How To Skimboard On Waves With 4 Simple Steps

Learn how to skimboard on waves and have fun at the beaches, why not?

Skimboarding is a fascinating activity that you can do when coming to the beaches. Nevertheless, it requires both skills and finesse.

Do you encounter any difficulties when trying to skimboarding?

Don’t worry! We will show you how to skimboard on waves step by step; then, you can practice straightforwardly.

How To Skimboard On Waves With 4 Simple Steps

#1 Preparing Before Skimboarding

Preparing Before SkimboardingLet us tell you an important thing: with anything you do, preparing is the most significant step. So what will you need to prepare for skimboarding?

First of all, you need to have a board. Boards vary in types, materials, qualities, and prices. You can choose a foamie or woody. Designed for people to skim on waves, foamies are light, durable, but cost more than woodies, which are made for sand skimming. However, a woody can be a good replacement if you cannot get a foamie.

Secondly, find out a beach that is advantageous for skimming. Best beaches for skimming on waves have some features, such as flat shore with sand and having waves clapping to the shore.

The third preparation is to select where to skim on the beach. Don’t skim in a place with rocks on the coast or crowded areas with people because it will be dangerous for both you and other people.

#2 Running Toward The Water

Running Toward The WaterHow To Hold The Board

Hold your board with both hands. Use your dominant hand to hold the back part of the board and the other one to support the front part. It ensures your board will be thrown in your desired direction.

Choose Good Timing

When watching guiding videos about the method to skimboard on waves, you can see that the guiders will observe the water in advance. Then, they start to perform.

So when is the most suitable time to go?

Wait for a wave that is going to break close to the shore. Simultaneously, you also look for a wave behind that one. You do not have to go for a strong wave, just a small one that is close to the shore. Also, the wave should have a nice runaway of water in front of it.

You should start going when the wave is forming up and still a bit away from the coast. It is quite late when the wave breaks, and you are about to go. That means you will not have an ideal wave to skim.

Many people have to wait for too long for a wave, so don’t be impatient.

Run Toward The Water

Hold your board in the right way and run toward the wave you want with medium speed. Don’t run too fast as if you are sprinting. It won’t help you reach the water at suitable timing.

#3 Throwing Down Your Board On The Water

Throwing Down Your Board On The WaterRun close to the wave you’ve chosen and drop the board on the thin layers of water or wet sand. Then, the water will push your board a little further away.

Don’t throw the board too far, just in a short distance, so that you can jump onto it in time for the arrival of the wave.

#4 Starting Sliding

Starting SlidingWait for a little wave to break and jump onto your board. Pay attention to your feet. Don’t jump onto it too strongly; otherwise, you may break the water surface and sink right after that.

Besides, put your feet on the board one by one: the first step is your back foot, then the front one. Using both feet at the same time is possible, but it will make you skim harder, or you may fail at the beginning.

At first, you should put your weight on your back feet. In this way, you will not sink into the water.

You will go straight out to that wave to do a 180 degrees turn, and then another wave brings you back to the shore. You don’t have to go too far. When meeting the wave, you will have your back facing the wave. It is called backside wrap.

Once you go up to the wave, you will be dropping your backhand down like you almost want to grab the water. After grabbing the water, it’s time for the wave to bring you to the shore. That’s the key. Also, it can help you come through the wave.

If you want to go out of the wave and go back to the shore, drop your backhand down and turn your shoulder like a steering wheel in the direction you want to go.

At the same time, bend your knees strongly enough to get as low as you need to be. It also keeps your balance on the board. Besides, the posture of your body is like a gross-looking squat. Transit your weight on the front part of the board so there is an important weight transition here.

When turning, do a leaning-back on your back leg. It means you have to center your weight to the back foot once again. Beginners often do it wrongly. They don’t transit weight back to the back foot, which leads to their falling into the water.

Practice these movements carefully, and you will have excellent skimboarding performances.

Some Tips and Warnings When Skimboarding

Some Tips and Warnings When Skimboarding

  1. Using Surfer Wax to Wax Your Board
    You want a better feel of your feet and the board surface. Waxing your board before skimming works well for it. Usually, the wax will be included with the board you buy. You can also purchase it from board stores.
  2. How Much To Purchase For A Good Board
    The price of a good foamie ranges from 120 to 170 dollars, and a good woody costs about 40 – 80 dollars.
  3. Don’t Try To Practice Difficult Skills
    For beginners, performing hard skills is difficult and almost impossible. Therefore, you should do well with basic movements at first. Gradually, you will get used to skimboarding to learn complicated moves later.
  4. Don’t Skimboard When It’s Dark, or No Rescuers Are There
    Never skim when it’s getting dark, or there are no rescuers. It would be so dangerous. Don’t risk just to have fun.

To Sum Up

Although skimboarding is popular nowadays, many people find it challenging to perform well. Remember necessary steps such as running to the water, throwing down the board on the water, and sliding in the right way. Then, you can do it well.

Now you know how to skimboard on waves. So when will you go to the beach to have fun?

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