How Long Does A Hoverboard Last? A Big Secret Is Revealed

You are getting confused at “How long does a hoverboard last?” but planning to buy this gadget for convenient commuting. The Internet-based materials seem not to provide any clarification in terms of the running time of a hoverboard battery.

In effect, the answer depends on the way you use it. Why do we assure that? Continue reading, and you will understand.

How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

hoverboard battery lastThis portable electronic device takes a significant advantage over other public transports when it comes to its smaller size, which quickly gets packed and brought along.

Everything about this two-wheel equipment sounds perfect. But one thing hindering your way to buy a hoverboard is its battery because you are looking for something convenient but necessarily long-lasting. So how long can a hoverboard battery run?

Let’s figure this out with me!

The topic of how a hoverboard battery lasts depends on which brand or model you are about to purchase. Whether the battery life lasts longer or not varies from manufacturers to manufacturers.

Besides, the way you operate your hoverboard also contributes to its running time. However, we can give you a specific range of how long a hoverboard battery lasts. A hoverboard supports you from 2 to 6 hours if fully charged.

To reach the level of charge the battery fully and maximum enjoyment before having the first ride. Remember to charge your hoverboard far from the sun or flaming sources to prevent overheating the battery. Additionally, you need to notice the following specific elements that can affect the battery power.

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Elements Affect a Hoverboard Battery Power

Weight of the Rider

Avoiding the overchargeEach hoverboard model has its weight range that allows a rider to carry more than its recommended weight. The heavier rider will drain the battery more quickly. In other words, an overloading board pushes the battery to consume more power than it contains.

In a sequence, you are limiting the longevity of your hoverboard battery. Because if you continue ignoring this rule, exceeding the allowed-weight range will harm the balance of your hoverboard and hurt yourself during use.

Therefore, remember to pay attention to this matter. If not, you will have to shop for a new one soon.


TerrainTypically, a rider finds it more accessible to control her/his hoverboard on the flat concrete ground than on rocky or wet surfaces. In parallel, your hoverboard battery will consume more power on steep slopes or rough surfaces than the flat and even ones.

When the battery reaches its power-saving mode, you need to get off the hoverboard and charge it immediately as riding at the low battery can shorten its life in the long run.

Thus, always check whether your hoverboard notifies the weak battery or not, if yes, stop riding and charge it until the battery gets full. For some hoverboard models, the manufacturers set an auto-lock system whenever the hoverboard charges up its batteries.

Weather Condition

Weather conditionsIt is not unusual if you find your hoverboard suffers underperformance when winter comes. That the device functions less energetically than usual does not mean it is dead. The hoverboard sometimes will not work actively, so do not replace it with a new one.

Generally speaking, it is awfully unwise and risky when charging the hoverboard battery in either too hot or too cold weather. The battery will even drain faster if you keep doing that.

We have a note that the Lithium-ion battery models tend to discharge extremely fast in warm weather. Therefore, consider other brands and store the battery at 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Types of Hoverboard

Types of HoverboardThere are four main types of hoverboard available right now on the market regarding sizes. They are 6.5-inch, 8-inch, 8.5-inch, and 10-inch hoverboards. People often say that the 8.5-inch device with larger wheels runs longer than the 6.5-inch one; however, that conception is wrong.

The truth is these hoverboard lines all adopt the same battery capacity, which is 36v, 4.4ah. So overall, they get the same mileage. But the larger wheel hoverboards can assert their dominance in various terrains. Therefore, types of hoverboards, in conclusion, affect battery performance as well.

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Brands of Battery Cell

Battery cell brandsAfter a particular time, the hoverboard battery will undoubtedly undergo the depleting rate in its longevity and capacity. Hence, you can choose top brands such as LG and Samsung, which often launch longer-lasting products, including battery cells.

Besides, another good quality option is China battery with UN 38.3 certification. You can check the brand through the product description or ask the supplier directly.

Tips for maintaining a hoverboard battery

You should follow some constructive steps to enhance the longevity of the hoverboard battery.

Scrutinize the Manual Thoroughly

Reading manual carefullyManufacturers launch products in a set of devices, including a manual that provides consumers with specific guidelines on how to use the hoverboard. The manual also gives you detailed descriptions of how to maintain the battery.

In the manual, the manufacturer recommended charging the battery at an ideal temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The warmth during the charging time will get higher; hence, the ventilation can partly help you cool down the heat from the battery.

Charge the Battery Regularly

Within 40-60 days of storing, the battery will consume most of the power, which has been already full even though you do not use your hoverboard. If you do not charge the battery timely, it will die without any doubt. Therefore, check the battery before riding and charge it regularly.

Avoid Overcharging the Battery

What happens if you charge your hoverboard too longWhat happens if you overcharge the battery? If you are curious, keep finding out with us!

The habit of ignoring your battery during charging is severely damaging. The act of overcharging with no check does massive harm to the battery life because of the overheating electronic in-take.

Though each battery has its overpowered protective board, it is still dangerous and harmful to the battery when overlooking this matter. In the long term, you unintentionally shorten your battery lifespan. So remember to unplug the battery after charging.

Never Change the Original Charger

Never replacing the original chargerThe manufacturer already customized the charger before launching a complete hoverboard. Replace the other charger to charge your battery indiscreetly can degrade the battery and reduce its longevity.

Buy an extra charger from that supplier in case the present one is no longer usable. Unless your charger gets any problems, do not replace it in any way.


Does a hoverboard need to be turned on when charged?

Typically, you charge smartphones and laptops but not turning them off. Likewise, you can do this to your charger. There is no worry about that!

Which hoverboard has the longest battery life?

To the best of our knowledge, Halo Rover Hoverboard models’ battery offers the most extended lifetime. You just need to spend about 3 hours to charge your battery fully. You can use up a fully charged battery in 1 hour and 40 minutes to ride 7 miles.

What is the sign of your hoverboard battery turning bad?

The red light on the charger will tell you whether your hoverboard battery functions properly or not.

When you connect the battery charger to your board, the red light is supposed to light up; then you can conclude the battery is working correctly. If the charger remains green, it may be due to some charging-related problems. So you know that you need to get a new one.

Can I leave the hoverboard charging overnight?

The answer is no. If you leave your hoverboard charging overnight, you can not check whether the battery is full.

Of course, charging too long with no care will cause an overheating, which leads to a decrease in the lifespan of your battery, or even unexpected accidents like an explosion.

You just need to spend about 2 to 4 hours charging your battery fully for safety, instead of leaving it unattended overnight.

How can I charge my hoverboard without a charger?

You can charge your hoverboard by using your laptop or PC charger, give it a try and wait if it works.

However, it should only be your last resort in an emergency; we do not recommend charging the hoverboard battery with the other charger. As we mentioned before, the final result is a reduction in the longevity of the battery.

Final Words

Hopefully, from the information we have shared above, the post has given you more insight into “How long does a hoverboard last?”. You can consider the given range of the running time we already mentioned before.

More importantly, you should investigate the brands or models, especially the factors affecting the battery’s power. It is a fact that you should keep good habits of maintaining your hoverboard in mind.

It is our pleasure to clear up all of your doubts. Every response from readers massively contributes to the improvement of our paper to a higher degree. So we hope you feel free and leave us a comment at the bottom of this piece of explanation.

We wish you all the best on the way to buy your dream hoverboard!

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