How To Remove Grip Tape In The Fastest Way

Having some issues with your skateboard? If you are reading this, I am quite sure that you are wondering how to remove grip tape from it.

There are so many ways to remove grip tape, but not all the methods can bring about excellent results. In this site, I will show you the two best methods that I learn from my own experiences. Let’s get started!

What is Grip Tape?

What is grip tapeGrip tape is the layer on the skateboard, which allows the skaters to grip the board firmly.

Grip tapes can be known as the “clothes” of the skateboard. The board will look cooler and “swag” with different types of tapes. Some skaters even spray paint or use some stickers on the board to show their own style.

The sandpaper of grip tape is made of different materials.. Some of those are from silicon. This silicon helps the grip tape holding its sharpness from time to time. On the other hand, grip tape can be made from many other different materials.

Why you Need to Remove Grip Tape?

The Grip Tape is Getting Older and Older Over Time

The grip tape is the main reason that affect the whole skateboard. The board can become worse and ugly if the adhesive of grip tape is getting old, scratched after a period in use.

On the other hand, once the grip tape is old, it will not be rough like before. This can be dangerous for users.

Wish to Change to a New One to Make It Better.

Why you need to remove grip tapeAlthough there is no problem with your current grip tape, you may still want to remove it.

Just like clothes, there are various kinds with different cool styles of grip tape. If you want your skateboard to always look new, then you should change your grip tape often.

How To Remove Grip Tape: Two Best Methods For You

The surface of the skateboard is always dry and easy to be dirty. Therefore, you might have some difficulties in removing grip tape. If you do not remove it carefully, you will probably leave dirty marks on your skateboard.

Is there any way to remove grip tape perfectly?

Of course there is. In fact, there are so many ways to remove grip tape, but here, I will share with you the two best methods according to my opinion.

Method 1: Using a Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryerThis is the most popular way to take grip tape off.

Firstly, remove all the trucks on the body of the skateboard. This will allow you to completely remove the grip tape on the surface.

Next, heat the tape using a hair dryer for about 2 to 3 minutes. The heat will help loosen the adhesive and it is easier for you to remove the grip tape.

Once the grip tape has softened, you can use a razor blade or any hard and thin object to remove the edge. It allows you to get under the deck. Of course, do not force the blade. If some parts are still too hard and you cannot pass through, use the hairdryer again.

After that, peel off the grip tape by hands gently following the trimmed edges. In the peeling process, if the tape is torn, repeat the use of a hair dryer.


  • Very simple! I highly recommend this way.
  • This is exactly how skateboarding enthusiasts take care of their partners. Using a hair dryer, you can easily take the adhesive off the surface of the skateboard.


  • Using a razor can scratch your favorite skateboard.
  • However, do not worry! Place the blade at an appropriate angle, about 45 degrees, keep the back of the blade facing up, and you shall be fine.
  • Be e careful when removing the grip tape by this way!

Method 2: Using Alcohol

using alcoholDo not have any hair dryer? You can try using some alcohol too.

I recommend my favorite isopropyl alcohol. This type always satisfied me because of its amazing cleaning ability.

You will need to prepare a cotton towel (of course it must be clean) and a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol. A big bottle is totally not necessary because you only use a little bit of alcohol.

Now, remove the grip tape, then you will see some parts of sticky grip tape on the surface of the skateboard. Add some alcohol on your towel and rub on the tape again and again. Till those sticky grip tape parts disappear, you have done your work.


  • Simple and highly effective. With isopropyl alcohol, you can remove grip tape quickly without leaving dirty marks behind. In addition, you will be able to avoid scratching and damaging the dip and the stain of your skateboard.
  • What method can be more convenient? You can remove grip tape any time, anywhere with a little alcohol.


  • Isopropyl alcohol is really easy to get burnt. So please remember: remove grip tape, not your house, or anything else!
  • Of course you should keep this alcohol far from the reach of your children because it is toxic. Even if you smell it, it can already affect your health.
  • Besides, this type of alcohol is extremely erosive too. So do not rub your towel so fast, or your skateboard will have some “scars”.

Don’t do These Things! Here are Some Silly Ways to Remove Grip Tape

The title shows all what I need to say. There are a few things that you should not do when you want to remove a grip tape.

Use Fire Instead of Hair Dryer

Use fire instead of hair dryerI know that the heat can help us take out grip tape simply. However, it should not be the direct heat from the fire!

I has one time heat the surface of the skateboard by the fire. In fact, I reached my goal. The grip tape had been taken out.

But guess what? The heat of the fire was so strong enough that it damaged my skateboard. The surface was burnt a little but it made the whole skateboard look bad. I tried washing and rubbing but could not erase the burnt streaks.

Try to Force the Blade

Try to force the bladeIt may be hard to pass the blade under the deck. But you should not force the blade. You may not only hurt yourself but also scratch the board.

I has one time tried to force the blade as strong as I could. Then I has stabbed my own hand. It was very painful. That is why I want to warn you. Just be careful in everything you do. If the grip tape is so hard to take, try to use the hairdryer again or find a different method.

Add Alcohol Directly to the Board Surface

Like I have said above. The alcohol soaks and corrodes very quickly. So if you pour directly, the alcohol may go straight to the main part of the board and damage it badly.

You should only pour a little alcohol on the towel so that you can take the amount of alcohol under control.


I have tried so many ways in order to remove grip tape as well as possible. But until now only those two solutions could make me happy.

Replacing grip tape is always a big issue with skateboard lovers. Although there are many solutions on the Internet, it is still very hard to find a good. It is my pleasure to help all you guys with this. I hope my experiences can be useful to you.

Now you know how to remove grip tape. So what are you waiting for? Let’s give your skateboard a new coat!

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