Finn Scooters – The Rising Star of Personal Golf Machine

Summer is coming, and it’s time for vacations and outdoor activities. What could be better than going outside on hot sunny days, enjoying new challenges to boost your health? Why not try some sports then? Golf must be an excellent activity for you.

Some people worry that golf is expensive, exhausting, and high technique-required. Acknowledged their concern, Finn Scooters have developed a fun and innovative personal golf machines for the more relaxed golfing experience.

In this post, let’s go into detail about Finn Scooters and their exclusive products to see whether they’re the right choice for you!

About the Brand

About the BrandFinn Scooters must be a new name in the golf industry, but, when researching more about their head company, we will immediately realize that Finn Scooters inherit the modern technologies from its famous parent company – Sun Mountain Sports.

Established in 1981 by Rick Reimers, Sun Mountain is a leading American manufacturer in golf supplies. After 40 years of working, the company has gained much reputation and knowledge for golf equipment manufacture.

In 2010, Sun Mountain Sports became the most prominent American golf bag maker, accounting for 16.5 percent of the golf bag share within the U.S. Plus, the company was awarded four Golf Digest Awards for golf appliances in 2017. With many other recognitions, the Sun Mountain Sports has been seen as a top-tier golf machine production company nowadays.

Wanting to make some innovations in the golf market which was resistant to change, Rick Reimers – the Sun Mountain enthusiastic CEO – came up with the idea to substitute the traditional motorized cart to an electric scooter. Finn Scooters was created for that vision. Since their debut, the company has been dedicated to manufacturing scooters, which they refer to as “personal golf machines”.

In the next section, we will learn about some outstanding features of a Finn Scooters product.

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Finn Scooters – All You Need to Know


SpeedIf the scooter is considered as “innovative”, they must satisfy the first criteria: faster than its predecessors. With Finn Scooters’ machine, the speed is what makes it money-worthy.

Just imagine, you are playing golf, and one of your balls is kicked too far away, what could you do? You have to walk towards the spot to pick it up, right? The time consumed for finding the balls will be so long that it makes you exhausted then.

With a speed of 15.5 miles for hours, the Finn scooter will cut down the time for traveling between holes so that you can keep a good mood and an energetic body for the golfing experience.

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Cutting-edge Design

Cutting-edge DesignAppearance is always the first element to attract customers to any product. Who doesn’t like beautiful things, right? Gaining that insight, Finn’s scooters are created with compact size, modern design, and most importantly, the “swag” vibe. To visualize, it looks like a motorbike.

Additionally, the company released six versions with six vibrant colors: green, yellow, red, orange, white, and black.

If you are a funky and affectionate person, green, orange, and yellow must be the one for you. Do you love being in the center of attention? Then, the red scooter is what you need. Meanwhile, black and white scooters are the right ones for traditionalists.


PowerThe scooter is designed with a 1000W lithium-ion battery that can last up to five hours after fully charged in terms of power. Regarding the battery longevity, under proper care, it will be able to last for 600 to 700 charging cycles, making it a dominant factor when shopping for a scooter.

With that powerful motor, you can ride this machine on flat and rough terrains without any struggles. To add-in, the scooter can even reach 15.5 miles per hour. The ride is smooth, zippy, and significantly rapid without any noise created.

Braking System

Braking SystemTo describe the Finn scooter in a phrase, that must be “resembles a motorcycle, rides as a bicycle”. So, its mechanism is quite similar to the motorbike with the most essential part of being the braking system.

Breaking down the interior, we can see that it is manufactured with the cable-full hydraulic brakes. That system can provide the power of hydraulic for the scooter with easy cable adjustment.

Compared to other items on the market, Finn’s technique is unique for applying hydraulic into the machinery. Users can comfortably travel around in this particular braking structure without any worry.

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TorqueThe licensed internally-geared motor from Finn scooters produces 130NM torque, making your hill-climbing experience easy as pie. The selling point is that this excellent torque consumes low power compared to the average of the market. It is said that competitors’ motors consume twice the power but only create 40% less torque.


SafetyEven though the Finn scooter is lightweight and balanced, you still need to pay attention to some safety tips as below:

  • When activating, remember to pull up the stick. (otherwise, you will quickly fall backward.)
  • Keep both hands on the handlebar while riding
  • Do not hold the brake while engaging troubles
  • Plan your ride beforehand and aware of obstacles
  • Keep a distance from other carts, tree, stick and uneven surfaces
  • When riding uphill, remember to slow down so that you can react to the change and ride downhill at a slow pace
  • When going downhill, hold both brakes evenly
  • Park in a flat area


Finally, we have gone through all you should know about Finn Scooters and some unique features of their products. Are you going to try these state-of-the-art products?

With game-changing techniques, Finn Scooters has been on the top for personal golf machines. Personally, if we are finding golf products that are affordable and efficient, Finn Scooters must be our priority.

Hope this article provides you with helpful introductions on your shopping experience. Good luck!

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