How Dangerous Is Roller Skating? – An Instruction For Sportaholic

“How dangerous is Roller Skating?”- Have you ever wondered about this issue?

Inline skating is a great way to balance your body and increase your body’s endurance. It does wonders for our health, increases resistance to fight against unnecessary diseases.

Spending time skating every day will help our body be more balanced, releasing toxins accumulated for a long time. Creating new energy, increasing the excitement for the body to continue working, learning more effectively- Roller skating can help us all.

However, Inline Blading injuries are very common, especially when players come across accidents. People who do not surf explicitly can fall at any time and quickly get stuck in damages without support equipment.

How Dangerous Is Roller Skating?

Roller Skating requires you to familiarize yourself with balancing on skates. To keep pace when moving, you should know how to coordinate smoothly between hands, feet, knees, and other parts of your body.

During the period of practicing this sport, there will be problems that make Inline Blading less productive. Out of other issues, injury is a major problem that almost everyone has to suffer. Fractures can occur in many parts, but most often are in the hands and legs. It can be summarized into three basic types:

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuryTendon – muscle – ligament with different degrees may be caused by direct contact or excessive stretching – twisting. You can quickly realize that the typical manifestation of soft injury is swelling, pain in a normal posture. The degree of swelling and suffering depends on the site of the lesion.

Another fairly common manifestation is exercise restriction. Depending on the extent and location of injury, these injuries may more or less affect the performance of daily activities. Severe injuries can make players limit movement and be unable to participate in other activities.

Joint Injury

It is about a condition in which there is a typical loss of correlation. In other words, the joints are moved out of the normal position. So what is the reason behind? Well, it is due to the strong impact force breaking, tearing the condom, and ligament around the joint.

There may be swelling around the joints with different degrees. To check the level of being damaged, you should use an X-ray to determine.

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Bone Injury

Bone injurySeriously, this issue may put you in jeopardy as it is about a continuous loss of bone structure due to a strong force. Once you get a bone injury, the bone length of the fracture area is shorter than the absolute length.

Another feature is that your broken bone will be unable to move. Depending on the severity of the illness, you should ask the doctor to recommend proper surgery.

Each kind of injury has its own recovery time. Still, we need to limit exercise and take measures to protect our bodies.

What Causes Injuries?

What Causes InjuriesImproper training is the most common cause. After training, you need to let your muscles rest for some hours to recover. If you increase the intensity too quickly or don’t stop when you feel the pain, the situation may change from bad to worse.

A lot of players make the mistake of continuing to practice despite the pain. It will not make you stronger, but it could also cause serious injury.

Another problem is differences in body strength. Almost every person has some weaknesses in their bones and muscles, and these parts are very vulnerable. Some people are born with several characteristics that make them more susceptible to injuries to their ankles, legs, knees, and hips, such as differences in foot length, flat feet, high arches, and other problems.

For example, differences in foot length can lead to uncomfortable postures while you practice Roller Skating. However, people with equal legs can still be hurt if they run on sloping roads or roads with a higher center.

The last matter comes from the playground. It is a worrisome fact that many young people have used the roadside to make rollerblading places despite the dangers that could happen to themselves and road users. Crashing between Roller Skating players and vehicles is one of the most common factors leading to death.

How To Prevent Injuries?

You can prevent nearly 75% of injuries in sports, don’t you know that? The best way to protect yourself from damage is to heat it properly and adequately before playing. Moreover, you also should be fully prepared with technique, stamina, and endurance.


Warm-upWarm-up before training or competition is essential to prevent injuries and improve sports performance. It will help you increase muscle temperature and make muscles work well. Besides, warm-up enhances blood circulation, and oxygen to muscles boosts the speed of nerve conduction and helps the bodywork faster.

Thanks to perfect heating, it minimizes the risk of tearing ligaments and muscle tendons. This stage includes the following steps: slow jogging, relaxation, stretching, and little movements.

Time for warm-up should last in 15-30 minutes. You shouldn’t start too early before playing as its benefits will lose effect after 30 minutes if you have training Inline Skating immediately.

Cool Properly

This stage is often overlooked, although it is instrumental in preventing injuries.

Regular massage helps the muscles eliminate toxic waste and completely relaxes muscle fibers in cramped areas. Besides, it will identify areas where muscles often have problems to handle properly before real damage.

Appropriate Specialized Equipment

Appropriate specialized equipmentWithout the right gear for Roller Skating, you can easily face injury. For example, an ideal shoe must have a hard sole, the front of the shoe must be flexible, and the inside should be sufficiently wide and slightly. The whole gear of Inline Blading should consist of three items: knee pads, gloves, and helmet.

Proper Diet

Eating well and getting enough nutrients is essential. If we don’t eat enough nutrition, it will lead to a longer time to recover from health after sports activities and injury.

A proper diet must balance the group of substances: starches to help fuel muscles, protein to regenerate tissues, vitamins, and micronutrients to support the cellular activities of muscles.

Water also plays an indispensable role. If you don’t drink enough water, it will decrease blood flow to your muscles and increase your risk of injury.

Improve Fitness

Improve fitnessIn other words, you should improve physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and muscle strength. If you have good physical strength, you will be less likely to be injured.

For supporting endurance, spending time exercising is also encouraged. You can play in hours on the field and still be agile, flexible, and the shot is still dominant.

Sufficient Recovery Time

If there is no rest time for the body to recover, we will be more vulnerable to injury. Rest and adequate sleep will help the body regenerate health and muscles.

If you really focus and regularly apply in training, all of the above factors will help minimize injuries and improve your performance.

When Should You Stop To Train?

Usually, overtraining occurs when the level and frequency of exercise is beyond the capacity of the body. If you maintain this condition for a long time, your body will be injured.

To avoid injury, you need to notice three following signs. They show that your body needs some time to rest.

Always Feel Pain

Always feel painA bit of muscle soreness is normal when exercising, especially when you are just beginning to exercise or you are changing. But if you have exercised regularly, the pain is not good.

Depending on the muscle group, it takes many hours for your muscles to recover between workouts, and if you still feel pain, it could be due to overtraining.

Always Hard to Move

If you can’t bend over or pick up the money that you dropped on the sidewalk and have to kneel to get it, then maybe it’s time you need to rest for a while. In this case, you should recover by doing stretching exercises and using foam rollers to keep your body flexible and prevent injury.

Constantly Tired or Moody

Constantly tired or moodyA feeling of sadness, boredom, and fatigue are also signs that you have exercised too much.

A Matter Of Outside Playground

A Matter Of Outside PlaygroundOne of the severe problems of Roller Skating comes from outside the playground. Due to the lack of a playground for Roller Skating or subjective awareness, a part of young people turns the streets into their own space to practice and play.

Many young people and children have skidded at high speed, zigzagged, and made circus on the road. It leads to the threat of unsafe traffic for people involved in the surrounding transport.

To prevent unfortunate consequences, families need to orient the children to have fun and practice in a safe environment. On the practical side, the traffic police force, urban order-keeping force, and traffic inspectorate also need to take strict measures to deter and limit young people from participating.

Final Words

Roller Skating is an excellent activity to train your body and stamina. However, if you do not know how to play appropriately, no matter how hard you try, you can still suffer serious injuries.

Once you have dealt with accidents, you will find out the real matter of “how dangerous is Roller Skating?”

With the experience below, we hope that the accidents from Roller Skating will no longer exist in your life

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