How to Lace Skate Shoes: Where to Be Answer You

For new skateboarders, they usually spend hours perfecting the skill they want to learn. We know that skateboarding is a fun and innovative game that most of our player base are deeply passionate about.

People always say you will succeed once you know how to fail and this is absolutely right with skateboarding but many of the falling cases are from tying the wrong shoelaces. To avoid this is easy you just need to learn how to lace your skate shoes properly. If you don’t know how to lace skate shoes in the right way, please read the valuable information below!

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What Does Lacing Matter for?

What Does Lacing MatterTo start, we will learn the reasons why it is necessary to tie your skate shoes properly.

The first reason is the safety. Not only help to avoid coming undone but also stay in the shoes that do not fall out your feet. Look at the shoelaces, they are too long and you need to even it out so that it won’t get in your way. They are easy to get tangled when you are skateboarding. The more severe case is to lose the riding control.

The next reason is good for the appearance. This reason is not to force. But, a couple of skaters enjoy the classic style. Frequently, they have the tendency that does like to equip the gear with the same style. This one is no wrong because it can add a bit of the delicacy to your outfit.

The last one is to protect your laces from wearing out quickly. As known, the laces contribute to helping to hold the shoes fitted to your feet. So, it is necessary to hold them from getting torn up. For the skate shoes, the shoelaces are rarely to drag around. They have a beneficial design that helps to keep the laces from the ground in a certain distance. (See more: Places to longboard)

In What Way Can You Lace Skate Shoes without a Bow?

It has to say that tying skate shoes without a bow is pretty simple. We recognize that a more significant number of skateboarders apply this method. Lacing up your skate shoes is both useful and effective in the prevention of the injuries.

It is noticed that you will not need to tie the shoelaces, at least a few weeks once you complete correctly.

Don’t worry we are here to help you learn how to optimize your lace for better performance!


  • Start tying the shoes, and it ensures that the lace has been inserted via the final loop going down.
  • Continuously, before putting two ends of the laces crossing others. You need to take them out.
  • Now, put the left lace over the right one or inversely. Then, at the shoe toe, you will tie two single knots.
  • For the knotting length, you can entirely adjust as desired.
  • Finally, tuck the shoelaces tied under the shoe tongue and show all the way in the front. But, remember that you do not let them get in your toe.

If you are still unclear, you can consult this video:

How Many Ways to Lace Vans?

To tie the Vans shoelaces, you need to create two loops, knot, and pull. Correspondingly, it is easy to get a nice look, by making the laces that look like your outfit. It’s a good time to get the most versatile Vans guide for you . Let’s see!

Cross Lace Vans

Cross Lace VansHonestly, this is the most common way when someone wants to lace Vans. The Cross lace is a default method of Vans. You can almost wear it on the street after taking it out of the box. Reconsider what you need to do if desired to get the cross-lace Vans shoes:

  • Start from outside to inside, thread two ends of the shoelaces via the eyelets.
  • Continue threading from the outside-in of your shoe, by grabbing the right end and threading across the opposite-side eyelet.
  • Repeat the similar way on the left lace.
  • Continue that process until you have reached up to your shoe top.

Zipper Lace Vans

Zipper Lace VansWe have found a useful method for those who are challenging to decide either the cross lace or bar. There is the zipper lace. Between the finishing knots, this option is versatile and even simple for going yours.

  • In the first step, create a knot in one end of the lace and an anchor for the lace.
  • The next step is to thread the rest end via the right eyelet (the bottom position), from inside to outside.
  • Loosen one end of your lace to the eyelet in the opposite position. You can think of the bar lace method.
  • Now, take that loose end and then thread it through the opposite hole above.
  • Have you pulled through? It’s okay! It’s time to move across to the opposite hole again directly.
  • Continue repeating that process, by threading the lace through the opposite holes above until the end.

Straight Lace Vans/ Bar Lace Vans

Bar Lace VansAnother simple to tie skate shoes – the bar lace brings a refined look. The bar lace method will help to hold the shoes in your feet all day. So, how to bar lace skate shoes?

  • At one end of your lace, let’s double knotting.
  • Choose a row to start at the bottom eyelet of your shoes. Thread one rest end of the lace via the eyelet from inside to outside.
  • Pull your lace via the right to the end.
  • The next is the opposite shoe eyelet. Move the lace on to there and repeat the inside-out threading way.
  • Now, complete the following row, by threading the lace via the top eyelet to the bottom one.
  • Similarly, repeat the method to thread the lace via the opposite eyelet from the inside-out.

What Techniques Can You Use to Lace Skate Shoes?

Do you want to ask me if there are unique lacing-shoe methods? The fact is that there are many different ways. we cannot introduce all to you, but we realize some original techniques you can try:

High arches

High archesIf your need is to minimize the tightness and desire to add the comfort, this method is suitable for you.

The first, you still tie the shoelaces in a normal, by creating a criss-cross. Hence, from both sides, begin threading the laces without crossing. At last, through the rest eyelets, you will tie the shoes up.

Feel too tight

Based on the flat distribution of the shoelaces, it helps to bring the comfort.

You will create a parallel fashion. Underneath each of the opposite eyelets, thread the laces by feeding them. And complete with tying your shoes as usual.

Slipping heel

Slipping heelFor those who would like to get plenty of support from the ankle. But, it still makes sure that the shoes are not too tight.

As usual, require you to lace your shoes from the second eyelet to the last one. Have gone straight up into the final eyelet? Now, thread the lace via the loop onto the opposite side. Later, tie the shoelaces as you want.

Toe pain

In case your toenails get black or pain, you can apply this lacing method. It helps to lift the toe cap and create more space.

Lace from your big-toe position to the top of the opposite side. At the bottom of the rest side, thread the lace diagonally and then parallel the following eyelet at the top.

Wide forefeet

Using this lacing manner promises to provide lots of space in your toes.

At the starting position, you should thread the lace through two sides. And begin crossing from the mid-foot onward.


Narrow-footThose skaters have small feet, and they will need to tighten their shoes more than usual with the purpose of keeping the shoes out of snug and make it comfortable as well as easy to move around for the wearer.

Similar to the normal shoe lacing, the first will be to create a criss-cross. Instead of continuing crossing, thread the shoelace through an eyelet and then lace the criss-cross as usual until the end.

High mid-foot

This is a useful method to minimize the pressure on your feet’s sides.

Thread the lace normally to create a cross. Each of the sides, only lace through there. At the bruising point, tie your lace with a criss-cross. Complete! (See more: Cheap Skateboards)

Wide feet

Wide feetThe primary purpose of this tying-shoe way is to add the space to your foot.

Lace your shoes as long as it creates a criss-cross from the top eyelet to the bottom. Thus, tie your laces up. Finish!

Can You Wear Skate Shoes for Walking?

Wear Skate Shoes for WalkingAs the whole, between the general walking shoes and skate shoes, the difference of both is no huge. But, if you are a runner or skater, they are different because of the different purpose.

You will be able to have trouble with skate shoes if you utilize it for long-distance walking. You should know that the skate shoes have the flat sole without being built to thump continuously. Even, the internal design of the skate shoes has the pad. And of course we highly appreciate that they are comfortable for running or walking.

Is a Couple of the Skate Shoes Bad for Feet?

Is a Couple of the Skate Shoes Bad for Feet?As previously stated, the sole of the skate shoes is flat, so they especially grip on the skateboard effectively. And to overcome this, an array of skate manufacturers have added to the arch support.

As known, there is a series of the dependable characteristics that skate shoes bring:

  • The skate shoes consist of double padding. With the hit from the skateboard deck, you still feel comfortable when performing tricks.
  • Come with a heel cup, which helps to keep your shoes without falling out when skateboarding.
  • Have a mesh design. It makes sure that the air has continuously flown to your feet. Like that, don’t worry about sweating.
  • The fabric has been triple-stitched, so it contributes to minimizing the tear and wear.
  • With double-layering, help to last long the use time of the shoes whatever you often grip.
  • Thanks to having the additional padding, contribute to reducing the shock absorption.

Viewed from different angles, most skaters do not use a pair of skate shoes. The more you often skate, the more you will have equipped. Consequently, it would be best to consider every when you select:

  • Take a specific example, and there are the low-top skate shoes. They are easy to lead to sprains and bruising because they can utilize and roll the ankle.
  • On the contrary, for the high-top skate shoes, your ankle will be protected.

What Tips for Wearing Skate Shoes?

What Tips for Wearing Skate Shoes?Start by choosing the right skate shoes. Then, consider the proper way to lace your shoes. And following that, you need to quickly pocket the safety tips that help you minimize the risks when skating. In particular, here are…

  • Frequently, when wearing the shoes, we are acquainted with wearing the socks. The skate shoes, however, do require that thing so it is easier for you to control the skateboard.
  • The best plan would be to pick up the skate shoes stitched with the firm sole. Why? This feature will minimize the wear and tear problems.
  • Never wear the skate shoes without fitting your feet. You will not likely grip or wiggle with a loose pair of shoes. It makes sure that your feet do not slide inside the shoes.
  • Have excellent skate shoes, but it is not suitable for your skating purpose. It is terrible. Therefore, don’t forget to determine the skating type that you’d like to. You ought to know one thing – each of the skate shoes cannot meet all types of skateboarding.

Last But Not Least

The skate shoes create a particular impression from the first sight because of their benefits. Fundamentally, these shoes are quite sturdy and are able to withstand weather change quite well. Even if you tend to use them for the all-around activities, no problem. Owing to the comfortable design, they can almost make most users satisfied.

Yes, we agree with all the things above. However, they will be much more comfortable if you do know how to lace skate shoes. So learning to lace them properly is very important!

Don’t worry! Now, you have read our article. we believe that you might find the lacing-shoes method as needed. How? It’s high time to skate without worrying about falling out. Happy skating!!!

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