How To Slow Down On a Longboard?

longboard_largeA longboard is a beautiful sports tool similar to a skateboard. But it’s longer than a skateboard and is used for racing, sliding, and dancing. It widely gained popularity.

The deck is made from plywood and commercially available in various shapes and sizes which each combination of material will bring out a special use for its owner. Many beautiful and challenging tricks could be done on a longboard. Also, you can slow down on a longboard using some special techniques that we will show you in this article. Let’s go with us to learn all about the basics and how to use it!

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Basic Principles to the Know-How on Slowing Down a Longboard

  • The foremost thing is to know the basics of longboard riding so that you can slow down on a longboard and avoid possible collisions. If you are a beginner, you should practice riding on a longboard first. This will help you to control the board while riding on the street.
  • A good practicing skill would make you a master on slowing down the longboard. Find the best location to slow down the board and you can slide to slow down while riding.
  • By riding in a zigzag way, you can slow down the ride, a simple but effective way to slow down on your board. You can use your body balance to resist the winds and slow down your travel. You can also slow it from the maximum speed with your own foot which is the most effective way to do this
  • Positioning your back foot slightly behind the center will slow your riding as well. As you get used to practicing how to slow the longboard while riding, you can learn to balance more. You can also learn the skills by watching some YouTube videos or reading essential online material for learning. Wear some protective helmet and also a sports shoe to get a firm grip on the board.

Like any vehicle, a longboard is easy to ride. If you already learned the techniques, it will be a natural way to slow down while riding. A complete longboard is assembled with various features, and these aspects will help you to balance the board quickly.

The wheels on the board are more significant than any other parts. Therefore, it is essential to balance the foot while riding this. If you position your feet quickly that can slow down the ride. With quick running steps, you can slow down the longboard. The foot braking technique is one of the most natural skills you can practice to slow it down. (See more: Best longboards For cruising).


These are The Most Important Points to Consider

  • To slow down the board, position your front foot forward and bend your knee a bit while lowering your head down and put your back foot on the side of the board to slow it down, this is the optimized posture for your movement. Hit your rear wheel by balancing your feet.
  • You can start learning at a slower speed and practice your foot balance. Keep your foot out the side of the board while riding, this will prevent speeding up the board while on the street. Keep the weight of your body across the bottom of your feet.
  • The foot brake is the essential step to slow down the longboard. This board runs faster when you ride on it. Hence, it is important to slow it down with proper practice. The critical factor is to learn how to slow down the speed of a longboard.

Practicing the appropriate body balance on the board will minimize the speed quickly. Your foot should be put forward, and also you can balance your body weight while rolling on the board. Whatever the speed is, you could be able to slow it with the proper balancing process. Remember to place the heel of the foot on the ground when you want the riding to be slow. You can also apply the foot pressure to slow down the ride. You can also press your ankle on the board and make it slow.

  • You can even half bend to make the longboard riding slowly. This is a great way of fun and enjoyment riding. But it is also essential to know the necessary skills of the board on how to make it slow while you are on the street or hillside. Wearing proper footwear is also a good idea to slow down the board.
  • Shifting your body weight on the foot front can also slow the ride effectively and quite easy to perform. Lift your back foot and by dragging the foot on the ground is also another easy way to reduce your speed with ease . Make sure to apply pressure on the field. You should be extra careful on the different types of grounds where you balance your body weight and slow it down at the same time knowing this will help you choose the most suitable technique to slow down.
  • You also have to be extra cautious in the traffic area. By bending a bit down towards the front, you can slow down your ride. Don’t give more weight to your back foot so by sliding on the side of the board, you can also slow it down quite easily. You should turn your hips and shoulders in the direction of your sliding posture. Determine the speed of the board and kick out with your back foot to slow it down.

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It is essential to learn the sliding process that will slow down the board. Continuously rotating on the board will also help you to slow down the board. Lean forward, and by turning 180 degrees forward, you can also minimize the board speed.

For a smooth transition, it’s essential to learn the speed for practicing to slow the board. You can utilize the foot brake and get it slow with the proper skills. Performing toe side technique which involves lowering your body can slow down your board as well.

Use your back foot to slide to reduce the speed. Running your hand on the ground slowly is another best technique to reduce the speed of the board. Your free hand can grab the board while another side you can push on the ground to make the board slow.

Learn and practice the things that will help you how to slow down on a longboard.

Thank you for reading! I hope you know how to slow down properly after reading our article!

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