How to Treat Road Rash?

Treat Road RashSkating is one of the best things to do. It lets you enjoy and experience that ultimate adrenaline rush. However, at times, due to carelessness road rash occurs. No matter how careful you are while doing skating, such things happen. People when get road rash experience issues such as weeps, bleeding and bruising and if this is properly taken care of then it may lead to prolonged scarring.

In such cases, you must take proper care of the wounds as it will help then heal faster and your life will be back on track. A common question which strikes every mind is how to treat road rash. Here are some important and highly useful points that you can follow while treating a road rash.

Washing of Wounds in A Proper Manner is Advised

This is the first and foremost important step that you need to follow. The task of treating the road rash seems to be daunting but if you give little attention to the wound by cleaning it in a proper manner then things can easily turn into your favour. Always stay positive and clean the wound with the help of sterilized cotton swab and clean water. Do not worry if you are not able to procure mineral or sterile water. Simply clean it with a bottled or tap water. Make sure it is clean and free from any dirt or external particles.

Once the wound is cleaned with water, make sure to apply good quality wound cleaner. While doing this activity, do not scrub the wound as it may lead to more bruises and the entire process may become quite painful.

Dress Up The Wound as Quickly as Possible

You must keep in mind that the open wound could attract infection and hence it is highly advised that the wound dressing should take place as quickly as possible. Not only it will help in avoiding infection but it will also initiate the healing process early. Even if it a minor wound, same process should be followed. At times people ignore this point and keep the wound open and as a result they face several health issues in the days to come.

Treat Road Rash

Never Ignore the Pain and Infection

In spite of following the above mentioned points, infection may occur and during such situations you need to make sure that you consult your doctor and clean the infection with prescribed medicine. There are many people who have weak immunity and as a result there are chances that the infection may reoccur or increase. In such scenario, antibiotics are proven solution which can be considered. But again keep in mind that such medicines should only be taken after taking prescription from a qualified and reputed medical professional. Most of the time, the doctor will tell you to start with low dose antibiotics and if the infection is high then you may need to go for strong dose of antibiotics. Do not worry, simply take your antibiotics but make sure to take good diet to compensate for the health.

Opt for Massage If You Wish to Get Rid of Scars

One of the major consequences of a road rash is a scar. Sometimes scars are so big that they really cause a major embarrassment. One of the best things which can be followed is massage therapy. There are several perfumed oils available in the market which can be used while doing massage and they also help in getting rid of the scars as early as possible.

If you are not able to find oil then you can opt for gels or silicone cream. These things can help you get rid of the scars in one or two months. Massage also helps in nourishing the skin and helps in regaining the lost glow on the skin.

Here, you need to keep one more thing in mind and that is to cover the scar with a cloth. Harmful UV rays from the sun may further deteriorate the skin and darkens the scar. Covering it helps in keeping the sunlight away and the healing process becomes faster.

Apply Good Quality Moisturizer and Cover the Place of Scar

Dry skin is one of the major causes of wounds getting burst. Yes, you heard that right. Dry skin often leads to opening of the scar and the healing process becomes slow. However, it does not mean that you should apply water to keep it moist. One of the best things to do is to apply medicated moisturizer and cover the place which has scar. Medicated tapes and cotton must be used in this case.

Covering of the scar also helps in keeping away the dirt which is one of the major sources of infection. Here, you need to keep an important point in your mind and that is to use a medicated and high quality tape. Do not opt for low quality cheap tapes as they do not cover the scar properly and often becomes loose in a short span of time.

Treat Road Rash

Stay Positive, Calm and Be Easy

Finally, you need to make sure that you stay positive, calm and easy. All these qualities will help in healing of the scar at much faster rate. When you have a road rash, do not go for rigrous activities as it may lead to the opening of the scar. Activities such as jogging, trekking, cycling or any other harsh physical activity should be avoided. Take it easy and the healing process is a natural process and takes it time but you if you stay calm and positive then it become easy for you to bear the pain.

From all of the above mentioned points, you can very well judge that road rash can be easily treated. All you need is little patience and care to make things safe and easy for you. A cool mind can help you stay motivated and cheerful and very soon you will be able to enjoy your regular activities just like the way before.

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