How to Skateboard? Skating techniques to know

Many people wonder that what is skateboarding. This is a quite tricky question to find answer. Many people who unaware of the skateboard think it as a flat piece of wood with wheels attached to the bottom. They think that it is just moving the body with the skateboard. However, it is not like that. Skateboarding is like a sport that one can enjoy with his or her friends. Those who want to explore into their streets can choose this skateboarding.

Skateboarding can, in fact, be many different things. In general, skateboarding is based on how you use your board and what you use for you skating. Most of the skateboard enthusiasts and professional riders differ in the way they use their board and ride on their board. Different skaters use their board in different ways and follow a different style.

Only trained and experienced skaters well-known about skating. On the other hand, a beginner has to know many things about skateboarding and how to skateboard before starting.

Best Skateboards for Cruising


Choose a correct board

The first and foremost factor a beginner needs to have is the right board. A correct and suitable board helps the beginner learn how to skateboard easily and quickly. You can get such board in any local shops as well as from online shopping stores.The important thing is you have to buy a complete skateboard. A complete skateboard is a skateboard that comes fully built. You don’t have to buy anything extra for the board, it’s ready to ride.

Choose a correct boardIf the beginner skateboarding student is a young child and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this new hobby. Choosing the right skateboard is a tricky one especially for the beginners. Right suggestion and guidance is needed for this. Therefore, it is better to suggest with your elders in choosing a board for you.

In general, there are two types of skateboards such as the Longboards and classic boards. There are many different types of skateboards but you just need a basic one to start out. This will helps you to perform simple tricks with your skateboard.

Also, skateboards come in different sizes and you have to select the right one for you. You have to buy a skateboard according to your height and shoe size. Generally, classic boards are suggested for beginners as these types of boards contain a concave and curved nose that helps a lot in the skating.


Get the appropriate safety gear

Once you have selected your board, then you have to concentrate on the safety gears. You need safety things that you have to wear at the time of riding.Get the appropriate safety gearPadsElbowpads and kneepads are a must for beginner skateboarding student. If you don’t wear pads while skating then if you fell down you get hurt your elbow and knees. Therefore, you must wear pads while skating. Make sure that if the beginner skateboarding student has pads and wear those pads. Also, these pads are available in different sizes; hence buy the one for your size

Helmet -A skateboard helmet is more important than pads. Most skateparks now-a-days will not even let you in the park if you don’t have a helmet. A beginner learning how to skateboard must wear helmet while skating. They are not too expensive and available in the market.

Shoes – Skateboard shoes should be flat and with lots of grip. A beginner skateboarding student can check out Etnies and DC, Emerica and Vans. They all have economical skateboarding shoes. You can skate in regular tennis shoes, but it’s not recommended because if you get use to skating in tennis shoes and then go out and buy skateboard shoes it might cause you to get hurt.


Mastering the basics

Let us start learning how to skateboard. If you are beginner follow the below given steps.

Stand on the board properly

Stand on the board properlyThe very first step is you have to stand on the board correctly. Only if you learn how to stand on the board correctly then you will be able to ride perfectly. If you are new to skateboarding, one of the first things you will need to learn is how to balance on your skateboard. What might sound like an easy feat is often much more difficult once you try it for yourself. You won’t be able to learn to ride or do tricks until you first learn to balance.

Try pushing off very gently and placing your feet on the board

Try pushingThe first thing a beginner must learn is pushing. First of all place your foot at the front on the board. You have to in 45 degree angle position on the front position of your board. If you cover there out of the four bolts on the top, then it is the perfect position. Hence, try to cover this position.Next, you have to place your back foot of your back wheels that is in their front. Keep your weight centred over your front foot. You should align your front shoulder with your front foot. This will help you stay on the board.

Give yourself another push when you slow down

Give yourself

  • After pushing off of the ground, place your back foot over the back four bolts. Through this you can maintain your body balance and in a center position which is very much important for skating. Make sure that you look straight ahead in which the direction you are going.
  • Take one another push in the forward direction at the time the board starts slowing down

Flex your ankles and shift your weight to turn

Flex your anklesOnce you have mastered the pushing on the board, it’s time to learn how to turn. Prior to start your turn, you first learn how to take the two wheels in the front off the ground. Keep your foot on the tail of the board and push down and lift up your front foot.After you have mastered picking the front two wheels up, you should try turning. It helps to look in the direction you are turning. If you are turning backwards, look over your shoulder and put your weight into your heel. If you are turning forwards, put your weight into your toes and look forward.

Learn to fall properly

Learn to fall properlyWhat fall? You wonder right! Yes, falling is also a part of your skateboard riding. As you are beginner you have to know how to learn safely because you may face situations that you fell down. This is like a safe landing. If you face any such situation and if you know how to fall properly then you can save yourself.

Consider Before Getting the Best Cruiser Skateboard

Hot Basic Trick



1. Start by popping the front up with your back foot on the tail

OllieFirst step on your skateboard and then place your front foot about two thirds of the front bolts and your back foot in the center of the tail, nearly at the end of the deck

2. Try to pop up the board while you’re stationary

Once you stand correctly in the above said position, try to pop the board up while you are immobile.

3. Pop the board up into the air and jump

Crouch down and prepare to jump off of your back foot. You want to kick straight down and quickly with your back foot, as to make a snapping motion while you jump into the air.

4. Drag your front foot forward to catch the board.

As you begin to leave the ground slide your front foot towards the front bolts. The outside of your foot should roll toward the grip tape. This will create friction to help the board stick to your feet, near the top of your jump level out in the air. Position your feet to land over the bolts of your skateboard and brace for impact.

5. Push the board down by straightening your legs out

Absorb the shock of your jump as you hit the ground and expect to ride away. If you don’t expect to land on your board, you risk slipping out and falling.

6. Try an ollie in motion

Once you got it, try your own ollie trick while moving. At first, you have to try out your ollie trick in the stationery position. If you are sure that you learn how to do the trick correctly you can go for the trick while in motion.

10 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks

1. Chinese Nollie

10 Easy Beginner Skateboard TricksGive your board a bit of push in the forward position to push the front wheels. You just need to do a little hop to do this.

2. Biebelheimer

Grab the board on your fingers with the nose in the opposite direction and turn it to 180 degrees. Throw it down in slightly angled and jump over it.

3. Nollie Shove It

Place your foot on the nose of the board and take a small motion and hop little bit.

4. Boneless

Set your feet where your front food should be at the off side and leave your back foot on and grip with your hand. Jump on the back off your feet

5. Fakie Frontside 180

Pop on the board and twist your body and settle on the board

6. Hippie Jump

If you know how to jump it is so easy. Stand above the bolts and don’t press the nose or tail. Don’t land on the nose or tail.

7. Rail Stand

Place your feet on the board. The position of your front foot should push the side to make the flip

8. Fakie Casper Flip

You have to practice flipping the board by pressing down to the off side. Then again flip it with your feet. This is a difficult trick

9. 180 No Comply

Place your front foot in a position easy to step off and the back foot slightly on the back. Press down and scoop the nose.

10. Nose Pickup

It is just about popping down the nose of the board. But you don’t stop down on the nose of the board as it will fly the board up.


All the above mentioned tricks must be taken only after proper practice and training. You have to take your tricks with the suggestion of a professional and in front of the trainer. Always take your flips and tricks after much training. This is because all these actions are quite danger if you don’t take proper practice

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