How to Kickflip on a Skateboard?

Among the different styles and tricks that you can do with the skateboards, the kickflip happens to be one. A variation of the Ollie trick, this is the cooling option that you can always try out.

When you do a kickflip, you make a vertical jump and then make the skateboard flipped or ‘kicked’ in a way that it makes a spinning into the air before you make the landing over it. At the very beginning, the process of kickflip may look a little hard, but after a few tryouts, you can be used to it.

Learning to Kickflip

A kickflip is a neat, clean-looking skateboarding trick which is a variation on the ollie. In a kickflip, you jump vertically, then use your front foot to flick or “kick” the board so that it spins in the air before you land. Kickflips can be a little hard at first, but once you get the hang of them they’ll become one of your go-to tricks!

Get the right foot position

The most important thing in this process is the placement of the foot. You should put your front foot just behind where the bolts of your board are and keep it the frontal side with a 45-degree angle. The frontal part of your back foot will be towards the tale of the board. You will not have to haunch forward. All you will need to do is to keep your shoulders aligned.

Get the right foot position


In case you are already familiar with Ollie here is a small recapping. You will have to keep your front knee bent and keep the pressure over at the back football. This process lifts the front footboard, and the back portion goes through a bounce. You can attempt Ollie, and that would help you for completing the kickflip.


Use your front foot to flick the board

At the time you are on the air you can put the front foot on the age of the board which is a little tilted high. Then you will have to give a kick to your baby toe deck, and that will give it a spin. This happens to be a little bit tricky move, and therefore you should have a thorough understanding of it before you make the try.

The upwards and outwards kicking of your leg should be made sure. Download Kick will not do the work. In case of download Kick, you will be landing on your feet and not the skateboard.

Don’t give a hard kick. Otherwise, the board will spin away from you. And the jump will be making should be high enough so that both the front foot and the back foot goes off the board.

Use your front foot to flick the board

Catch the skateboard with your back foot, then your front

After the skateboard has rotated sufficiently in the air, you have to make your dog food catches it and pushes it downwards on the ground. When the back foot touches the board the following should be done by the front foot:

After you make the jump, you have to make your eyes open enough to check whether the full rotation of the skateboard has taken place or not. This is not a very easy task. Make the best effort to keep the eyes on it as you jump and keep the timing proper so that you can make your feet landed over the bolts at the front as well as at the back of the Deck.

Also, do not keep the shoulder levels high and low. It should be symmetrical. Also, they should face the direction where you are headed. This will make the flipping easy and well balanced.

Catch the skateboard with your back foot, then your front

Bend your knees as you land

When you fall, your board will be the one observing the shock. This process is proper for your skateboard to maintain the appropriate control. In case you are in the practice of kickflip at the time of rolling, renew the process to make it cool looking.

Bend your knees as you land

Practice, practice, and practice

Of all the necessary tricks you will find the kick clips as the trickiest one so to get that on your foot correctly you will need to practice a lot. Do not get disappointed with the failures, continue the practice.

Practice, practice and practice


Before you attempt to kickflip, you should probably be pretty comfortable on a skateboard.

Be prepared.

Before attempting the kickflip, you should be comfortable with the skateboard should be high enough. You should know the different parts that are there on the skateboard, should have a proper balance over the keep skateboard and finally no the process of doing Ollie.

While on the stationary or rolling position you can practice that quick sleep. According to the personal preference you can do the practice.

The essential things that you have to learn before you start practicing kickflip are Ollie, Backside 180, Frontside 180, Frontside Pop-shuvit and Pop-shuvit. In case you have successfully learned all these tricks then your boat control will increase to a great extent. So you will be able to learn kickflip quite faster than usual.
The techniques may differ. There is some who preferred to learn kickflip at the time of Rolling while the others choose the stationary position at first to learn kickflip.

Be prepared

Tips & Warnings

Keep your patience and carry on with the practices. To master the process of a kickflip, you will have to have high endurance and dedication. Do not give up until and unless you reach the perfection.

For the kickflip, you will not have to stick to any specific foot position. You will have to adjust the kind of height in which your feet will be over the edge of the board. At the same time, the toe angle is also quite critical.

In case you make incorrect flipping of the board, then instead of a horizontal flip, it will flip on the vertical path and hit the groin area of yours. This thing is called as credit carding, and the feeling is not at all good. So it is essential that you follow the techniques correctly.

Tips & Warnings

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