Select the Freestyle Skateboard at All The Time

Yeah, the freestyle skateboarding is fun and cool to play with friends or do a solo. However, there are tons of things to tackle behind the scene. One of those is selecting a freestyle skateboard.

Do not tell me that you just bring your wallet or your card and use it without using your brain to think!

You can do it unless you have thousands of dollars on your hand. If not, then you should bounce back the constant method – find out the best products on the market! Now, this is the time to stand out!

Top 5 Best Freestyle Skateboards

Types of skateboards

Why should you scan this part? This is because you will have a clear picture in your mind. Then, you probably know what a freestyle skateboard is and what does skating street mean.

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Some people said that skateboards have the freestyle, the downhill, and the street while others add the cruising and the vert. In fact, the skateboards have more than they told that. Here are the short-list skateboards.

Types of skateboards


This was the slalom in the 1960s and 1970s of the downhill skateboarding style. In the 2000s, it became a popular type of amateurs and professionals. The player will adjust the deck down in a slope between several obstacles.


Downhill is not a commonplace type in the skateboarding world. Nevertheless, it is still valuable to attempt! To try this, the player has to take a longboard with a bigger one. This will avoid possible accidents.


This is what I would like to mention. You will modify the deck like you are dancing gracefully! Of course, you will do it with the music to make you feel fantastic! Although this is not new in these days, it is a good point to become a famous player like Rodney Mullen.

One more thing I want to show you is the freestyle is also the oldest skateboarding category from time to time. It was born in both California and Hawaii in the 1950s.

Street style

You may see it at any time and anywhere on the roads! The players can do it on sidewalks, parking lots, stairs, handrails, and so on. Sometimes, you probably hear the flatland for the street style (in general).


What is vert skateboarding? Vert is the acronym for the vertical skateboarding. This style requires you need to practice on big ramps or the half pipe ramps.


This is a riding skill from a place to another place. To show this style, you still need a longboard. On the current market, there are 2 major kinds of cruising boards – the short one and the longboard. Both are cool to try in the area you are living.

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Off road

I like the Offroad name than the dirtboarding as it is not easy to remember and boring as well. This requires you the stiff deck with difficult wheels to roll in and out via the dirt dunes. You can control a big board with large wheels. Your feet should be strapped on it.

The activities like you are riding a snowboard! Off the road is a fantastic way to skate, but it is also a bit dangerous at once. So, keep your eyes on the board is often vital!


Imagine you will skate in the park. This is a blend of street, pools as well as a bit of the vertical style.


This is a tremendous combination between the skateboarding and the draining in a swimming pool.

One Wheel

Perhaps, this is the latest kind when it comes to the skateboarding. This is a new idea from an electrical engineer who wants to make a balance himself. Nowadays, it is expanded in several regions around the world. For those who would like to try a new taste, go with it immediately!

What is a freestyle skateboard?

This is likely a funny question, but it is a foundation point to understand more about the freestyle skateboarding.

A Short Overview

A Short Overview

The freestyle skateboarding was a famous activity in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s, it disappeared and came back in the 2000s among amateurs and gurus. The freestyle skateboarding was hot in some competitions such as the X Games, the Tony Hawk video games, and so on. This list goes on an extra mile!

From that time, players still keep this style on their decks. The good news is that many skaters create more forms of skating. You may take time to see the Footwork, Casper or the Pogos from the countries to the world.

It is not enough to continue adding more platforms on the freestyle skateboarding!

Some aspects to consider before riding the freestyle

Some aspects to consider before riding the freestyle

  • Length: According to the Mullen’s piece, small decks were ideal for footwork, and big boards were suitable for jumping and rolling. Clearly, the 27.5 x 7 inches board was the large one. Today, this dimension has changed with the 28.5 x 7.3 inches. Yup, this is a basic dimension for the freestyle skateboarding.
  • Width: Before going to the width dimension, please keep in mind that the large board is easy for catching and the small one is harder for reaching. It also depends on the how small or big the terrain you will ride. If you want to skate in a few seconds, a small board is a smart choice.
  • Concave: most of the people do not really care the concave in the freestyle skateboarding. This will impact on your riding and perhaps evade the incidents. Check the deck with your feet to find out the right concave when you want to make Ollie tricks.

Freestyle Skateboard vs Street Skateboard: Which Do You Choose?

Though there are many skateboard categories nowadays, the skateboarding has 2 main types – the freestyle skateboard and the street skateboard.

Well, this is a clear point to answer for the question “what are two main kinds of the skateboarding?” I remember that some visitors left this question in my current articles. Hope they can read this as soon as possible!
Okay, back to the main point! In the street-style skateboard, you enable to skate in the street or any basic terrains in the outside environment (parking lots, industrial areas, parks, etc.).

However, please bear in mind that skaters are not allowed playing in several public places. The best areas for freestyle skateboarding are the parks with available skateboarding signs. These often have obstacles and stuff on the flat ground.

Freestyle Skateboard vs Street Skateboard

With the street-style skateboarding, skaters should have the technical quality to ride the deck on flat grounds. And there are plenty of tricks require the players need to defeat.

Fortunately, the good news is that there are some tricks do not demand the board is rotating. In most cases, players can control the deck in a small area.

My Recommendation for the Freestyle Skateboards

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

The Quest Super Cruiser is one of the most prominent brands in the skateboarding and longboarding industries. The company is based in San Diego, California.

The deck has a great dimension (43 x 9 x 44 inches) with excellent materials (the Hardwood Maple and the Artisan bamboo). The build is basically perfect for the skateboard like this product. And the price is also surprising too!
Another wonderful thing about this board is the innovation. All employees always know that they should change everything in the longboarding and the skateboarding over time. This probably meets the requirements of every customer; especially for young teenagers.

Furthermore, they recognize that all skateboards are not the same one. Thus, it could be a marvelous point from the construction to the style of the skateboard.

You possibly find out the amazing fresh art with new technology at the same time in the Quest Super Cruiser freestyle skateboard!


  • Solid truck
  • Good hardware
  • The high-quality material in the deck
  • Nice kick nose and tail
  • Included the skateboard tools


  • A bit weak bushings (you can replace another easily)

Buy it on Amazon.com

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

My initiatory time of seeing this skateboard is the deck. It looks like a piece of art in the art gallery! This is a vintage style based on Los Angeles, California! (Luckily, I can figure out this style in the deck)

In general, the truck is lightweight and strong enough to support the players can adjust the speed while they do not fall out! The 70-mm Polyurethane wheels are solid and smooth to skate and modify. The wheel bite does not happen. In other words, this is a flexible board!

The 7-inch board is made from a nice bamboo with the aluminum to build the solid construction and flexible elements at once. Inside the truck, there is the Maple hybrid to help skaters can kick the tail fast and easily.

On the top, the deck has the 80AB grip tape to offer optimal power for unequaled toughness.


  • Beautiful board with the vintage style
  • Flexible board (on the top and the bottom as well)
  • Compact size for freestyle skateboarding
  • Strong construction
  • Smooth wheels and bearings
  • Ease of riding on the terrains


  • A bit noisy (it has a few squeaks and rattles)
  • A bit big

Buy it on Amazon.com

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Along with the art skateboard, Playshion 39 makes me cannot forget about how great it is. This is a multiple boarding that you can save the bundle of cash in your wallet. I am serious because you might try the cruising, the sliding, the curving, the downhill, the freeride, and the freestyle.

Oh my, it is so hard to believe that this is a versatile skateboard. And you know what? The price tag is also affordable too! Wow, I think that this is a golden chance for anyone who wants to join in the game!

Please notice that this board is not bulky and heavy, you can carry it anywhere and anytime. It is said that this board is steady enough for everyone; especially for new starters. I wish I could know it before (the time I was a newbie) to make another purchase! However, I can now buy it too!

Most of the people do not pay attention to the concave on the deck as they think it is not the crucial point. With the Playshion 39, you will know how the benefit it has.

The function of this concave is a small bridge for your foot to balance the deck while riding. You usually have an opportunity to modify both the trucks and kingpin. This will support you change the speed during the riding time.


  • Available skateboard for everyone (even if the players are novices)
  • Nice design
  • Strong enough in the construction
  • Economical cost
  • Smooth ride
  • Lightweight (it is still sturdy enough for loading 250 pounds)


  • A bit weak of the wheels

Buy it on Amazon.com

ENKEEO 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete

ENKEEO 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete

In general, ENKEEO has even bearings and wheels. However, it supports the board to become a fast speed! There is another thing you may not know is the PU wheels under the truck. They are quicker, and they also gain any traction. Also, they can bear several pressures from the outside, including your body weight.

Though you see the deck is so fashionable and cool, this is just the external coating. The main material is the 9-ply flex laminated maple. It means that this is the vintage style inside! Thanks to this, the slippery issue does not happen. And you do not have to worry about the riding performance.

Furthermore, you probably try to ride on uneven surfaces, pool, bumpy roads, and rails as well. When beginning with the ENKEEO, do not concern to try it on any surface and terrains.

You can do the crushing, the carving, or the downhill apart from the freestyle! This is a smart investment to get experiences in the shop through a freestyle skateboard only!

Oh, the board also has double rubber rings to withstand the outside shock, and it will prevent accidents while riding. The anti-slip surface of the board can help you show any style you want to. Remove all possible accidents!


  • Ease of turn any angle
  • High-quality skateboard
  • Decent choice for anyone to perform any style
  • Reasonable cost
  • Fast and smooth ride enough
  • Dynamic model (teenagers are attractive it a lot)


  • A bit hard adjustment in the wheels (these do not really stick on the deck)

Buy it on Amazon.com

Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

When I see the Sanview design, I think of a cruiser. Yup, the shape of this skateboard is like the cruiser. This is a creative model!

What about the coating? The 7-inch aluminum with the PU bushings in the wheels supports the deck can turn and handle easily. In short, the wheels and bearings are strong warriors to help you skate any type of terrain and skateboarding style as well.

Thanks to the OS780 Grip Tape it helps the product is cozy and more stable at all. This is truly a complete skateboard that you have ever seen before!


  • Strong construction
  • Many cool colors to choose from
  • Snug Ride
  • Affordable price tag
  • Stable wheels while riding
  • Excellent materials from the trucks to the bearings and the wheels


  • Not durable in the grip tape
  • Mostly for novices

Buy it on Amazon.com

Final Words

At the final tunnel, you might discover your own path to opt for a freestyle board. No matter the brand you select, do not excuse with your investment! I am hearing your good news in the upcoming time!

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