How to Select the Right Longboard Helmet for You

poc receptor flow skateboard helmetWithout any doubt, the most important piece of protective gear needed for Longboarding is a Longboard helmet. Scraped elbows & knees will mend. Fractured bones could be reset. On the other hand, damage caused by a blow to your unsecured head can potentially be irreversible. And since not a soul’s done a successful brain transplant, you have to take steps to protect your head during Longboarding with a Longboard helmet.

When Do I Need an Open Face Longboard Helmet?

If you are utilizing your Longboard to get around campus or around the city, a regular open face or half-shell Longboard helmet should offer you enough protection, covering the sides, top & back of your head. Open face Longboard helmets usually have a hard, bucket-shaped exterior shell manufactured from ABS plastic, fiberglass composite, Kevlar or carbon fiber. The interior of these Longboard helmets usually contains a cushiony, soft foam interior protective liner that’s designed to slow the force of several low to moderate impacts.

When Do I Need A Full-Face Longboard Helmet?

If you are undertaking any high-speed riding or if you merely prefer to have extra protection for your face, a full face Longboard helmet is a great choice. These helmets usually meet CPSC safety criteria, so you can utilize them for downhill hill biking & BMX too. These types of helmets are designed with a thin, exterior hard shell which covers the greater part of your head, minus your eyes & nose. The exterior shell could be made out of: hard plastic, carbon fiber or a fiber glass composite.


Construction & Materials

When purchasing a Longboard helmet, it is vital to consider the materials that it is manufactured from. Search for a helmet that made of a very light material with the fact that it should have excellent impact resistant power to provide enough safety to the skull during serious fall.

Also, Longboard helmet should have several venting ports to permit maximum airflow as it assists in restricting the sweat & enhancing the energy of the rider during riding under the harsh temperature.


It is the most important thing that is also a factor of complete safety. You can select the Longboard helmet with adjustable straps which offers the highest comfort & a perfect fit.

Look to the Ratings

Two government agencies, the SNELL Memorial Foundation & the Department of Transit, have developed the ratings for helmets. They check and test the helmets & set limits for the safety of the helmet. Helmets which are approved by these government agencies are regarded safe for use with Longboards. Helmets which aren’t accredited by these organizations should be considered with suspicion.

The facts about riding a Longboard is that at 1 time or another you’re going to fall. It isn’t a question of if you’ll fall; it’s a query of when. By keeping the above things in mind select a right Longboard helmet based on your needs, you will be able to protect your head & live to skate another day.

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