How Long Should My Snowboard Be?

In the winter, there is a host of recreational activities for you to choose, such as skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Of all these outdoor amusements, snowboarding has won the heart of many people because of the thrilling experiences this sport brings.

It is not difficult to learn snowboard skills; however, you need a thorough preparation before starting with this winter sport. In particular, if you are a snowboarding newbie, it is advisable to take care of the snowboard size.

In this article, we will help you answer a common question that is usually asked by snowboard beginners: How Long Should My Snowboard Be?

Does Snowboard Size Matter?

To own an appropriate snowboard, you need to determine the right size of the snowboard. If you take a snowboard whose size is either too big or too small, you will get in difficulties while controlling your board. Even worse, it will create a barrier to your plan to become a professional snowboarder.

A Traditional Method

A traditional methodTraditionally, people used to calculate their snowboard size by standing next to the board to consider whether it fits their height. However, this method has a lot of shortcomings when it cannot cover other related elements, including your weight and snowboarding style you intend to follow. The development of modern technology has introduced several new methods that can measure the size accurately.

A New Method

A new methodNowadays, snowboards are made from various materials and used for different purposes. Therefore, the height cannot be the only factor deciding the length of the snowboard.

Accordingly, different from the traditional method, these days, people put the snowboarder’s weight in relation to the board type. Compared to the previous measuring way, this method makes a significant improvement.

As a result, two snowboard designs were born: spectrum freestyle boards and big-mountain powder boards. The former is designed to be shorter for supporting spin speed and riding techniques, whereas, the latter is longer to keep your speed stable.

Charts on Snowboard Sizing

Charts on snowboard sizingNo matter where you buy a snowboard, you will receive a chart that shows a range of levels, weights, and snowboard types matching different kinds of boards. According to board manufacturers, all these factors contribute greatly to snowboard sizing.

This chart will be so helpful in preventing you from selecting the snowboard with the wrong size. Our example below will help you gain an in-depth understanding.

If you are 65 kg in weight; 5 feet 9 inch in height and prefer freestyle snowboarding; it is advisable to buy the snowboard with the length from 151 to 153 cm.

Some Notes on Big-mountain Powder Boards

Some notes on big-mountain powder boardsNot similar to other types of snowboards, the boards of this kind comes with a variety of shapes; therefore, it is more challenging to show their sizes in the chart.

In case you intend to buy a big-mountain powder board, or you cannot determine the right size for any other board types, then the best solution for this problem is that you contact with the board sellers to take some advice. Tell them about your height, weight, purpose, level, and snowboarding style you will follow. We believe that they can introduce you to the most suitable snowboard with the appropriate size.

How Long Should My Snowboard Be?

As mentioned above, the traditional method that is considered the rider’s height to be the only factor to estimate your snowboard length is no longer popular these days because of its limited effectiveness.

To get a convenient size for your snowboard, we want to show again all the elements you need to take into consideration, including height, weight, riding style, and level. For a deep understanding of them, please have a look at the details below.


WeightOf all the factors determining the length of the board, weight is considered the most influential. In comparison with the height of the snowboarder, the weight is of much more importance.

In terms of design, there is a flex put inside every snowboard. The characteristics of flexes vary from board to board. But they share a common point that they are under the significant influence of your weight. In particular, when the flex bears the weight that is too light or too heavy, it cannot perform itself in the way it should be.

Consequently, there will be some unexpected changes during the operation of the board.

In case you are heavier than the standard weight, the board will flex a lot. Meanwhile, you cannot meet the requirement for weight on the board when you are too light.

When buying any snowboard, you certainly will get the information about the weight range. If not, you can ask the seller for that detail. Therefore, it is necessary for you to examine this parameter before picking the product.

Manufacturers often provide an extensive range of weights. For example, between 110 and 150 lbs or something like that. However, this range is quite flexible and changeable. It can vary from brand to brand and from year to year.


HeightApart from weight, height is one of the factors you should take notice of if you desire to buy the best snowboard. As usual, height and weight are proportional to each other, meaning that a taller person will be heavier than a shorter one. Even so, this fact is not right under all circumstances.

As we can see, those who have great height usually come with a wide stance. For this reason, if your board is shorter than your stance width, it is inevitable that you will get into some difficulties while riding your board. It is because your feet cannot get the most comfortable feeling while standing on the board.

In contrast, for the rider whose height is limited, he/she will be reluctant to move the feet wider to go with a long snowboard. When dealing with this situation, can you make an excellent performance?

Riding Style

Riding StyleDo you know your riding style also affects the snowboard length? Indeed, it affects a lot. Depending on each type of snowboarding, you will consider choosing a shorter or longer board.
You can buy a board following the standard below. If you love free riding style, it is highly recommended to pick the snowboard that is reduced by 2 to 4 cm. Meanwhile, in case that freestyle snowboarding is your choice, then a board that is 3 to 6 cm shorter will be suitable for you. That being said, these are just our suggestions. The decision will mainly depend on your preference.

It is more complex to estimate the length of all-mountain riding due to a wide diversity of shapes. Therefore, you can ask for some suggestions from professional snowboarders when you hunt for a snowboard matching this style.

Ability Level

Ability LevelThere is a close relationship between the size of the snowboard and your boarding ability. In other words, to determine the right length, you have to be aware of which level you have achieved in this winter sport.

If you are at the beginning level, a shortboard (about 3-5 cm shorter) will be ideal for your practice because the fact shows that it is quite challenging to ride a long snowboard. On the other hand, when reaching a higher level, intermediate or advanced, you will be able to control a longer board. General speaking, as a beginner, you will have to pay much more attention to this factor.

How Tall Should My Snowboard Be?

How tall should my Snowboard be? Or what size snowboard do you need? This is also common questions asked by beginners. When hunting for a snowboard whose size fitting your body, you need to take care of the only feature that if you erect and stand by it, one end of the board will reach your nose or your chin.

If you cannot find out the snowboard with your normal height at the shop, you should select any preferable model that is displayed there, then order a different one according to the size that you estimated before that.

Even so, depending on your snowboarding style and preference, you can choose a specific height for yourself. For instance, if you are looking for a freestyle snowboard, it is strongly advised that you buy a shorter board, which helps you ride the board more effortlessly when performing difficult moves on the snow. However, only when you achieve the advanced level in this sport do you pay attention to this issue. Otherwise, you can choose to ignore it.

How to Calculate the Height of the Snowboard

How to calculate the height of the snowboardFor the first way for you to calculate the height of the board, you use this formula: Multiply your height and 2.55 together; then multiply the result and 0.88 together. This multiplication will bring you a specific size.

Even so, this formula is not the best. Height is not the only factor that should present in the formula. Besides height, weight contributes to determining the size of the snowboard. Because our body will apply pressure to the board surface, it needs designing appropriately for your weight.

In short, with a shorter board, you can quickly move into different positions, but it prevents you from accelerating. Meanwhile, taller boards will bring high speeds along with adequate controls.

Suitable For Your Preference

Suitable For Your PreferenceIf possible, you should experience snowboards of different sizes because this is the only way to realize which one is the best for you. For some people, after approaching several snowboards with various styles and sizes, they can find out the best choice. Freestyle snowboarding is a popular type these days. To perform it, you need a shortboard to slide up and down as well as jump over obstacles.

On the other hand, the people who are eager for high speeds undoubtedly will be excited about a tall snowboard that brings them marvelous feelings when reaching the fast speed. For these people, they can even pick the snowboard taller than their chin or nose.

Note that the size of snowboard will considerably influence your sliding experience. And to get the best board, first of all, you have to determine what you have and what you need.

General Speaking

It is necessary for you to find out a snowboard with the right size. According to what we present above, you can realize that its length and width has a significant effect on the performance of snowboarding.

Keep in mind that there are dozens of factors you need to consider before selecting an appropriate board. Anyway, for the best choice, you need to grasp all of them, especially the chart on snowboard size.

We hope that all the information we provided will be helpful for your snowboarding experience. If you have any contribution, please leave your comments below.

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