How To Heelflip With These Easy To Understand Tips

Simple Steps to Perform a Heelflip

Skateboards are not only considered as an economical and easy medium for transport, but are also famous for performing some cool tricks. There are numerous tricks that can be performed with a skateboard. However, all the board tricks are not meant for some users, especially the beginners.

heelflip one of the famous skateboard trick should not be performed by a beginner as it can cost him severe loss. If you are riding a skateboard for a long time and are well aware with some board tricks, then performing a heelflip will not be a difficult task for you. If you already know to perform a kick flip, then you can easily perform this new trick after few attempts.

People usually get confused between a heelflip and kick flip as these two tricks seems similar. One of the major differences between these two tricks is that you do not need to use your toes to flip the board while performing a heelflip. You need to focus on your heel rather than your toes for executing this trick.

Steps to Perform a Heelflip

Steps to Perform a Heelflip

  • First step to execute this trick is to place your back foot on the edge of the tail. In simple words, you need to get in the same position you took for performing an Ollie. Place your front foot on the middle of the deck. While placing your front foot, make sure your toes are not on the board, which means you need to place ¾ of your front foot on the board only.
  • Once you have taken the right stance, you need to do a flip, which seems similar to how you perform an Ollie. However, the only difference between the flip during an Ollie and heelflip is that you need to kick your front foot up this time. One thing, you need to keep in mind is that you need to use your heels for spinning the board. You need to first pop the skateboard in the air with the help of your heel and then kick your feet. This move differentiates this trick from an Ollie.
  • In order to safety execute this trick, you need to do a higher jump than the other jumps you do for different tricks. A higher jump will make it easy for you to spin the board under you.
  • In order to catch the skateboard, you need to get in the perfect stance while landing. If you land in the same position you took it before making a jump, you will have a better control of the board. Usually, people land on the bolts as it helps them to maintain the proper position.

If any step goes wrong during landing, the chances of breaking your skateboard in two parts are very high. So, it is recommended that you work hard on your landing position to safely execute this trick.

Steps to Perform a HeelflipThe only way you can know you have successfully performed the heelflip is when you are able to catch the skate board in the air and made a smooth landing. If your board lands earlier than you land on the board, then you need to practice more on your landing.

Useful Tips for Executing Heelflip

Steps to Perform a HeelflipIn order to safely perform a heelflip, we have come up with some useful tips. The tips mentioned below will make it easy for you to perform this trick without breaking your board in two:


No matter, whether you are performing a help flip or a basic board trick, you need to rely on timing. If your timing is not perfect, then you will never be able to execute the trick. So, while performing a help flip, you must make sure that you kick the board at the right time and make the board ready for you before landing on the ground.

Keep Your Eyes Open

You need to keep an eye on jump and landing for avoiding an accident. Anything can happen in a short time, while performing this trick. So, it is recommended that you should keep an eye on your landing so that you can drop your board in the best way possible.


Steps to Perform a HeelflipPracticing a trick will always help you to get better results. The best way to perform this trick is to work on the dragging and kicking of your feet. The more you practice on these two important points, the better you will get with this trick. So, keep practicing to master your skills for performing a heelflip.

Final words:

At this point of time, many users think that heelflip is not their cup of tea. This all depends on your determinations. If you are determined to learn this trick, then you will learn it after few fail attempts.

Some people can learn this trick in the first attempt only, if they have mastered their skills for performing an Ollie and other flips. If you do not know to perform a board flip, then it will take time to learn this trick.

Beginners should stay away from this trick as they should first learn basic tricks such as Ollie and other flips. Once they have become a master of basic board tricks, then they should attempt a heelflip. It will not only help them to learn this trick quickly, but will also keep them safe from the injuries.

This trick will take time to get better results. While practicing this trick, you might land in an incorrect manner. In order to stay away from serious injuries, you must practice this trick in a park as falling on the grass will not hut you seriously.

The chances of breaking your board in two are also very high while performing this trick. Best way to get better with a heelflip is to keep practicing and watch videos of professional skate boarders on the internet. You can also find useful tips on the internet for executing this trick, which will help you to become a master of heelflip.

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