IKEA Skateboard, When the Famous Furniture Brand Meets Sports

IKEA is an international company specializing in the design of semi-assembled furniture, equipment, and home accessories. And above all, this is the world’s largest furniture retailer.

Born in Sweden in 1943 with a startup entrepreneur, Ingvar Kamprad, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, IKEA quickly dominated the world with 392 stores in 48 countries, scattered across continents.

If you still don’t know much about IKEA, read our article right away.

We will help you better understand the business of this globally famous brand and more specifically, about their new product line. You will be surprised by this product, IKEA skateboard.

When the famous furniture brand meets sports, we have a unique skateboard product.

Are you curious? Keep reading our writing, and you’ll see.

What do You Know About the IKEA Company?

IKEA CompanyAccording to figures from Forbes, nearly 600 million people are visiting IKEA stores each year, accompanied by over 250 million catalogs distributed worldwide.

And what makes IKEA a famous name is because of its particular business policy: they only sell accessories and components, so that customers can install furniture for their homes instead of ready-made products.

That strategy is considered a “genius” with success on a global scale. In Michael Norton 2012 survey, customers were willing to pay more than half the price to get a product they assembled.

What is the reason? Because people tend to like what they do, whether it’s terrible or beautiful.

The problem is that only when IKEA’s strategy appears, people will know the existence of that trend, and even name it IKEA Effect.

IKEA can be said to be a paradise for fans who love minimalism in design. IKEA’s interior design style is not for everyone, but surely IKEA’s modern yet minimalist products can be combined with all styles.

In addition, everything is also effortless for you to upgrade a simple item of IKEA to a premium product.

Who is “the Father” of IKEA?

Ingvar KampradIngvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943, at 17 years old. Initially, the company only sold small products such as picture frames by mail order. Until now, Ingvar owns a fortune of 3.4 billion USD.

The way to pack wood furniture into IKEA’s flat-form cartons is an improvement by a person working in drafting designs called Gillis Lundgren.

When he couldn’t put a wooden table in the car’s storage compartment, he decided to remove the table leg to put it in. And since then, everyone considered IKEA’s packaging as a famous creation.

Because Ingvar Kamprad is dyslexic, he often names the product with proper nouns or personal names, to help him distinguish them more easily. For example, many products for the living room are named after places in Sweden, while bathroom items are named after rivers and lakes.

Important Milestones in the History of IKEA

the history of IKEAIn 1947, Kamprad made furniture for the first time as the main product group of IKEA’s store system. Exploiting sources from local producers allows him to keep prices low compared to competitors. Furniture gradually became “attracted customers,” and in 1951, Kamprad decided not to pursue other items, but only focused on furniture.

In 1953, IKEA opened the first furniture showroom. At this time, the company was in a price war with its main competitors, so this showroom helped consumers get closer to the company’s wooden products because they can see, touch, feel and believe in quality before making a purchase.

IKEA has now become famous all over the world for its innovative and distinctive style of design.

Most of IKEA’s wooden furniture products can be folded to save transportation costs, minimize the damage in the moving process, increase the number of goods in the warehouse.

About IKEA Products

About IKEAIKEA has the strategy almost constant for many years:

The products are simple but have a sophisticated and elegant style; functions are always improved following life development; the price is low and convenient.

So, IKEA has indeed affirmed its number 1 position in the world furniture industry.

According to information from the IKEA sales website, this brand has up to 12,000 product lines for customers to choose from, even you can buy a house with IKEA!

A unique feature of IKEA is that every year, the company launches a catalog with its most up-to-date products, new interior trends. They sell about 180 million copies each year.
One thing that many people like about IKEA is the feeling, and you have a simple, handy home that is extremely personal.

With IKEA, “home” is the most relaxed space in the world. IKEA always listens to users and puts them in a beautiful house story.

IKEA products are designed simply, in line with the spirit of the world’s No. 1 furniture company: Design for everyone. IKEA has high-end products but still focuses on designs that can reach all consumers.

When you step into an IKEA booth, whether you are a middle-income or wealthy person, you can choose something that is pleasing to your family.

Because of IKEA’s wide range of business products, warranty and return policies depend on the type of product. However, one thing is sure: you will be well served from choosing to buy, questions about product errors and other needs.

Next, Here are Really Interesting Things About IKEA

interesting things about IKEAEvery year, IKEA staffs will visit families across the planet and listen to everyone’s thoughts about a dream home. From that demand, manufacturers will consider the feasibility of offering solutions and desires that will create a better life for everyone.

We show you how favorite this brand is, and it is estimated that 1 in 10 Europeans sleeps in IKEA beds.

In addition, IKEA consumes about 1% of the wood supply on Earth even though it is just an interior company among millions of similar companies worldwide, yet we do not mention companies that use wood to produce something else but not furniture.

Now you have more knowledge about the IKEA brand.

If you are a skateboard lover, you will be surprised to hear about this product in the IKEA brand collection.

So, Why IKEA Make and Sell Skateboard?

Why IKEA make and sell skateboard?Recently IKEA has launched the first skateboard, as part of a series of furniture and clothes influenced by the street culture in Southern California.

Furniture brands from Sweden once again make us admire the endless creativity of this international brand.

Ikea said the products in this new collection were inspired by the conscious consumer and sports industry who are not only interested in what they wear but also collect and show off things to beautify their surroundings.

IKEA’s new collections combine a variety of different styles that always bring curiosity to customers. And this Spänst collection is no exception.

The products in this collection help young people express their lifestyle in the simplicity and style of urban life.

What Products are in the Spänst Collection?

the Spanst collectionThe Spänst collection includes monochrome clothes and furniture accessories.

There are garments like caps, T-shirts, hoodie, duffle bags, towels, blankets, laundry bags, etc.

Furniture products and accessories have chairs, shoe boxes, wardrobes, clothes rack, LED lights, armchairs, pillows, notebooks, water bottles, and more.

In particular, you can own 32 skateboards in limited quantities created by Chris Stamp – fashion and product designer, and also the creative director of fashion brand LA Stampd.

Chris Stamp was honored to have the opportunity to design the first skateboard at IKEA because he was a man who grew up with surfing and ice skating.

In his opinion, skating is not only a means of transportation, but it is also a culture. That’s why he designed IKEA skateboard based on his valuable experiences.

Main Features of IKEA Skateboard

Main features of IKEA skateboardYou only need to pay a reasonable amount of money to own the skateboard in IKEA’s Spänst collection.

IKEA makes this product from molded birch plywood. Chris Stamp designs the skateboard with splashing black and white graphics covering its underside.

The graphics make the board look modern and outstanding.

At the same time, he used steel and aluminum materials to complement the wooden board to increase durability and also white plastic for the wheels.

You will have a user manual and a fully assembled skateboard product ready for use. It’s different from IKEA’s original assembly style, right?

What’s more?

IKEA skateboard has the deck of nice concave, big tail, and lightweight plastic trucks and wheels. These soft wheels help you move smoothly on the road.

The manufacturers and designer have chosen this product shape to be very suitable to move in the city quickly from one place to another, although you can still perform skateboarding techniques with it.

Moreover, you also have the big riser pads to prevent wheel bite when using this skateboard.

You will own a deck of 29 ¼” x 8 ¼ ” x 6″, 5.25″ trucks, 2½”, 78A wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, and hardness HR95A bushings.

And remember that this product is suitable for users aged 14 and over with a maximum weight of 100 kg.

IKEA manufacturer also carefully notes that you can replace trucks, wheels, bearings, pads, dampers, and bushings, always use protective equipment when skateboarding, keep the board clean and dry and remember to check it before use to ensure your safety.

Here’s a big idea.

The designer’s understanding of fashion style for young people, urban life, and his skateboard passion make this great skateboard product under the famous brand IKEA.

And for those who love both IKEA furniture and skateboard, it’s so great to be able to find a new board at IKEA store.

Pro and Cons of IKEA Skateboard

Pro and Cons of IKEA skateboardPro:

  • This product is suitable for the city commuter than skateboarding performer.
  • The skateboard is lightweight, durable and easy to use, no assembly required.
  • It is designed with a traditional concave board shape.
  • This skateboard is in the affordable price segment.
  • It is nice and has simple white and black colors in modern patterns.


  • The product may be slightly loose, and you need to tighten it when used.

What About the Experience of Riding the Very First IKEA Skateboard?

riding the IKEA skateboardAs we mentioned above, you need to use the tool to squeeze this skateboard more.

At first, you will be quite unsteady when using this skateboard, just like when we started with it. It is normal because you also need to be familiar with using a newly-bought skateboard.

Gradually, when you master it, you will quickly move at a higher speed and be more comfortable.

When trying to slide on the road, through relatively flat sections or even slightly rough, IKEA skateboard still works well, smoothly and easy to control.

The sliding speed is quite fast. We can perform a few skating skills on it and still keep a good balance.

The board tail is little short, so we feel a bit strange when doing Ollie trick and it’s so hard to do the kickflip.

If the board tail is a bit longer, it will be easier for us to try different skateboarding techniques.

Be warning:

You should not try these techniques if you are not good and will likely fall on the ground. And once again, you should wear protective gear such as a helmet when using this product. Keeping you safe is a top priority.

All in All, Will You Buy an IKEA Skateboard Now?

buy an IKEA skateboardFor those who love IKEA’s simple and easy-to-assemble furniture lines, it would be surprising to be able to buy skateboard here. That is the manufacturer’s will, bringing more and more useful products to customers.

Therefore, IKEA only offers a limited number of 32 skateboards for the first launch in the Spänst collection.

You can find this product and if you’re lucky you’ll own it or buy a used skateboard from someone else.

We hope in the near future, IKEA will sell more types of skateboards to serve the needs of consumers.

It can be seen that this trial sale of IKEA is quite good, with positive feedback from skateboarding customers around the world.

Are you ready to wait for a new skateboard from IKEA brand? Or do you want to buy and experience the skateboard right in this collection?

Please share with us your comments here.

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