Reviews 5 Ghost Longboards – Transparent Clear Skateboard

In recent years, surfing is one of the most thrilling sports for the young generation. As you can see, we can easily come across a man on a longboard on the street. Therefore, there are more and more brands producing longboards to serve the demand.

In addition, the massive sources of those boards provide us with a diverse of option to find us the perfect board for ourselves.

Are there some suggestions of good longboards?

Yes! The Ghost longboard is the product that we want to show you today!

Come and take the chance to discover this awesome product!

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Some Pro Tips for Picking up a Good Longboard

We all know that there are many kinds of longboard on the market. That makes us confused to decide which board will be the perfect one. So to provide you our assistance we will give you tons of helpful tips for you to find your dream board!

Here are our expert tips!

What Parts does the Board Include?

What parts does the board include?

In common design, there are some particular components in a longboard which are a deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, and hardware. Sometimes, you can get different characteristics of the part as it varies in surfing styles so knowing what combination of parts link to what kind of outcome is important because it could help improve your board performance.

For example, in several longboard products, the manufacturer will give you grip-tape for decoration. Therefore, you can show up your own style through your board.

What do we use those longboard parts for?

The deck is the main part of the longboard. The size of the deck is varied to suit different surfing purposes.

Do you know that a longboard is different from a skateboard in size?

A longboard is larger than a skateboard. Since the longboard is suitable for going for a longer distance with greater speeds, the longboard has a bigger size. Besides, this type of skateboard is made for performing tricks as well as the maneuver.

The wheel, the bearing, the truck, and the hardware are important, too. They are the parts which help the surfers to slide smoothly.

Find Your Own Surfing Style

Find your own surfing styleDepending on the surfing purposes, there are four main surfing styles which are cruising, freestyle, freeride and diving down the hill in full speed there are a lot of styles for you to choose from so you can take your time and decide what kind of style suits you best.

Cruising Style

In cruising style, you can have fun to moving around with the board on the street. It seems to be easier for beginners since they start learning how to stay stable on the deck and control the movement.

On the other side, the style is also for people who want to relax after a hard-working day. Take the board and enjoy the fresh air!


If you want more than a simple relaxation on a longboard, you will prefer freestyle.

People for the style tend to do some tricks in between the ride to spice up what they are doing. The style is more suitable for intermediate riders. Obviously, that is the good old skating style.

Free-ride Style

The style is mostly the same as the above style. It does not require many skills from the surfers.

That will be for the one who loves riding on hills, streets, or carving downhill. Therefore, with just the technical maneuvers you can have fun all day long.

Downhill Style

That is the most advanced style among those types. The style is for fast downhill activities as well as racing. The movement of the style is mostly straight.

Decide the Shape of the Longboard

Decide the shape of the longboardDo you remember the style of surfing? Let’s move into which shape of longboard which you will need to fit your style!

If you are looking for a cruising longboard, it will be a simple selection!

Since the cruising style does not require any skills, you can have fun with a longboard you have on hand. All shapes of longboard are suitable.

A drop-down or drop-through shaped deck is great for the freestyle and freeride style.

For downhill style, you should pick up the deck in speed-board type, top-mount type or cruiser type.

We believe that with these tips you will never be stressful anymore. Let’s choose your good Ghost longboard right now!

Top Five Longboards for You

Here is the overview table of the five longboards from Ghost brand:

Product Name Features Rating
Riptide Ghost Woody Real wood in the middle of the acrylic board 4.5/5
36″ Surfer Extremely cool appearance 4.3/5
Pineapple Board Comes in pineapple patterns on the deck 4.3/5
48″ Ghost Longboard A lot of selections from various style designs 4.1/5
40″ Platypus Drop-through Deck Drop-through deck 3.8/5

And, here is the best part for today:

Riptide Ghost Woody

Riptide Ghost WoodyWe believe that this one is for a serious surfer!


  • The specification: It includes real wood in the middle of the acrylic board. That is super sleek and cool for a true surfer!
  • The color of the trucks: white or black
  • Wheels type: light up blue, light up red, light up white, light up pink, light up green, light up orange, shark wheels (you can pick up the color)
  • Size: 48” longboard, 40” longboard, 30” longboard
  • Origin: Cedar Hill, Utah
  • Capable weight: 260lbs

The Most Flexible Equipment

It has the highest capability for the limit weight. As you can see, common longboards max weight is about 240 lbs.

With the higher limit weight, the product is a perfect choice for everybody. We will not worry about the board getting broken if the weight of ours is a little bit heavier than the limit.


Besides the great limit weight, we can say that this one is the winner in the durability competition. With the unique material, we can have both the sleek appearance and the durable product at the same time.

Playing without worrying may be the great words to describe the riptide ghost woody longboard.


  • It has the most flexible feature among those common longboards
  • The material of the product is well-made for the best durability
  • It supplies various wheels colors for you to choose from
  • The size is available in different options
  • The capable weight is great


  • The price point of the riptide woody longboard is quite high
  • The manufacturer only produces Riptide design for sale

36” Surfer Longboard

36” Surfer longboard


  • The specification: The product has fully built-in particles trucks, wheels and bearings. The trucks are 180mm standard Ghost trucks with abec 7.
  • The color of the trucks: white, black, blue
  • Wheels type: light up blue, light up green, light up red, light up yellow, light up pink, light up orange, light up purple, light up white, shark wheel (you need to order the color first)
  • Size: 36” longboard
  • Origin: Cedar Hill, Utah

The Appearance is Cool

Yeah, we can say that you are going to love this one at the first sight!

The reason is simple:

The deck of the surfer longboard is crystal clear. You can see that it is super shiny under direct sunlight.

The bullet shape of the deck is not only for a cool look but also for easy control.

Create Your Own Design

Besides the coolest look of the deck, you can be the longboard designer since the seller let you custom the trucks.

As we mentioned above, there are various wheel types you can choose from. Besides light up wheels, you can get the one-of-a-kind board with shark ones.


  • The sleek and cool appearance
  • Variation of wheel types
  • You can decide your board through picking up the wheels and trucks
  • The price is reasonable


  • The size of the longboard is available in only 36” size
  • It is not upgradable

Pineapple Board

Pineapple boardDo you love the pineapple pattern?

This longboard is specially made for you. Let’s take a look:


  • The specification: Fully built-in particles trucks, wheels and bearings. The trucks are 180mm standard Ghost trucks with abec 7. Comes in any size with the unique pineapple pattern
  • The color of the trucks: white, black, blue, yellow
  • Wheels type: light up blue, light up green, light up white, yellow shark wheel, black shark wheel, turquoise shark wheel
  • Size: 30” wheel cut, 40” wheel cut, 40” platypus, 48” longboard
  • Origin: Cedar Hill, Utah

Seamless Looking

This is definitely a great choice for the pineapple-pattern lover! It is available in any size that is perfect for everybody.

The deck of that longboard is thick and durable. Besides, it is delicate thanks to the clear material.

Let’s decide your longboard

Is it cool to choose your own design?

The producer offers buyers a chance to decide many aspects of the board. You can pick up your choice from several available options. For more detail, you are able to decide the size, wheel type, as well as the color of the trucks.


  • The sleek and cool appearance
  • Variation of wheel types
  • You can decide your board through picking up the wheels and trucks


  • The limit weight of the product is only 240lbs.
  • It is quite expensive for a narrow budget.

48-inch Ghost Longboard for a Longboarding Surfer

48-inch Ghost longboard for a longboarding surferAnother selection of the longboard from Ghost brand for you!


  • The specification: You are able to get a lot of selections from various style designs.
  • The color of the trucks: White, black and custom color
  • Wheels type: light up blue, light up green, light up white, light up pink, light up purple, shark wheels
  • Size: 48” longboard
  • Origin: Cedar Hill, Utah
  • Capable weight: 240lbs

The Unique Look

Would you like to own the unique Ghost longboard? Then this product is for you!

We have not only one designation from that version but up to six various styles. There are Riptide, Tortuga, Fishbone, Epicenter, Maui as well as Chevron look.

The Riptide outlook is the classic surf look. If you love the normal appearance of the board, that will be a perfect choice. On the deck, there are two stripes pattern in the middle which are simple but delicate.

The Tortuga look is the design inspired by the shape of a turtle. At first glance, you can see that the longboard looks like a turtle indeed quite the design if i might say.

The Fishbone design has the fish bones pattern along the side of the deck. If you want to get a cool design, picking that Fishbone will never go wrong.

How about the circle design? That is called the Epicenter!

Circle patterns are the main decoration of the style. Would you like to bring it home? Contact us to get the Epicenter longboard as soon as possible.

Besides circles, you can have another choice with triangle patterns. That is the Maui look. On the deck of the board, we have a lot of triangle shapes for the fun design.

Last but not least is the Chevron look. If those above designs are not your favorite, this one may be the design you need. It has arrow stripes on the clear dPck. That creates a cool appearance for the product.

Upgradable Product

We have another special offer for you when buying this product!

The weight limit of the ordinary product is just 240lbs. It seems a little weaker if we have the weight more than that, right?

Therefore, the Ghost longboard model can be upgraded to up to 350lbs. To extend the capability, we build a thick board in 1inch for the deck, and it costs only $25.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade trucks of the board, you just need to spend $20 for Paris trucks or Caliber trucks.


  • We can choose different options from the six cool designs.
  • The deck is in clear look.
  • It comes with fully built-in components: trucks, wheels as well as bearings.
  • The board includes upgrade offers for the buyer.


  • The ordinary version has standard trucks.
  • The limit weight of the product is only 240lbs.
  • You have to pay more money for more advanced traits.

40-inch Platypus Drop-through Deck Longboard

40-inch Platypus Drop-through deck longboardWant your Ghost longboard to have the platypus shape? Here you are:


  • The specification: The product comes in all styles like the previous longboard.
  • The color of the trucks: black, white as well as custom color
  • Wheels type: light up blue, light up green, light up pink, light up white, shark wheels
  • Size: 40’ drop-through deck
  • Origin: Cedar Hill, Utah
  • Capable weight: 240lbs

Comes in All Style for You

Yeah! That is good news for the rider!

If you are looking for other option with drop-through design, you are at the right place.

The type of longboard comes in all style so that you can feel free to pick up the most favorite one. There are the Riptide board, the Maui board, the Fishbone board, the Chevron board, the Tortuga board, and the Epicenter board.

Amazing Round-cornered Board

That longboard gains a lot of good reviews for the sleek and clean look. All front and back sides of the deck are round. The length of the deck is 40” for the stable balance.

You can control the speed of the longboard without any hassles. So, let’s make a move and enjoy the coolest surf outside.


  • It has an amazing rounded design of the front and back sides
  • Comes in six different styles for great options
  • The length of the deck is perfect
  • It is a drop-through longboard
  • It is easy to control the movement when we are on the board


  • We have only 40” option for the version
  • The price of the Platypus longboard is quite pricey.

Here is Our Final Verdict!

Cannot make up your mind since those boards are extremely cool, huh?

Do not worry! Here is our best longboard from Ghost brand for you:

The Riptide Ghost Woody longboard is the winner in the competition! It gains the highest rating among other products. You will have the best experience with it every time.

Have a great longboard shopping time!

Skateboarding is considered to be one of the most popular street sports and beloved by thousands of young people all around the world. But, let’s be honest, picking out high-quality, yet still edgy-looking board, is no easy task. Don’t worry, we will show you why should you choose the GHOST board longboard. Let’s dive right in!

A Detailed Ghost Board Longboard Review

About the Brand

About the BrandGHOST longboard was founded by Russ Warner, who has expressed a huge love for skateboarding ever since he was a child and decided to establish a company to manufacture and custom skateboards. The company was co-owned by Brent Johnson, who is now working as the designer for the brand.

GHOST longboard created some of the greatest acrylic skateboards, providing skaters all over the world the best experience in this exciting street game. The brand is now located in Utah, USA, and offers worldwide shipping.


DesignYou probably have seen tons of cool Instagram pics where people flex their own custom skateboards, and the one from GHOST longboard is no exception.

These skateboards are originally designed by the brand’s great mind – Brent Johnson. Like any other board, they have standard designs for both the body and the wheels. But what makes their boards really outstanding is the beautiful and unique patterns.

GHOST longboard skateboard has a unique design, decorated by gothic details like skeletons, skeleton hands, skulls, roses, etc. carved on crystal clear acrylic. They even do your name on them or any kind of pattern you want. There is no denial when it comes to the beauty and coolness of these “masterpieces”.

Another amazing thing about the GHOST longboard is the light-up wheels. Just imagine how amazing it is to ride in the night and shine! Besides, the light-up wheel is a clever solution for safety while riding at night.

On the brand’s website, you can see all the options to create your own “fashionista” longboard!

Types of Longboards


MaterialThe longboard was designed for family activities, especially for children to be more precise. To meet that need, they have to be flexible and steady. According to our data, the brand has only witnessed 13 boards that have broke, out of 5000 units sold. What an impressive number, isn’t it?

The company makes use of 2 kinds of material for their longboards. First, we have the black line products, which are made of recycled milk jugs, very eco-friendly. And the second one is the transparent products with crystal clear acrylic materials or plexiglass. Both are around 0.75 inches to 1 inch thick. They are slippery-free, so you do not need grip tape.

All materials were verified by the authorities and safe for children. The only problem is that it bends a lot, for some, this is an advantage for doing tricks, but for others, the feeling of insecurity is inevitable.

Recommended Weights and Heights

Recommended Weights and HeightsThey created different kinds of longboards, suitable for any body type, for both novice and skilled users. The list is right down below!

30” wheel cut board. These units are suitable for children, age from 5 to 21, should be under 55kg and 180cm in height. Keep in mind that you do need average balancing skills to control this one.

40” wheel cut board: Great for everyone, all shapes and sizes. You should definitely purchase this if you love longboards, want to carve, and great at riding. Just like the 30” wheel cut board, you need a little bit of balancing technique.

40″ Platypus / Platypus Drop Through: this is the widest one, definitely a go-to board for everyone. This is the ultimate board, the easiest to ride and recommended by the brand owner.

48” pintail: These boards are not made for girls and children because they are incredibly heavy, at 6kg. Better choose this if you are strong. This board is not made for carving, just long and straight rides. A smooth ride on this board but be very careful because of the weight of the board!

Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsPros

  • Affordable price
  • Various options (colors, length, etc.)
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Return and refund policy


  • Scratches during the manufacturing process
  • Bend
  • Some might not be suitable for girls or children

Why Should You Choose GHOST Longboard

Why Should You Choose GHOST LongboardGHOST Longboard is an amazing brand with a variety of products for you to choose from. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal to select your favorite boards, which fit your body type and sizes.

The brand provides you with high-quality boards with unique material and designs, giving you a smooth and safe ride and helping to flex your style as much as possible. The design team will consult you in case you want to design your own board.

The company has worldwide shipping, so feel free to order their products no matter where you are. Also, the return and refund policy are applied for all products, so please check our website for more information.

For a price of around 200 USD, GHOST longboards are a remarkable option for both amateur and professional players, so you can enjoy your ride and don’t have to worry about a thing.

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In Sum

We have introduced to you GHOST Longboard – a famous brand that designs and customs skateboards. And here they are, everything you should know to decide why should you choose GHOST Longboard.

We hope that you are now equipped with enough information to pick the best longboards. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family so that they can enjoy the ride with you.

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