Best Folding Electric Tricycle Scooter for Adults & Seniors Reviews

Is your folding electric tricycle scooter already broken? Do not worry. Maybe this is God’s message for you to have your scooter replaced!. If this is the case, you can refer to our list of the most dominant electric trikes on the market. On the other hand, if you still love your “old friend”, we will help you to fix it.

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Our Pick of The Best folding Electric Tricycle Scooters: Reviews from Expert

List of 5 best folding electric tricycle scooters will be mentioned below. Check it now!

SNAPnGO 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Glion

Glion SNAPnGO 3-Wheel Mobility ScooterThe first product of today is an electric trike made by Glion. As this product is designed to support moving and enhance comfort, it will not let you down.

What we can not miss telling you about this product is its lightweight. Due to the fact that it is so light, you can bring it anywhere. In addition, You are able to fold the scooter for storing easier as well. Whenever you want, just fold and put it in the back of your auto.

For the assembly, we just want to say that be assured! This product allows you to install and disassemble in a short amount of time. More specifically, you just have to bring it out, put pressure on the foot pedal, open the frame and install the seat. And everything is done!

Another special feature of this electric trike is its comfortable seat. The standard 17.5 inches large seat with padded will give you the softest and most comfortable riding experience. Besides, this item also has a backrest and flip-back armrests to help you get on and off it with ease.

Despite all of our praises, there is still a disadvantage of this tricycle. If you want to ride this scooter smoothly, we advise you to ride it only on the flat surface. In case you drive it on some difficult terrain such as cobblestone sidewalks or sands, the tricycle may shake and annoy you.


  • The product is portable
  • The item is light
  • A comfortable seat is included


  • The scooter does not support difficult terrain
  • It may not be safe for you to drive it in wet condition

Verdict: Due to its soft seat, this product will be a great support if you often travel in a long way.

ES30 Electric Scooter by TopMate

ES30 Electric Scooter by TopMateGive the first product an appreciation and be ready for the next folding electric tricycle scooter! This time, we share with you a great scooter of the brand TopMate. Believe us, you will love its special features.

Why is this electric scooter special? The reason is that it can support older people really well. In fact, we recommend all persons under 70.5 inches high and younger than 80 years old to use this trike. It has 3 small sturdy wheels which can aid their balance quite well.

Just for safety, the manufacturer has set 3-speed modes for this scooter. Whenever you feel that your speed is getting out of control, you can choose the turning mode to set a limit of the maximal speed at 3.7 mph. When you want to go faster, just simply change to the standard mode (7.4 mph) or high-speed mode (13.7 mph).

Furthermore, this item is simple to fold and move. With the weight of just about 40 pounds, ES30 Electric Scooter can be folded and moved around easily. I dare to say that you can lift it with only one hand!Because this tricycle runs on electricity, we do not recommend you drive it in the rain. If the water gets into the battery, no wonder why your scooter is broken, right?


  • You can attach some extra accessories to this item
  • You can replace the battery
  • It supports old people up to 80 years old


  • You should not drive it in wet condition
  • It can not go far while holding the heavyweight

Verdict: As a lovely product for people with high age, this electric tricycle will be the best present for your grandparents.

Folding Electric 3-Wheel Scooter by WISGING

Folding Electric 3-Wheel Scooter by WISGINGNow is the time for the third product . Check out the foldable electric 3 wheels scooter by the WISGING. Just look at its beautiful appearance, you may already guess how good it is, aren’t you?

You have guessed correctly, this item is really amazing. In comparison to other normal products, this one beats all of them with its special design. Just imagine that you are in a crowd, there would be so many troubles to turn your position. But that problem will not come with this product’s “Reverse Gear”. Thanks to this ability, you can drive the scooter backward and get out of the crowd in a short time.

Do you still worry about carrying such a cumbersome object ? Just believe in this scooter! As this product is foldable, we promise that you can foldit under 5 seconds. After that, you can store it in the back of your vehicle and transport it to anywhere you want.

Furthermore, you can see this scooter as a good sidekick to go with you in a long way. Installed with a 10AH Lithium battery, it has enough power to run up to 17 miles when fully charged. And more, the 10 inches wheels allow you to drive stably all the time.

However, this product is not so powerful as other tricycles. So if you are a fan of high speed, this scooter will not be a good option.


  • The product is sturdy
  • It is easy to fold
  • It allows you to go backward


  • The engine is not so powerful

Verdict: With the “Reverse Gear”, this trike is easy for you to control. So if you live in a narrow place, this tricycle will please you.

Portable Travel Scooter by EBEI

Portable Travel Scooter by EBEIThe final product for today is the portable travel scooter by EBEI. With a simple design, this electric tricycle will love the heart of seniors.

First of all, we want to talk about the trike’s safety. It has a brake system that prevents sliding, allowing sudden stops. Besides, it has two-speed modes. (One is 5 mph and one is 10 mph) for you to choose whichever speeds suit you. In addition , this item can be assembled and disassembled easily. As a sequence, you can fold it in a few simple steps and keep it in your car. If you want to save more storage space, you can even eject the seat as well.

Another good side of this trike is its battery is removable when charging. For This reason, we advise you to buy another spare battery so that you can replace it with your spare one without having to wait for the battery to be full.

In spite of the good brake system, you should not drive it on steep hills. It may lose balance and flip itself backward. Of course, you surely don’t want to hurt yourself, right?


  • The scooter comes with a charger
  • You can buy another spare battery separately
  • It is safe to drive


  • You should not drive this scooter on steep hills

Verdict: Focusing on the safety of the users, the EBEI has created a great product that can keep you away from getting accidents.

How to select the best Folding electric tricycle scooter?

Before paying for a folding electric tricycle scooter, you should know the suitability of each model. Here are a few factors that we would like you to take into consideration when buying your scooter.

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PriceYou get what you pay for. A quality folding electric tricycle scooter will cost more than a poor quality one. So before you buy,consider your budget, then, consult the seller and choose the most suitable scooter.


The scooter uses batteries to move. So you need to consider your daily range. Do you use it to go out for daily activities? Or do you use it to move around the city?

Think about your battery capacity as you don’t want the trouble of running out of battery in the middle of the road, do you? you can bring the charger with you just in case.


WeightWeight is also important, especially for the elderly. You may have to carry a scooter up the stairs or bring it up to the elevator. Moreover, you may have to put it in the trunk of the car to move. In these cases, you will need an electric tricycle scooter with a proper weight. Usually, the scooters will weigh about 25 lbs. The heavier weight will be quite difficult for most people.

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If you are not too focused on speed, you only need a scooter to be able to go 15 miles per hour. This speed is suitable for working people, students and the elderly. Some vehicles with higher speeds will be more expensive.


Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the right power for you. For example, if you travel daily on flat terrain, 250 watts for adults is enough. If you live in an uphill area, you will need a 400 to 500-watt scooter to get to the station. At this power level, you can also run in medium-sized hills. The big motor will help you go faster and provide energy for the scooter.


LightingDifferent from the motorbike, the scooter only has a white front light and does not have a red rear light. This is very inconvenient if you take the road in the evening. So, consider attaching flashing red rear lights or adding lights to a helmet if needed.

Tips to Fix Your Electric Tricycle Scooter

After a long time, the scooter can have some mistakes. Let’s find out what problems you may meet and how to fix folding electric tricycle scooters.

A Dead Battery

A Dead BatteryA low battery is different from a dead battery. A low battery will not be enough to run a scooter’s motor, while a dead battery will prevent your vehicle from turning on.

This is a common problem that many people meet. To revive it, you will need to charge it for a long time to provide enough power for the scooter. Moreover, you should charge it until you see a full chargeback to the green.

Runs for a Short Period

Your scooter is running very well, but does it run slower or stops working after a while? The reason is that it has run out of energy.

Normally, after a period of use, your battery will get weaker and take longer to charge as usual. Therefore, to protect your scooter, you need to replace a new charger.

Engine Heats Up

Engine Heats UpIf you use a scooter for a long road, your engine can become overheated. Many scooters have a safety mechanism to turn it off. However, this problem may also be because your battery is heating up, which reduces battery life.

To solve this problem, turn off the engine and let it cool down. Next, check the fuses and the wires inside the scooter. If it has a problem, immediately fix it to avoid excessive pressure on the battery, which causes significant damage.


Are electric tricycles legal to ride on the street?

The answer is yes. You have permission to ride an electric tricycle scooter on any road that does not have a special lane for the bicycle.

How safe are three wheel scooters?

With a 3 wheels scooter, you can be able to keep balance better. Besides, the wheels can grip the road well, suiting the young kids and old people.

Do electric tricycles have the ability to reverse?

This depends on the product you buy, Some lightweight electric tricycles are usually not installed with this mode. On the other hand, you can go backward with mostly heavy trikes.

Is driving a trike safer than driving a motorbike?

An electric tricycle scooter beats a motorbike due to the superior stability. While a motorcycle often loses balance in bad weather, a trike can stand firmly.

Is it hard to drive an electric tricycle?

In fact yes. But after learning and practicing, you can ride it with ease.

Just remember that driving a trike is not similar to driving a car or a motorbike.


In conclusion, we have collected 5 of the best folding electric tricycle scooters and guide you on what to buy and how to fix the scooter. Hope that you can follow it carefully and gain enough knowledge to choose the most suitable one for yourselves. Thank you for your time!

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