5 Shocking Answers to How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost?

To answer your question of “how much does a hoverboard cost?”, literally, we don’t have a specific price tag to claim. Depending on various factors, generally, all hoverboards can be sold at around $120 for the cheapest one, and vary up to hundreds of dollars, which reach roughly $800 for each.

As said, the price of a hoverboard is set based on a huge list of different tech-inclined criteria, such as power, capacity, battery, and a lot more. No more hesitation! It’s time to break down the myth behind a hoverboard price range with our explanation below!

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What Makes the Price of a Hoverboard?


Top Elements to Consider When Purchasing a Hoverboard

Consider When Purchasing a Hoverboard

First of all, technology, which I mean by LED lights, waterproof, as long as cutting-edge innovation such as Bluetooth speakers or smartphone-related apps are what I pay attention first when picking a hoverboard. Each of the factors above defines the perfect match between your needs and the hoverboard’s features.

Let’s talk about decoration and innovative add-ons! These are great, of course, but are you sure that’s what you prioritize? On one hand, cutting off some extravagant features means you can set aside some smart sum of money. On the other hand, power, in my opinion, is the most crucial thing to define our answer of “how much does a hover board cost?”.

It’s virtually a “dead dumb piece of scooter” without an advanced role of good power. Hence, think about it first if you want to be a wise “money player”. For instance, a hoverboard with lower cost has little to do with the compelling motor, handling steep inclines and other extras. Indeed, the more you toss your money in, the more sufficient your hoverboard is supposed to be.


A Look Into Which Benefits You Can Get From Each Price Range


Here is an overall breakdown price list, starting at $100 and ending with $500 and above.

From $100 to $200

If you consider yourself as an absolute beginner or down for some little fun, such basic hoverboard is a good way to start.

Feel free to separate a good amount from your savings to one easy-to-operate “balanced scooter”. However, don’t expect any other cool extra additives or mighty power source.

Warning: You need to know some other benefits that should be sacrificed, such as better speed, longer range, and sometimes shorter battery charging time. Now, let’s move on to the higher price range and see what you can get from there!

From $200 to $500

As a hoverboard “surfer” myself, after spending a long time learning inside out, this price range is definitely the best average spot for all beginners and experienced surfers. If this is also what you have in mind, agree with me things like apps, Bluetooth speakers and off-road capabilities are your priorities to notice.

The list of advantages does not end right there. Better construction quality makes your hoverboard become better rugged and more durable. Last but not least, I must say that battery charging time, range and speed are way improved as witnessed overtime I started using a good hoverboard myself.

And now, get ready for some “real deals” with a starting cost at approximately $500.


They say “save the best for last”! And it turns out to be so true for a hoverboard “player”. When my friends become experienced hoverboard riders, they tend to look for things set around $800 each with magnificent add-ins.
Take a look at what you can benefit after tossing a good cold hard cash on it!

Three things: The longest range, the fastest top speed, and durability are the biggest factors given to a really good hoverboard that all my friends love to check out. Other than these, safety and needed materials are meant to bring big deals. Now, is it clear enough to clarify your question of “how much does a real hoverboard cost”?

But now, things may get a little harder when it comes to whether you should buy a second-hand hoverboard or a totally brand-new one?

Let me tell you all what I, myself, have experienced such a “slightly sad ending” when deciding to bring home a used hoverboard… and why you don’t want to do the same thing!


Freshly-unboxed VS. Pre-owned Hoverboards: Let the Battle Begin!

Freshly-unboxed VS. Pre-owned Hoverboards

Back in 2015 when hoverboards started to be trendy amongst teenagers across the Globe, it was literally a dream for a youngster like me to surf on a new technology. Back then, obviously, I tossed just under $120 for a used one.

The seller confirmed how resistant and durable it could be, and I was totally charmed by how well-designed it was.
And of course, I decided to bring it home without any further investigation. Things went well within the first months when I basically only used it around town or down the streets with a few meters away from home.

However, I started to figure out several shortcomings as time went by in terms of power, capacity, and battery.
Genuinely, the design outside was still good somehow, even though it did not look that “new” compared to the initial photo posted online. The whole thing began running slower and stopped all of the sudden. I hence had it stored in the bunker and hardly ever had any further interest.

What to learn from my own story? Hoverboards, at some points, seem to be an expensive expenditure. Seeking a used one can be a good idea, and obviously, this act saves you a ton of money. But to me, everything has two sides to consider. A newly purchased hoverboard surely has a lot to offer compared to a used one.

First of all, although some hoverboards appear to be in stunning shape and design, you can never tell how badly damaged it becomes through times inside. And apparently, the owner and seller never slip a word to uncover the truth. For some, the battery can have been heavily used, while some motors even lost its gusto. I believe you don’t want to gamble on a type of toy, do you?

Regarding your safety concerns, how can you tell with only a few hundreds of dollars spent, you can be saved from sudden injuries caused by badly used battery and power source? With all of the above, I highly recommend you to get a new one, for now, or later.

There is no reason why you must bring it home now, right? Why not save some more and purchase a totally brand new one that goes with a spectacular manufacturer’s warranty. Now, tell me what you have in mind! Are you going to get a pre-owned hoverboard by all means? Or wait for a couple more months? Let’s be a wise money user and you will not be disappointed.


Where to Buy a Hoverboard?

Buy a Hoverboard

With the booming of E-commerce, buyers’ choices are now massively expanded. Depending on where you live, for the time being, heading straight to a storehouse or showroom to get one you like. However, for me and my friends, what we always advise each other to do is spending some time online looking up things you love the most.

With most of us, especially those at teenage ages and around 20-ish, money sometimes can be a big thing to consider. We don’t want to hurt our budget, right? For me, online shopping has helped cut an enormous budget and hence I tend to spend a lot fewer.

No gasoline needed, no time wasted, no extra cost, better choices, more models, easier to communicate and share online with friends. Amazon is my all-time favorite source of news, which supply every time I need something, and hoverboard is the same this time.

5 Best Brands To Buy

“How much money does a hoverboard cost?”

Well, besides all those aspects I scanned through above, brands and models are other top factors that impact on the price of a specific product.

Below listed my five recommended brands alongside their best-seller models.

SWAGTRON with Swagtron T1

SWAGTRON with Swagtron T1

Following Halo Rover, Swagtron introduced its top model, Swagtron T1 covered with an ABS outer, which makes it even more durable and fire resistant.

Other than that, Swagtron T1 is developed with the SentryShield that guards the battery system against overheating.
Besides such battery-related safety, Swagtron brings its T1 model a 250-watt motor. This handles up to 30-degree inclines with a range of more than 12 miles while speeds up to 8 miles within an hour.

A little economical than Halo Rover, you now can get it with only around $259 for a brand new one. Good brand! Perfect features! And reasonable cost!

Buy it on Amazon.com

EPIKGO with Epikgo All-Terrain Scooter

EPIKGO with Epikgo All-Terrain Scooter

It’s time to seek some changes! Epikgo represents a brand-new all-terrain model that is likely to help you conquer almost any kinds of terrain with safety.

Epikgo stands out in a scenario that not every hoverboard is able to deal with sand, puddles or at least gives you a good feeling when surfing on dirt and grass.

Epikgo All-Terrain Scooter is equipped with a set of 400-watt dual motors and wheels, which are 30 percent bigger than an average kind of hoverboard. In terms of battery, one single charge makes it last an hour of use.

Above all, a claim is given by the manufacturer that a straight distance of 10 miles can totally be done. For those who love to beat all types of topography, this all-terrain hoverboard from Epikgo starts at only $585, a fair cost for this section.

Buy it on Amazon.com

SEGWAY with Segway miniPRO

SEGWAY with Segway miniPRO

Segway owns its 4th ranking on my chart today with an average of 14 miles without a recharge. Many reviewers split their words claiming Segway MiniPRO is that one hoverboard you ever need when it comes to battery durability.

Regarding dual motors, Segway miniPRO provides you with its 800-watt dual engines, a phenomenal number that can take you up to 10 miles an hour. Segway Bluetooth app is another highlight that should be taken into account. The app allows you to pair with its hoverboard.

This way provides a great feature of anti-theft security, customization alongside the ability to control its LED lights as well as other software updates. A Segway miniPRO can be found at approximately $420. I think, given all those features and designation, such price wins everything!

Buy it on Amazon.com

GOTRAX with Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard

GOTRAX with Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard

Last but not least, Gotrax introduces you its Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard in case you are looking for a good brand that goes well with a tight budget. Affordable as it seems, Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard is a UL certified self-balancing hoverboard.

This is a great way to start training yourself or even your little family members how to have fun with a basic hoverboard at first, without drowning yourself in the ultimate question “how much does a hoverboard cost?” Made as a fantastic offer for children, Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard is available in a wide range of colors, such as Mars red, Neptune blue, Planetary purple, and Pulsar pink.

Since some of you get a little half-hearted when searching for an affordable hoverboard to gift, Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard is now your best answer. Designed with a concentration on science and education, Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard gives your children a chance to explore the little world in their surrounding neighborhood in a more fun and cooler way.

$149.99? Is it for real? Yes, it is! Can you see how cheap it can be? That is why I said Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard is too good to get started! Now, it’s your turn to decide on “how much does a hoverboard cost”. You can start at $120 for the most low-cost one or go straight to $500+ as a pro.

HALO ROVER with Halo Rover X

HALO ROVER with Halo Rover X

First off, Halo Rover X leads the chart thanks to the perfect harmony of quality, safety, and capability.

This item is designed and introduced by Halo Board, an American company based in Los Angeles that concentrates on manufacturing technological transportation featured the use of wheels and wings.

What to expect when adding this hoverboard to your cart is high-grade durable aluminum equipped with wheel guards in order to enhance protection.

Strength and power of a Halo Rover X are designed to reach over 260 pounds in weight. Apart from that, an average speed a Halo Rover X is able to deliver is 10 miles after a charge.

A Halo Rover X varies around $547, so make up your mind right away as such price is a perfect way for all kinds of riders.

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