Is Halo Rover Hoverboard The Best Model In The Market?

The Halo Rover has become one of the most prominent hoverboards of the past years, at one time earning the title as the Best Off-Road Hoverboard Ever.

What makes this particular Hoverboard so perfect?

Halo Rover hoverboards are one of the best types of Hoverboard you should get. A lot of celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner have recommended this kind of transport.

Differently known as one of the best self-balancing scooters, in the first place, these boards were perfect for indoor travel.

However, in recent days, Halo has released and updated a new product named Rover. And you’ll get the boosted confidence when riding over rugged ground, gravel, sand and even grass as Halo company claims.

If you are wondering about Halo Rover and various types of Hoverboard, it offers, this comprehensive review may help you with it.

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Halo Rover Hoverboard At A Glance

Halo Rover Hoverboard At A GlanceHalo Board is a privately owned operating company. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Halo Board has grown from a small office since 2005.

Currently, the company focuses on trading the best of hoverboards. Its mission is to realize the dreams that many have wanted to see come to real life.

Halo Board empowers its creators to create genuinely unimaginable or out of reach hoverboards. Halo Board has brought riding to the next level.

All of these incredible things they have made are through a unique commitment to R&D, through constant innovation and tracking, and concentrate on transforming sophisticated technology into user-friendly boards.

Not the same as the common hoverboards in the market, the Halo Rover Hoverboard is fully packed with features. Many of them are amazing, which reinforce the permanence and safety of the board.

The Halo Rover is a potent hoverboard. Therefore, Halo seems very proud of the fact that its Hoverboard ostensibly resolves a lot of kinks that hoverboards are known for.
The Ride-Assist feature is such a spectacle.

It attaches metaphoric training wheels into the renowned learning curve that accompanies with hoverboards, along with the three-rider levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). This helps control the speed, offering another way in which you can speed yourself and pander to your scale of confidence.

The first thing to refer to is the durability of this board.

It has been granted a UL22772 safety certificate – a standard one in the market. There are no complaints with the Lithium-Ion battery which is designed by LG.

Besides, the standing deck along with the wheel arches are well assisted by an aluminum frame. This does make it a bit heavy; instead, you get a protective case to transport it in.
Lastly, this product offers a water resistance rating IPX4, which means it´is well resistant to rainfall or any splash damage.

We are stunned with the Halo Rover. It performs surprisingly and amazingly well in the streets, looks sharp, plus it offers several incredible extra features. The entire unit, for example, can be monitored via an app. There is also a large LED panel suitable for night-riding.

Also, its perfect feature is three individual training levels that can be raised alongside your skills. The app can additionally be used to set speed limiters or to modify the sensitivity of the direction for children.

We can ascertain this is a high-end product by how responsive it is. There’s also a lot of power. It makes us feel like the board never really gets into trouble, even at the maximum speeds, which well indicates top quality.

The large, robust wheels perform mainly well off-road while on the pavement; it is even incredibly excellent.

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Advantages Of Halo Rover Hoverboards

Design And Material Quality

Design And Material QualityFrom the first look, it’s noticeable to realize how the design of Halo Rover Hoverboard is mainly to support functionality rather than aesthetics.

It not only owns an industrial look but also looks mostly minimalist. It seems even a bit bigger and broader than most other regular hoverboards. Black, white, or pink are three color options which are available when choosing the Halo Rover.

Halo reclaims that the Rover hoverboard is designed with an “impenetrable” aluminum frame. Quickly to see, this is just an overstatement of the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, the Rover is mostly functioning to being close to indestructible if you usually use it in the standard and ideal situations. Its aluminum construction also protects you from debris or mud splatter by being expanded to its wheel defends.

Another unique feature of this Hoverboard is the wide LED panels at the front. This LED panel will facilitate you by offering visibility when you want to ride at night. The back panel is equipped with a turning signal by red color light panels.

Excellent Tires

Excellent TiresThe Halo Rover’s off-road capacity is the main differentiating feature.

No matter where you ride it, outdoors or indoors, the Rover offers a pleasing riding experience by its non-flat 8.5” tires.

These tires, with the assistance of a Lumby high-grip surface, play an essential role in supporting the boards. They allow you to cross through rugged terrain, which can be an inch bigger than ones found in regular hoverboards.

This Hoverboard is proudly granted IXP4 water-resistant rating, which means that it can deal with water splashes or even light rains without affecting its internal elements.

However, it’s not waterproof, just merely water-resistant, not waterproof. It is not recommended to get the Rover immersed in water, or using it in heavy rains.


PowerIts separate dual motors capable of a total output reaching 800W makes this Hoverboard exceptional at the core of the Halo Rover’s knack for all-terrain travel.

The Halo Rover’s mighty climbing capacity reaches up to 20 degrees inclining slopes, while most other hoverboards can climb 15 degrees at most. Indeed, this will not be possible without the help of the tension provided by its lumpy rubber tires.

The extra-big tires permit the Halo Rover riders to cross through rough terrain and tricky surfaces. The Rover offers an extraordinarily smooth riding experience even with streets covered by potholes.

The Rover’s capacity is up to 1 maximum passengers with a total weight of 220 lbs., making it vigorous enough even for bigger adult riders. Halo suggests that a minimum weight of 45 lbs is an acceptable weight for users of the Rover so that its self-balancing sensors can perform at its best.


SpeedThe maximum speed of the Rover can reach up to 9 mph. This might not sound not impressive on paper but it is a different case when we experienced it in person.

In fact, 9mph is recommended if you’re a risk-taking experienced hoverboarder and this is not a recommended speed setting fit for beginners.

The Halo hoverboards are also famous for its extra stability and exceptional responsive controls. Moreover, Rover solely pioneers this trend. It excellently performs when making quick direction movements, or even in rapid back-and-forth change.


ConnectivityNearly the same as most of the state of the art hoverboards, the Halo Rover products can be under control by Bluetooth connection to an application on our mobile phones.

Even though connection through Bluetooth is deemed flexible, the scope of functions available to Halo Rover riders are exceptional compared to products with similar utilities.

The mobile application offers a user-friendly to toggle among three riding levels: Training, Normal, and Advanced. Each of those modes offers particular speed and separately sensitivity settings. This feature makes the Rover fit for all riders with various skill levels.

If you desire to adjust the Rover’s guidance sensitivity manually or just prefer to have customizable speed limitation, go ahead and use the mobile app.

It is easier to control and monitor the battery life of your Hoverboard. The distance you travel through the day and also your ongoing movement speed is convenient to observe through the mobile app.

Monitoring your battery life of Hoverboard is especially essential. In many devices, if you don’t monitor the battery well, it will unexpectedly stop in dead mode during its tracks as its battery gets completely drained.


EntertainmentAs generally expected in a fascinating hoverboard, Bluetooth-compatible speaker is a unique feature of the Halo Rover. This means you can enjoy the tune of your favorite songs while taking a riding experience on the streets with the Rover too.

More than just the bright LED lights, what the Halo Rover gives you is a stylish cruising in a significant way. Even though we do not expect much about the Bluetooth speakers, it deserves mentioning that the quality of the audio may not get anybody disappointed.


BatteryThe Halo Rover hoverboard power is equipped with the UL 2272-certified LG FireSafe Battery. It helps to make sure that it will not accidentally catch in a fire or explode in a sudden whereas the plug-in is active.

Plus, battery capacity is so strong that it enables you to take the traveling experience at a maximum of 10 miles after a full charge. Even when you are riding at the maximum speed, you can reach such a distance as well.

This figure is far more than the average number for common Hoverboard. So, Rover’s running time is possibly one of the highest among almost all variations of hoverboards of the same grade.

To fully charge the Rove from scratch, it may take you around 2.5 hours. Still, to achieve the best application and to avoid any damage to the battery life, it is advisable to solely plug in the battery charger if you are using a UL-certified or an official Halo AC devices.

Every rose has its thorns, so does this Hoverboard. Here come the disadvantages of this prestigious hoverboards.

Downsides Of Halo Rover Hoverboards


Downsides Of Halo Rover HoverboardsPriced about $550, the Halo Rover is more costly than many of the equivalent hoverboards in today’s market. For example, EPIKGO hoverboard is also an all-terrain one, but it only costs around the same price tag as the Halo Rover.

The thing is, the Rover does possess precocious aspects. A much more sturdy component, and more powerful than almost all hoverboards you can find in the market in this day and age.

You can go off-roading in a relaxing way, which is a justifying reason for the higher price of this Hoverboard. Overall, this Hoverboard still seems to be well worth its price tag.


WeightAround 32 pounds for a device, Halo Rover products are much more burdensome for you to carry it around through a long period than a typical standard hoverboard.

Nevertheless, the weight does equip the board more stability, which is essential for safe riding experience on various types of terrain.

Top-picked Hoverboard By Halo Rover

Top-picked Hoverboard By Halo RoverHalo also offers two different models – the original Hoverboard and the new X version. They look similar, and even the price is almost the same, so what ARE the differences between these two versions?

The new-version called Halo Rover X possesses newly designed aluminum wings. This add-on is considered more persistent and also offers enhanced protection for your board (less chance of getting damaged if you fall).

It also comes with a newly designed footrest for improved convenience and stability. Elsewhere, the other features such as speed and range, size motoring, weight capacity, Bluetooth speakers, application seem to be wholly the same.

The X’s distinctnesses are a primarily aesthetic style which won’t affect lots on the overall functionality.

Before You Leave

Our official Halo Rover review has given due consideration on every aspect of this Halo Rover hoverboard.

We know that it is not easy to get one single Hoverboard to fit every consumer’s budget. But the higher price tag is deserving for the extra features and safer riding experience.

This board offers an extensive selection of advantages. It is renowned as a heavy-duty all-terrain self-balancing scooter. Halo Rover brings along on its promise to become one of the best in the hoverboard market.

It has top quality in various ways, especially the aluminum frame and the never-flat tires. If you are considering a hoverboard that well enables to go off-road as well as on the road, this is an ideal choice to purchase, almost precisely the best you should get.

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