How Long Does Hoverboard Battery Last?

Being portable electronic devices, hoverboards with their two wheels help you to move on the ground. The safety is often the issue which users care the most since the gadget runs as a self-balancing scooter. Then, knowing of “How long does hoverboard battery last?” is one of the best ways to stay away from accidents.

The answer is not the same based on different brands and models. To avoid an uninterrupted ride as well as unexpected troubles, many hoverboards have battery light indicators. This part will warn you when the equipment is out of battery.

Despite the preparation with the indicators, you still had better learn more about the hoverboards’ battery. So, you can enjoy your fantastic rides with a highly durable moving board. To know how, let’s turn to the next section of the article.

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How Long Does Hoverboard Battery Last?

hoverboard battery lastTo have a pretty playful time with the hoverboards, there is a need to charge them fully. And you think that it is enough.

But, is there something that you may forget? How far can a hoverboard go on one charge? You have never thought of it before. Don’t let the unknown issue interrupt your enjoyment.
Honestly, it is a little bit tricky to measure. The range will be different based on lots of factors. They include:

  • Rider’s weight
  • Terrain
  • Weather condition
  • Temperature
  • Hoverboard types
  • Battery cell brands

If all things are ideal, the distance a hoverboard can go on one charge will be up to 15 miles. I will show you by what way the elements above can affect a hoverboard running time.

Rider’s Weight

Rider weightEach hoverboard has a different allowed-weight range. The more you push it to carry the overweight, the faster the battery will drain.

An overloading board means that you are forcing the battery to use more power than it has already had. In turn, you cannot drive at the top speed and shorten the running time of the machine. Hence, do not forget to pay much attention to this issue.


TerrainOn terrains such as rough surfaces and steep inclines, a hoverboard needs more power to run. And the board will no longer perform well if the battery charge reaches a certain level. Users call such limit as the power saving mode. Besides, places like carpets are also bad friends of the battery.

Whenever finding the battery low, you should stop and get off the board. Riding at the low battery can shorten its lifetime. For some models, the manufacturers set their board with a function of auto-lock as the charge tends to be out of power.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditionsIn the winter, you sometimes can see that the hoverboard may underperform. And you worry about why its battery does not work as actively as usual. The reason is not that the battery is dead for sure. It is likely to attain over-limited levels of temperature. Plus, the draining speed of the battery in hot weather is also quite quick.

Following a general rule of thumb, you should ensure the average temperature of the battery before recharging. I advise you to keep the battery away from too hot or too cold places. Batteries like the Lithium-ion will discharge so fast in warm weather.

The poor weather condition tends to spoil the circuit board as well as other electronic components. It is a need that you have to store the hoverboard batteries at 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Hoverboard Types

There are four types of hoverboards on the market. They are a self-balancing scooter, one-wheel hoverboard, real hoverboard and another hoverboard-like devices.

Some people claim that an 8.5 hummer hoverboard with more substantial wheels can run longer. But, it was wrong.

The fact points out that all of the hoverboards own the same capacity of 36v, 4.4ah. It means they get the same mileage. And the larger wheels will be more suitable for multiple terrains. Hence, the types can affect the hoverboard performance.

Battery Cell Brands

Battery cell brandsAfter many times of running, the hoverboard battery age and capacity tend to go down.

Some top brands such as Samsung and LG often have products with longer-lasting battery cell than others do. Besides, the ones with the UN38.3 certification own the same performance too.

So, if not having much experience to choose, I can base on the brand which hoverboards come from.

How to Make Your Hoverboard Battery Last Longer?

Every full charge of the battery allows the hoverboard to run for 1 to 4 hours. For a high-quality battery which is in proper usage, its charging cycle will be around 500 times.

For more detailed, I will give you a calculation. Assuming that you ride the hoverboard till it runs out of battery three times per week. Then, the hoverboard lifetime will be 41.6 months, which is approximately 3.5 years.

Is it such an impressive figure? Honestly, a hoverboard can get a long lifespan only when you take care of it in the right way. So, I will show some helpful tips.

Keeping the Hoverboard Away from Inflammables and Explosives

If you drive the board near such things, it will be freaking dangerous. The battery not only runs out of battery more quickly, but it can also explode as well.

Never Replacing the Original Charger

Never replacing the original chargerUsing others to get your hoverboard battery full is not suitable for both battery and its durability.

Before launching hoverboards, suppliers customized the charger to match the devices especially. They also test it with strict steps in the factory. So, unless the charge has any problem, you should not change it in any way.

Doing Daily Charging

Maybe, for days or weeks, you do not like to ride the hoverboard. Despite that fact, you still need to charge the battery daily. It sets the battery in a regular charge and discharge cycle. The tip is pretty beneficial for extending the battery lifespan.

But it is more important to know how long you need to charge the battery. Do not let it overheat when charging.

Not Letting the Battery Die

Many users complain about their hoverboards. They can activate them even though they are the new ones and they think about the low quality. But you do not think so.

Even high-quality hoverboards, suppliers store them in the warehouse for a long time (maybe 1 or 2 years). The battery discharges itself; the capacity reduces gradually and dies in the end.

You must remember to charge the hoverboard as soon as you get it. When using, never do the power off entirely. The charge should be available when you hear the beep and see the red light blinking from the board. The timely full charging will ensure that the battery is in a healthy status all the time.

Reading Manual Carefully

Reading manual carefullyIn the manual, it not only guides you on how to use the hoverboard. It also shows you the description to maintain the battery well.

The best temperature to charge a hoverboard battery is 25℃. During the charging, it can get high heat. Hence, you must pay attention to cool it down. The ventilation also helps to extend durability.

Avoiding the Overcharge

Avoiding the overchargePreventing the overcharge is not ignorable. You need to unplug the battery right after it finishes charging. This suggestion is not redundant although most batteries now overpowered protective boards. As I mentioned above, if you do not cool it down in time, you will reduce its lifespan accidentally.

Choosing the Right Storage Environment

Basing on elements affecting the battery I mentioned above, you can set the storage easily.

The first thing is that do not expose the board to under-or-over-temperature places. Inside a hoverboard battery, it is a wide range of chemical. They contain energy which can lead to a chemical reaction at a favorable temperature. So, it will be highly dangerous.

Or in a wet environment, the moisture will penetrate the device. Then the battery can die.

Riding Properly

Riding properlyThe way you ride can affect a lot the battery’s durability. Suddenly accelerating or braking and increasing the times of gliding can cause the battery lifespan to go down. To prevent them, for instance, you can try to glide in advance when the traffic light is about to turn red.

What Happens if You Charge Your Hoverboard too Long?

What happens if you charge your hoverboard too longIf you charge the battery too long, some technical issues may happen. Its lifespan can decrease. And an explosion is the thing that you cannot know in advance.

The severity of the problem depends on the quality of the hoverboard. For a high-quality hoverboard, it is hard for this problem to come true. But, in the case of counterfeit models, the story can be different.

A fake hoverboard bears the low-quality battery. When the battery has overcharged, it will explode. Of course, the explosion is not like a boom; it is like frizzle instead. Then, some fire comes, and you should say goodbye with your hoverboard.

Moreover, the long time of charging often causes the battery to overheat, which harms the durability.

To avoid this trouble as much as possible, you had better know about the light colors of changing mode. It usually takes nearly 2 – 4 hours for the hoverboard battery to get full. At that moment, the light is green.

When Charging a Hoverboard, Should It be On or Off?

Of course, it is better to get it off. There are many electrical and chemical parts inside the device. And assuming that you overcharge the battery, dangerous issues can happen. So, turning off the hoverboard will help you to minimize the probability of these issues.

Can You Leave a Hoverboard Charging Overnight?

Can you leave a hoverboard charging overnightNowadays, smartphones and other small electronics can be in charging overnight without any problem. But you definitely should not charge your hoverboard overnight.

Users often spend 2 to 4 hours to charge up the battery. When charging it overnight, a lot of unexpected accidents may happen, for example, an explosion.

I suggest you charge the battery in a large room and keep an eye on it. Another thing is that you should place the device in an area with a fire extinguisher to be safe.

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In Summary

Now, from all of the information I share above, hope that you can understand more about how long does hoverboard battery last. The number can change based on brands, models, and lots of elements.

A hoverboard battery can last from 3 to 4 hours at most. And its average mileage is 15 miles/hour. Do not forget to ride the hoverboard properly and take care of it carefully to reduce the energy wastage. Then you can strengthen its battery life as you wished.

I hope that you will understand more about your current and future hoverboards after reading my article. If you have any thought, feel free to leave comments.

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