Here is Why Yocaher Skateboards are Considered as Awesome

Since 1975, Yocaher has been offering incredible skateboarding services. With the coming up of many new companies, the popularity level of old companies keep on decreasing, but Yocaher didn’t get affected by it as it manufacturers appropriate skateboards which are best in quality and performance. So, let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of Yocaher skateboards, which has helped the company to maintain its reputation.

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Superb Customer Rating

Incredible Features YocaherMost of the people prefer to buy products depending upon the customer ratings and reviews, which are posted mainly on online stores. All the models released by the company have been highly appreciated by the people and as a result, each model has managed to earn at least 4.5 ratings out of 5. With such superb customer rating, you can easily trust the company to buy an amazing skateboard.

Incredible Features

The main reason behind the high customer rating is the incredible features of Yocaher skateboards. There are several models released by the company and each model is designed for a different style of riding.

Yocaher skateboardsDownhill riding is mostly liked by the riders and if you want to get the most out of this amazing riding track, you need to buy a skateboard with a thicker deck as the track is full of obstacles. Drop down Board is one such model released by the company, which offer some incredible features and make it is the best model for downhill racing.

Attractive Board Designs

While buying a skateboard, some people reject the skateboard because of its colour and design. However, the company has released all the models in different designs and colours that allow the rider to choose the perfect skateboard model with superb design and colour of his choice.

Brilliant Performance

Yocaher skateboards offer a brilliant performance because of the high quality components used in a board. The company uses 7’’ aluminium alloy trucks, high quality bushes for sharp turns, strong bearing for absorbing any shock and high quality wheels which are majorly responsible for an amazing performance.

These are some of the major reasons behind the massive popularity of the company. Let’s have a look at the top two models released by the company which have earned incredible customer ratings:

Special Graphic Complete Longboard PINTAIL Skateboard

Special Graphic Complete Longboard PINTAIL SkateboardThis model has earned a customer rating of 4.9 which is the highest by any skateboard currently available. This model supports some spectacular features which makes it the best model for different riding styles. You can use this board for downhill, freestyle, cruising and many other styles.

Yocaher New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL

Yocaher New Complete Longboard KICKTAILThis model comes with 40’’ X 9.75” size and Abec 5 bearings which makes it a better option for downhill racing. Moreover, a grip tape is used for providing ample grip for the rider which helps him to tackle all the obstacles on the downhill track. This model has been widely used by the downhill riders because of the ample grip over the skateboard.

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