How To Recover From Skateboarding – Handy Skating Tips

Skating is a beneficial yet demanding friend. Why? Because if you play this sport carelessly, you will end up suffering from some unexpected accidents. And the result is obvious – you have to struggle with painful injuries. If you don’t know how to recover from skateboarding, your wounds will go from bad to worse , leading to many serious health consequences.

You don’t want anything bad to happen to your health, right? So this topic is worth your attention. We have provided useful tips for recovering from skateboarding and avoiding injuries as well. Scroll down to see!

Common Skateboarding Injuries

Before learning how to recover from skateboarding, you should know which injuries you can easily get while playing this sport. Ok, let’s begin.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar FasciitisThis injury happens when your feet are put under too much pressure. As you grip the skateboard and perform tricks, your legs have to work at full capacity.

If this condition continues to last for a long time, you are likely to feel pain at the heel and arch. Another reason is that you haven’t done the “warm-up” properly before skating. So all your leg muscles can not be flexible enough to get ready for the physical training.

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When a nerve in your feet is pinched, it starts spreading hurtful feelings. On the other hand, you may feel tingling and numb at the foot toes.

Of course, this situation is not hard to find the root cause. The reason is, your shoes are so tight that it creates a lot of pressure on the toes, leading to uncomfortability. Another cause is that your skating technique is not appropriately performed. Imagine jumping and then landing on the front of the feet every time, that is totally not comfortable at all, isn’t it?

Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg Fractures

Lower Leg FracturesIf you fall from a high distance and land improperly on your feet and arms, you are more likely to get fractures. This is also the most serious injury that no one wants to get. Why? In most fracture situations, the wound can’t be healed completely, taking away your chance to continue playing sports for the rest of your life.

How To Recover From Skateboarding

After reading about those common injuries, you may want to learn how to recover from skateboarding right away, don’t you? Wait no more, we will now dive into the main part!

Hold the Stretch in a Static Position

Hold the Stretch in a Static PositionHold and keep the stretch at a static position for about 30 – 60 seconds. You will feel your muscles relaxed immediately.

Therefore, your body can go back to its normal state instead of continuing to fatigue. On another side, doing this can soften and loosen the hardness in your joints, quickly bringing back the flexibility that you have lost due to the injury.

Roll the Body with a Foam

In fact, you can regard foam rolling as a way to massage your whole body. Doing this, you can reach and press some spots throughout your body, thus softening their tightness gradually. The pain will also decrease and make room for a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

Numb the Hurt Parts with Ice

Numb the Hurt Parts with IceIcing can be useful for several types of pains at shins and ankles. Normally, people apply ice on the bruised parts to numb them so that they can not create any inflammation.

If you think that icing is only important for first aid, then you are wrong. In the right way, you have to apply the ice until the pain fully resolves. By regularly applying this method, the hurt feeling can go away faster. Otherwise, the pain will keep torturing you and prevent you from moving around any time soon.

Take Time to Rest and Sleep

Rest and sleep are the two most important ways to recover from skateboarding activities. Don’t underestimate them because they can have a great influence on your body.

By spending about 8 hours to sleep every day, all main parts on our body such as the arms, legs, head, etc will have a proper time to rest. During this period, the body has the most favorable condition to cure all pains. Moreover, sleep can also refill energy and rebuild the muscles.

Follow a Nutritious Diet

Follow a Nutritious DietThis is the time you need to be provided with as many nutrients as possible. As you suffer from skateboarding injuries, your body consumes a high amount of energy to help you recover. That’s why you are highly advised to eat and drink a lot to compensate for the loss of energy.

The nutritional supplements that you can use are:


Don’t you know that 80% of the human body is water? This explains why a person can stay hungry for up to a month but can not stay thirsty for about 3 days. Water helps to circulate the blood and to purify the body. Thanks to this process, it can drive out all the harmful substances inside your body.

Besides the ability to eliminate toxins, water also works to help regenerate the skin, wounds, and reduce pain. In fact, if you drink a lot of water, you can stay focused and feel more comfortable during long hours of skateboarding.


Of course, food has the most nutritional value. The more you eat, the more energy you add to your body. When provided with enough energy, you can get over the pain to come back stronger than ever!

But remember, not all types of food are suitable for the recovery phase. Consuming too much protein or fat can even worsen the situation. More specifically, your wounds will swell up, leaving unwanted scars. You don’t want that scenario to happen, right?

Then resist eating these products such as beef, spinach, fast food, fried food, etc so often. Instead, go for more healthy vegetables like tomatoes, carrot, potatoes, and so on.


Apart from a healthy and nutritious diet, if possible, you should try using some kinds of tonic. They include all the necessary nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, and calcium that fasten the recovery process a great deal.

Skating Tips To Avoid Injuries

Knowing how to recover from skateboarding is necessary, but it is still better to avoid getting into any accidents.Prevention is better than cure, remember? Therefore, we will show you some tips to stay away from painful injuries while skating. Check them out!

Know How to Fall

Know How to FallWhy must you know this? Falling is inevitable when you start learning how to skate.

Normally, when skating for the first time, you will find it difficult to keep balance on the board. That is not because you are terrible at skating, it is because the size of your skateboard doesn’t match your body and the wheels are rolling uncontrollably fast. So, to become a good player, you should learn how to fall to minimize injuries and quickly recover from them.

Wear The Right Equipment

Wear The Right EquipmentThis is the most effective prevention you need to know when using a skateboard. Helmets play a very important role, but there are a few other factors you should keep in mind.

While a helmet protects your head, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves are all you need to protect your limbs and other vulnerable parts. Protective gear will help you feel more confident and secure when taking up skateboarding.

Besides, remember to use a good pair of skate shoes. If you use low-quality shoes, you will easily be injured because the grip ability is not good enough.

Deal With An Injury

Deal With An InjurySkateboarding is an interesting sport, but you can easily get injured while doing it. If that the case, what should you do?

Since you’re not a doctor and there are many internal injuries which are hard to detect, you will definitely need medical help. Endoscopy and medical professionals will give you a correct diagnosis.

Of course, with these injuries, you will need time to recover. Therefore, do not rush back to the game too soon or the wound will get worse.

Stretches and Exercises

All sports require a warm-up step, which is crucial in reducing the risk of injury. Before standing on the board, you can do a few stretches first, especially in your calves and legs. Besides, you should also follow a healthy diet to reduce fat and strengthen your muscles for skateboarding.

Cope with Fear

Cope with FearAfter getting injured during skateboarding, you are likely to feel scared and unmotivated, right? But do not let these fears make you give up on this exciting sport! If you get worried every time you skate, you are prone to wrongly perform the technique and of course, you will suffer from accidents and pains all over again. As a sequence, you won’t dare to stand on the board ever again.

So, put aside your fear. Take a deep breath before skating, listen to your body and begin to instinctively skate. When you skate within your ability, injuries will no longer appear.


In conclusion, skateboarding is a great sport that gives you lots of benefits. However, the downside is that you can suffer from a lot of injuries if you are not careful.

Hopefully, with this article, you have learned about common accidents, how to recover from skateboarding and useful tips to avoid injuries. I wish you a successful skateboarding session!

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