How to Maintain Your Longboard in 3 Basic Steps

Like their name, longboards usually have a long shelf life. Taking into consideration longboards are made for cruising & not for extreme tricks just like a conventional skateboard, you could normally keep them from getting hashed prior to their time. Still, doing a couple of simple things to maintain longboards could extend their lifespan significantly. You can save a lot of money and time just by extending the using time of your longboard.

We will give you some helpful tips on how to maintain your board carefully!


Maintain the Deck

Too much water & sun exposure are the main threats to your board’s deck therefore soaked decks usually become weak & will break & crack and if the board deck becomes soaked you should dry it off instantly because with a long time exposure to the sun can cause the board’s deck to become fragile. To clean your longboard deck, do the following things:

Maintain the deck

  • After detaching the trucks, utilize a nylon brush & soapy water to clean the board deck and brush in tight circles across the grip tape side.
  • Utilizing a sponge, rinse off the board deck with water that is clean to remove the soap. Check out the board’s surface & repeat this procedure if required.
  • Flip the board’s deck over. Utilizing a sponge & clean water, softly wipe down the bottom of the board. Take special care to the region where the trucks were positioned so that your trucks will always be in good condition.
  • Dry off the bottom with a towel & let the deck to dry for three to four hours after that re-attach the trucks carefully to the deck and check if it functions properly.

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Lubricate the Bearings

Suitable bearing maintenance is important to longboard performance.When your bearings make a squeaky sound you should take it out and check it. Clean the bearings utilizing the following process:Take out the bearings & check them for debris.

Before cleaning the bearings, cautiously take out the rubber shield.

Lubricate the Bearings

  • Dip bearings in mineral spirits or kerosene. Softly move the solution around so as to guarantee the entire bearing surface is clean.
  • Utilizing a 99% isopropyl alcohol, rinse the bearings.
  • Utilize compressed air to rapidly dry bearings.
  • Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines, utilize a lubricant to lubricate the bearings.
  • Change the rubber shield
  • Put in bearings into wheels

Keep away from puddles, sand or rain. Water & rain will harm bearings & will cut down your board’s performance.


Rotate the wheels

We usually recommend our consumer to use a whole wheels set for better maintenance and checking the time of using.It’s suggested that the wheels be rotated each few weeks so as to help them wear uniformly. When wheels start to show signs of significant wear & tear, it’s a wise decision to replace them completely.

Rotate the wheels

How To Clean Your Longboard ?

Longboards are a bit different to skateboards as they have a long shelf life. These longboards are preferred for cruising instead of using them for extreme tricks just like the conventional skateboards. But you never know when they will end their journey with you, thus it is significant to ensure the fact that you maintain your longboards well so that you can extend their life. The more you take care of your longboard the less money you will have to spend on it and the more time you can enjoy rolling on it.

Clean Your Longboard

Here, we will be discussing a few useful tips and tricks that would help you maintain your longboards ahead of its lifetime.

If your longboard is exposed to water, then its deck would soak up water which will make it vulnerable and it might break anytime so if you expose your longboard to the sun for a long periods then the board’s deck would become fragile and sturdy when dry. Thus it is extremely important to ensure that if you are not using your longboard then store it in a shaded area or indoors.

Following are some tips to clean your longboard.

  • Detach the truck and use a nylon brush and soapy water to brush off all the dust off your deck. Try brushing in tight circles across the grip tape side.
  • Use a sponge to rinse off all the water and soap and make sure that the deck is dry when you are done.
  • You may now flip the longboard and use the same technique to clean it. Make sure that you take special care to the region where the trucks were positioned.
  • The last but certainly the most important step is to dry off all the water with a towel and let the deck dry out for three to four hours. Once it’s dried up reattach the trucks

Clean your longboard

It is significant to ensure that bearing is given special importance as they are a key item when it comes to the performance of longboards. If bearings are making a sound then you know it’s time for cleaning the bearings. Just take out the bearings and clean the debris from them. Just use gentle force to clean the bearings and take out the rubber shield.

Following are some techniques that could be used to clean the bearings.

  • At first, you need to dip the bearing in mineral spirits or kerosene. Gently move the solution around so that the entire bearing surface is clean.
  • Use 99% isopropyl alcohol to rinse the bearings.
  • It is recommended to use compressed air to dry the bearing.
  • Use a lubricant specified by the manufacturer to lubricate the bearing.
  • Replace rubber shield with new ones
  • After this, it’s time to put back the bearing and enjoy your ride.

clean the bearings

It’s recommended to keep your longboard away from puddles, sand or rain. So you should choose dry surface and route to extend your board lifespan.

Longboard wheels deteriorate more rapidly on one side as compared to the other. It is recommended to rotate the wheels every few weeks so that they could wear uniformly. If the wheels show signs of wear and tear then the best thing you can do is to replace them with the new ones.

If you keep your longboards with care then you can definitely enhance their lifetime!

Thank you for reading! I hope now you know how to take good care of your board!

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