed-Enthusiasts (2022’s Review And Guide)

Are you interested in becoming a racer? If so, before you can invest in an expensive racing car, consider trying out a fastest hoverboard and relish the sensation of ‘chasing the sun’ for the first time

Riding a self-balancing scooter has become a trendy recreational pursuit, especially among the youth. Consequently, the market has witnessed a surge in the number of hoverboard brands.

Currently, hoverboards come with a diverse range of speeds. The highest attainable speed currently stands between 15-20 miles per hour, and this figure is on the rise.

If the abundance of options leaves you uncertain about which fast hoverboard suits you best, below are the top 10 fastest hoverboards of 2023. Continue reading to find out if you discover the one you’ve been seeking!

Top 5 Best Fastest Hoverboards For Speed-Enthusiasts

Kids Hoverboard

10 Best Fastest Hoverboards

I won’t make you wait longer. Here’s my thorough review of the best fastest hoverboards that you can ever find at present.

EPIKGO Sports Plus

EPIKGO Sports PlusThe crown of 2020 belongs to this EPIKGO Sports Plus. This product has blown a new wave to the hoverboard industry.

First of all, since it sits on the top of my fastest hoverboard list, it gives you a swift ride up to 12 miles per hour (MPH). And with the dual 400-watt motors, steep hills are not a problem to EPIKGO.

Future racers, here’s the good news for you:

Designed with streamlined racing tires, EPIKGO Sports Plus brings you the best for your dream. Enjoy the ultimate grip and the incredible smooth!

Also, don’t worry about anything! This hoverboard has a UL 2272 certification, so you are safe from risks. But what if it’s raining? No problem! This item is ready for any wet roads.

The only thing to complain about this one is the long charging time. It takes you 2 hours to fully charge. But in return, you will get such a powerful engine.

Want to take a ride on the transportation of tomorrow? If so, buy this innovative EPIKGO Sports Plus now!


  • Up to 12 miles per charge
  • Built-in speaker
  • Multi-terrain hoverboard
  • Water resistance
  • LED lights available


  • Not for beginners

Swagtron T6

Swagtron T6Prefer to take a fast off-road ride? This Swagtron T6 is what you need.

With all-terrain tires, this hoverboard offers you a speed up to 12 MPH on grass, mud, gravel, or in the rain. Also, this one can handle hills as steep as 30 degrees.

The more exciting thing is:

This Swagtron T6 can carry up to 420 lbs (191 kg). This tremendous weight limit makes the hoverboard an ideal choice for every rider of different sizes, shapes, and even ages.

However, just like the #1 EPIKGO, this off-road beast needs plenty of time to charge. For this one, you will have to spend about 2-3 hours to give it full energy.

What are you waiting for? Purchase this mighty Swagtron T6 to prepare for your next outdoor ride!


  • Up to 12 miles per charge
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Splash and dirt resistance
  • LED lights available


  • Durability issues

Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPROHere’s another Segway hoverboard on my list. What is unique about this miniPRO?

A full charge can give you a 14-mile distance range and a top speed of 10 MPH. But that’s still not the best part!

This mini gadget features 800W dual motors. This surprising figure makes it one of the most robust hoverboards in the market.

Regrettably, it falls short of being the fastest one as Segway has set the limit at 10 MPH. It’s disappointing that you can’t reach the maximum speed!

If you want a ride on this dynamic Segway miniPRO, hurry up and order it!


  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • App connection through Bluetooth
  • UL 2272 safety certification
  • Customizable LED lights


  • Long charging time

Onewheel XR

Onewheel XR

If you’re seeking a swift ride on something distinct from the typical two-wheel hoverboards, why not give the impressive Onewheel XR a try?

What sets this exceptional hoverboard apart is its impressive top speed. Care to take a guess? It clocks in at 19 MPH. This might just be the fastest hoverboard on the planet!

What’s more? With each full charge, you can travel for up to 12-18 miles. Nothing can stop you!

But why didn’t I give the crown to it?

As you can see, this hoverboard has only one wheel, which is very extraordinary to ride on but also more challenging than the standard ones. Therefore, you will need some safety measures and LOTS OF practice.

So, if you want to impress someone with a marvelous hoverboard, this Onewheel XR is all you need.


  • All-terrain tire
  • Powerful motors
  • Intelligent LED lights
  • App connection available


  • High price

Gyroor G-F1

Gyroor G-F1 HoverboardThis off-road Gyroor G-F1 is my pick for the fifth position on my list. Now, let’s see what you’ll get with this one!

As suggested by the name, this Gyroor design is based on the F1 racing cars. With the superb 700W motors, this hoverboard can easily reach up to 12 MPH and master all terrains.

What if you want to listen to some music while riding?

Gyroor provides a Bluetooth speaker that can connect to your smartphone. Freely stream your favorite music on the race!

Unfortunately, some riders were disappointed about the annoying noise! But the company added some new features, and now you can turn the sound off at any time.

Love this racing Gyroor G-F1?


  • UL 2272 and 2271 certification
  • Fast charging time
  • Colorful LED lights


  • High price

FutureSaw 6.5 Inch

FutureSaw 6.5 InchNext on the list is the high-end FutureSaw. How fast is this one?

In full performance, this hoverboard can hit up to 12.5 MPH. And it can also handle 12.5 miles per charge.

What I love most about this FutureSaw is that it only takes 60-90 minutes to charge fully. After that, it can operate exceptionally within 5-6 hours. Impressive!

The bad news is that this hoverboard is more suitable for experienced riders. Beginners may find it quite challenging to master this FutureSaw.

Does this one fit you?


  • Maximum weight of 285 pounds
  • Powerful battery
  • Convenient Bluetooth speaker and LED lights
  • Water resistance


  • High price

GT Hover Electric Scooter

GT Hover Electric ScooterIf you are a sporty rider, check out this remarkable GT Hover!

Firstly, as named in the fastest hoverboard list, it can reach a maximum speed of up to 12 MPH. And the maximum range of this hoverboard is 10 miles.

The most striking thing about this GT Hover is the distinctive design. At a glance, this hoverboard looks just like a fancy sports car. People will notice you as soon as you pass them.

The minus point of this hoverboard is the charging time. You need to charge it for 2 hours to get another 2-hour run.

This GT Hover GTS is an ideal gift for teenage boys. Buy it now and have fun!


  • “No fall” technology
  • LG fire-safe battery
  • UL 2272 certification


  • Durability problems

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor 2.0 Hovertrax HoverboardNow, let me introduce to you the silent but powerful Razor Hovertrax 2.0. The maximum speed of this one is 8+ MPH. Not too notable, I know.

But here’s the mind-blowing fact:

This self-balancing scooter gives you a ride up to 15 miles for each full charge. This is such an enormous advantage for Razor.

However, the trade-off for this brilliant range is that it can only run continuously for 60 minutes. If you want an extended ride, you’ll need to replace the quick-change 36V lithium-ion battery pack.

And don’t let its quietness fool you, this one is more vigorous than you think. Don’t believe it? Then give this Razor Hovertrax 2.0 a try and see it yourself!


  • Whisper-quiet 350W dual motors
  • UL 2272 certification
  • Anti-slip rubber
  • Cool-blue LED headlights


  • Not recommended for children under 8

Segway Ninebot S

Segway Ninebot SYour little child is asking for a fast hoverboard? Give him this Segway Ninebot S! Want to know why?

This Ninebot S meets the UL 2272 certification. What does this mean? All riders are under protection!

With app management, Segway provides you the intelligent anti-theft feature, speed adjustment, self-diagnose function, and more. Especially for beginners, this app will limit the speed to only 4.3 MPH until finishing the New Rider Tutorial program.

The only drawback that I want to discuss is the speed. What’s wrong with it?

This one offers a maximum speed of up to 10 MPH. But it doesn’t give you an adventurous ride as others. Since Segway’s priority is the user’s safety, it keeps you under 10 MPH with the automatic speed reduction.

Look! Your child can’t wait any longer. So, hurry up and buy this Segway Ninebot S for him!


  • 13.7-mile range
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Powerful dual 400W motors
  • Adjustable ambient lights


  • Long charging time

NHT Off-Road Electric Hoverboard

NHT Off-Road HoverboardFor the final position on top 10, the NHT Off-Road Hoverboard is my choice. What does this one offer?

This hoverboard can run up to 8.5 MPH. The average riding range of the NHT is 12 miles.

What else?

NHT always stands behind its products and customers. This UL-certified hoverboard is one of the safest and most durable self-balancing scooters in the world.

What I don’t like about it is the long charging time. Usually, it takes 4-5 hours to charge for this NHT hoverboard.


  • Bluetooth-enabled speaker
  • 8.5 inches off-road tires
  • Intelligent LED lights


  • Heavy board

Fastest Hoverboard User’s Guide

For better understanding, here’s my extra instruction about how to use a fast hoverboard. Don’t ignore it! You may need it soon!

Rider’s Safety

Fastest Hoverboard User GuideBe fast, but before that, be safe! Whatever you do, never forget that your safety must be the priority.

Most hoverboards in the market are tested with UL safety certification. However, you still need more protection. Below are some crucial safety gears that a rider should have:

  • Hoverboard Helmets: The first thing to concern is your head. Riding fast means that you are under high risks of falling. And if you are injured, you won’t want it to be on the head – the central nervous system.
  • Protection Pads: Knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, and goggles are the next thing that you need to buy. Don’t underestimate it! Nobody likes bone related injuries!
  • LED Lights: These lights on your hoverboard may seem unimportant. But they are great assistants in lowering dangerous risks. So, don’t forget to purchase hoverboards with built-in LED lights to protect you in the dark!

Battery Life

When buying a fast hoverboard, it’s essential to pick the right battery life for yourself. It’s not best to choose the longest one because the battery life status cannot tell you everything.

It also depends on your needs. If you usually travel a short distance, a 2-hour battery life would be the best option. For those riding further, you will need more battery life.

Riding Range

Riding RangeAnother thing to consider is how far you can go with a single full charge. Typically, most riders look for long-range hoverboards with short charging time. Of course, if you only cruise around your neighborhood, this is not a significant matter.

However, if you travel to school or work on a hoverboard, you won’t want it to out of battery in the middle of the street. So, make sure that you choose the best one for your routine.

Tips and Precautions for Fast Riders

Tips and Precautions for Fast RidersBefore finishing my article, here’s my bonus for you, my dear readers. These are the useful tips and safety precautions for hoverboard racers:

  • Always charge your hoverboard in advance and don’t overcharge
  • Take into consideration all features of a hoverboard, not only the speed
  • Don’t waste time and money on something you don’t need (if you don’t ride at night, LED lights are useless)
  • Start practicing at slow speed and no further than your neighborhood

To Sum Up

Riding a hoverboard is now considered fashionable. And it’s even more stylish to ride on the fastest hoverboards.

Above are the 10 best fastest hoverboards in the year 2020. Did you find what you need? If yes, don’t forget to give me a like and share my article before leaving the page. Also, for more discussion, feel free to leave a comment!

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