How To Ride A Scooter? Essential Tips for Beginners

How to ride a scooter can transform your daily commute from mundane to exhilarating. If you find walking tedious and cars too expensive, scooters offer the perfect solution for both youngsters and adults seeking an efficient and thrilling mode of transportation.

Scooters come in two popular variants: kick scooters and stand-up electric scooters. Each type has its unique operation, but with proper preparation, you’ll be well-equipped for your inaugural ride. Let’s dive into the essential instructions you need to master.

How To Ride A Kick Scooter For The First Time?

A kick scooter (or push-scooter) is a human-powered vehicle with a handlebar, skateboard-like deck, and wheels. This scooter conjures up images of children’s toys, but many adults still use it for daily commuting due to its convenience and friendliness to the environment.

There are nine steps you should follow to gain success in your first ride.

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Step 1: Wear protective gear to protect yourself

In some cases, you might find it is not necessary to put on the gear before getting out with the scooter, however, these essential gear keep you safe, especially when learning how to ride.

It is advisable to use the full combo, which contains the following items: a helmet, gloves, caps, boots, riding gear to protect you if you fall. Among all of them, the most essential equipment is a helmet which protects your head when you encounter an accident. We highly recommend you use a helmet with a clear vision to see any angle while riding.

Wear protective gear to protect yourself

Step 2: Start on a flat road

Ensure the surface you intend to ride on is flat and safe, for which you will have a smoother and more comfortable ride. The suitable place is where you have enough space, with little traffic and obstacles.

Start on a flat road

Step 3: Use a proper stance

Put your weak leg facing straight ahead on the middle of the scooter’s deck. Your knee should be bent. Lean forward slightly and grasp the handlebars with both hands. The other foot is kept on the ground.

Your hands are the position of holding the handlebars, and your body tends to lean forward slightly. The essential tip for balancing on a scooter is to keep the front tube straight at all times while riding. It might be a little challenging when riding a kick scooter for the first time, hence, you seek assistance from your friends who have the experience.

Use a proper stance

Step 4: Push off the ground with your strong leg

Ensure your posture is the same as what has been described in step 3 before moving to this step.
Next, use your strong leg, which is still on the ground, to push off the field. While your legs generate momentum, do not forget to place your arms on the scooter’s handlebars to hold the bars properly.

Push off the ground with your strong leg

Step 5: Balance both feet on your scooter when you have enough momentum

Still kick the back foot to generate enough momentum to propel you from one point to another. Once you can stabilize yourself while speeding up, move your kicking foot (the more muscular leg) onto the scooter, behind your other foot.

Balance both feet on your scooter when you have enough momentum

Step 6: Regulate your balance

To reduce the stress on your kicking legs, you can try to kick with either of both. For a beginner, you should consider riding over a short distance.

Regulate your balance

Step 7: Brake smoothly when needed

If you intend to slow or stop your ride, gently press on the scooter’s deck. Pressing down on the brake gradually is when you want to complete a stop within seconds.

In case you want to stop for a second, then you can move forward, you can only tap the break. You can also drag your more muscular foot lightly on the ground to stop creating friction in the unavoidable moment.

Brake smoothly when needed

Step 8: Rotate the handlebar to turn

Take a turn or a curve by turning the handlebar slowly. If you do this instantaneously, you may fall since it can take you off balance.

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Step 9: Practice makes perfect

If you are not confident about your riding skills, you can choose to exercise safely under your instructors’ guidance. Ride at a safe speed first. Don’t forget to put your eyes around to make sure you are always in control of your external aspects and able to stop when needed.

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Riding a Stand-Up Electric Scooter

Some of the higher-end products of stand-up electric scooters cost upwards of $1000 with an electric motor battery charge time of 4.5 hours. However, the typical electric scooter cost is around $400, which is very reasonable for those concerned about safe and solo travel.

Just like riding a kick scooter, you may not feel confident your first time. But, you will be surprised to know how easy it is to operate your new two-wheeled accompany. Riding an electric scooter adopts some kick-scooter riding techniques, still, several things are worth your notice.

Riding a Stand-Up Electric Scooter

Charge your scooter

After taking a short ride, you can charge an electric scooter promptly. But, for a longer ride, you should give it around 30 minutes to cool down the motor, and then you can charge it. Plugging in once a week until it is full, it is then ready for your next ride.

Battery preservation

Remember not to leave your electric motorbike directly under neither the sun nor cold temperature since unfavorable environmental conditions can damage the battery.

Also, it is advisable to charge your scooter once a week. If you leave your scooter for about three months without charge, the battery will be damaged.

Fold up the stand-up electric scooter when not in use

Press the release button of your scooter with your foot and fold the scooter in half until it makes a clearly audible “click”. Folding up your scooter allows you to easily store as well as protect your asset for a longer lifespan.

Step by step, practices make perfect!

Learning how to ride a scooter isn’t just about enjoyment but about safety. It isn’t that complicated, but it does require time to practice. We hope that this article gives you insights into the basics of riding scooters. Enjoy your ride!

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