Important Features to Look in a Full Face Skate Helmet

No matter whether you are going for a ride on a bike or a skateboard, you must wear a helmet as it protects you from the head injury in case you meet with an accident. You should purchase a good helmet if you need to maintain a better balance and comfort. Full face skate helmet come with a wide variety of padding that helps the rider to customize the internal fit of the helmet.

There are several types of skate helmets available in the market such as BMX, Time Trial, Full Face and many more. Out of all the options available, full face helmets lead the chart as it offers maximum security. These types of helmets not only prevent the rider from head injury, but also protect the face. Let’s have a look at the features in a skate helmet before making a purchase.

Helmet Fit

You should always look for a correct fitting helmet because wearing a loose helmet will leave from your head as soon as you fall from the skateboard, which will increase the risk of head injury. A correct fitting helmet will not loose its grip no matter at what speed you fell from the board, which will always keep your head safe from injuries.


Full face skate helmet have an additional support system that covers the chins. So, you should always look out for the vents in this type of helmets as more vents will keep you cooler.

Full face skate helmet

Helmet Padding

The padding in a helmet is not only responsible for offering best comfort, but also for absorbing sweat. In summers, a rider sweats a lot and if the helmet padding is not of top quality, then the sweat might cause major difficulties in riding as a rider needs to wipe off the sweat from the face after regular intervals. So, look for a helmet with top quality padding that can easily absorb the sweat and make riding easier.

Outer Shell

A helmet with a hard outer shell can absorb more pressure, which will reduce the shock impact to the skull. Helmets outer shells are either made up of fiber components or plastic, but it’s better to buy a helmet with an outer shell made up of fiber as it will have more absorption power.

Retention System

A retention system refers to the chin strap. A helmet without a retention system is of no use as it will not keep the helmet in place in case of an accident. Moreover, this component is responsible for the functioning of all the helmet safety features. So, no matter whether you are buying full face skate helmets or any other type of helmet, always look out for the retention system as the helmet safety feature is directly dependent on it.

These are some of the major features, which must be looked in skate helmets. These features will help you to buy the best helmet that will offer better comfort and safety.

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