Should You Buy Flip Skateboards? – The Answer is Here!

From the very first days of the brand, Flip Skateboards were always at high demand due to its quality, durability, and flexibility. Apart from all these exceptional factors, the skateboards of Flip have a reasonable price.

In this post, we will give you a thorough review of the 5 best Flip skateboards. Interestingly, all of them are from the Gold Cup series of Flip-the most amazing skateboard series Flip staff have created so far. Although they have a quite higher price than the regular Flip skateboards, believe me, you will get what you pay for. Scroll down to get to know them better right now!

Are Flip Skateboards Good?

General Information

Flip Skateboards was founded by Ian Deacon and Jeremy Fox in the USA. It is an international brand in manufacturing complete skateboards, skateboards components, and skating accessories like clothes, socks, and hats.

What We Like

Are Flip Skateboards GoodThe deck of Flip Skateboards can satisfy any skaters with its tough design and flexibility, regardless of their level, experts or beginners. There must be a reason for the name “Flip”. Of course, the skateboard functions well with flip tricks like heelflip and kickflip.

Skateboards of Flip have an excellent pop. You can enjoy it when you use your skate for freestyle riding on the street or park. Besides, a Flip Skateboard has a very reasonable price, so it can be an optimal option for anyone who first takes skating as their new hobby.

What’s more, the concave of Flip is well regarded for its durability. You won’t find any remarkable chips after months of use, no matter what kinds of tricks you performed. Moreover, Flip Skateboards are light and portable for you to carry around if needed.

If you want to choose a skateboard not only because of its excellent quality but also its impressive and aesthetic graphics, so Flip Skateboards are just right for you. You can stand out among other skaters with the colorful and specific patterns on and under the deck of a Flip.

What We Dislike

Despite the durability of the concave and the toughness of the deck, the nose and tail of Flip products can quickly fade after being used for quite a long time.

Top 5 Best Flip Skateboards

Flip Gold Cup Lance Mountain Doughboy Peanut

Flip Gold Cup Lance Mountain Doughboy PeanutThis Gold Cup version is a collab of Flip Skateboards with Lance Mountain Doughboy. Hence, it only values the design, but it also is a specific item for your skateboard collection.

One prominent feature of this board is that its deck is a 9-ply model. This means that the skateboard is made of 9 layers of maple wood. The Flip drys these 9 layers and then put them together by a particular glue.

Almost every skateboard are constructed with 7 or 8 layers of wood, but they still can deliver the sense of reliability to riders with its versatility and rigidity. Hence, you can imagine how robust and stable this 9-ply skateboard could be. Plus, the deck is manufactured with dual routed rails to prevent as many chips and cracks as possible.

On the top of the skate, you can notice the golden Gold Cup symbol is carefully crafted and polished precisely in the center point. Along the surface of the skate are three uniformly colorful stripes of tape from Mob Grip. On the bottom, a graphic of the Lance Mountain Doughboy dressed in a peanut custom is printed with the sentence “ Gold Cup Peanut” beneath.

What makes this graphic special is that it is hand-screened. Therefore, the producers can create a brighter and larger picture that can last longer without being worn out.

The trucks of this Flip are the 225 model from Skate City. Thanks to this piece, the bearings, and wheels of the skateboard can be steadily glued to the deck so that you don’t have to be afraid of the breaking of the wheels.

Detroit is responsible for making this Flip Gold Cup’s wheels. Truth be told, this brand is famous for producing wheels for cars or bikes, so there is no doubt for the quality of the 81 duro wheels of this skate. There are also the chrome gold brand names of Detroit and Gold Cup carved around the wheel.

Flip Gold Cup Snapback Skateboard

Flip Gold Cup Snapback SkateboardThe Snapback of Flip has a dual-channel construction on the bottom. This is a traditional design that can relatively reduce the weight of the skate by partly making the deck thinner. However, the strength and durability of the deck are still maintained with the combination of 8 layers of maple woods

On the top of the model, you can notice that the concave of the deck will allow you to securely place your feet there to avoid injuries. Besides, you can simply accelerate your ride without any obstacle thanks to the ideal curve of the deck. What’s more, there are two patches with Gold Cup badge stuck on the foot-positioning spot. With this detail, you can let your homies know what types of a skateboard you are riding. The classic style of Gold Cup dome screws is still at use. They are utilized to fasten the deck with the wheels.

Needless to say, this Snapback Skateboard is a Gold Cup version, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of this product’s components. Firstly, the trucks are from Skate City, and they are Skate City 445. Despite the vintage outlook, this up-to-date truck can guarantee the tight attachment of the wheels and the brakes to the skate.

The 64mm wheels are Gold Cup Satellite 84a, so they can improve the smoothness of every ride through no matter how rough the terrain is. If you intend to perform tricks with this skateboard, you can be sure that you won’t get wheel bite. Thanks to the riser pads of this Flip Snapback, wheel bite can’t be your nightmare anymore, and you will have more space for carving.

Flip Gold Cup Beamo Skateboard

Flip Gold Cup Beamo SkateboardFlip Skateboards was proud to introduce its Beamo. This skate is 30 inches long and 9 inches wide, standard size of a skateboard. Because this model was released about 7 years ago, it was conducted in a classic form. This O-shaped Flip skate strengthens beam that embracing the bottom. As a result, the deck looks thinner, but not easily breakable.

The deck of this Beamo is totally made from a P-tex layer. If you don’t know what P-tex technology is, let us explain. P-tex is another name for the polythene material, usually used for producing skateboard and snowboard. Up to now, scientists have come up with 2 kinds of P-tex: Extruded and Sintered.

Extruded P-tex has been utilized as the material for making every Flip Beamo. It means that polythene, whose molecular weight is at a low level, are put into 175 degrees Celsius fire. Then, the workers pour the burnt polythene into a die to form its shape and thickness. Hence, being made of Extruded P-tex will make this Flip’s deck really durable and reliable and still keep the grip and ripping in case of your need.

On top of the board, you can see the graphic “Gold Cup Beamo”. The detail is quite simple, but it will tell other people which brand you are using.

The 62 millimeters 78a wheels are attached flawlessly with the Skate City trucks. Therefore, you will find no difficulty in riding your skate on rough terrain. This Gold Cup Beamo is suitable for casual transporting. downhill ride, pools ride, and performing tricks.

Flip Gold Cup Peanut Skateboard

Flip Gold Cup Peanut SkateboardWhen you first look at this Peanut version of Flip, you can see that it has the old-school design. However, coming with the classic style are modern components with outstanding quality. About the specifications, it is 6 and a half inches wide and 26 inches long.

On the bottom of this skateboard, there is a Peanut graphic. This artwork is totally hand-screened with the skillfulness and carefulness of Flip staff. Moreover, the manufacturer provides skaters with a round power slider skid plate installed at one corner of the skateboard. Besides, there are four spinner wheels from Detroit, so the sturdiness of these spinners are unquestionable.

At first glance, you may assume that the wheels of this model are made of clay. Conversely, they are actually made of urethane to increase the speed and solidity. Around the side of the wheels, Flip foils the Gold Cup logo and Detroit Spinners logo in gold. This decoration brings the skate an elegant outlook.

So as to assure a smooth ride, the wheels must be linked to the deck by a pair of firm trucks. The trucks of Flip Peanut are Skate City 225 model. Although they have the traditional style of a skateboard truck, these two trucks are really functional.

Now, we will move on with the top of the Flip Peanut. A golden Gold Cup badge is glued right in the middle of the skate. This is a flashy detail that can gain the attention of anyone, and it improves the artistic value of the Peanut. There are twelve screws nailed on the deck, they all are Gold Cup classic chrome dome style. Furthermore, three stripes of grip tape will prevent you from slipping out your feet during your riding. For this reason, you can rip your skate with confidence and safety.

Flip Gold Cup Hotflex Skateboard

Flip Gold Cup Hotflex SkateboardThe Flip Hotflex is a cruiser. With the primary colors red and blue, this skate seems to have the Superman theme. Also, it has a standard size with 7 inches in width and 28 inches in length.

About the design, this Flip skateboard is very thin and light thanks to the Fiber Flex construction. Besides, this ideal formation boosts the elasticity of this skate so that it can function well on tough grounds. If you are thinking of an easily portable skate, this can be regarded as an optimal choice.

In addition, when you carve or pump this Hotflex, its flexibility will prevent cracks and chips. Flip makes this skateboard based on the method of creating a slalom board, so you don’t need to worry about a quick turn when riding this model.

The Gold Cup Hotflex is gripped and available for you to rip. An artistic artwork with the logo “Hotflex Springboard Gold Cup” is placed right in the center of the deck. On the bottom, the same graphic is also printed. The traditional Gold Cup chrome dome screws are fastened at both ends of the deck to steady the trucks and wheels.

Moreover, the Skate City trucks have the style which can be seen in many classic skateboard trucks. Yet, coming with a retro design is a modern performance. Thanks to the outstanding cushions inside the trucks, a quick turn won’t be a trouble to your riding.

About the wheels of the skate, they are Gold Cup satellite 64 millimeters 84a hardness. Hence, they are soft and sticky to the ground in case of a sharp turn. Apart from the outstanding wheels and trucks, the raiser pads will play an essential role in saving you from wheel bite and flying forward.

Bottom Lines

Flip Skateboards is a well-known brand for any skater not only in the USA but also all around the world. They have received numerous praise from customers for its remarkable collections, especially the Gold Cup series. We hope that after reading our top 5 best Flip Skateboards review, you can come to a decision on which one to purchase. Keep following our website for more exciting articles about skateboards.

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