Indoor Roller Skates For Boys – Awesome Gifts For Your Children

Buying a pair of indoor roller skates for boys is undeniably one of the greatest choices as roller skating is such a recreational a way to find your children a hobby. Indoor roller skating is not only enjoyable but also requires no muscle at all. Sounds like an ideal sport for any child, isn’t it?

We find this piece of equipment popular among parents’ picks because of the various benefits it brings to your boys. Now, stay tuned to find out what advantages indoor roller skating may bring to the kids on your next purchase. Let’s start!

What Are The Benefits Of Roller Skating For Your Children?

Roller skating definitely brings to children various and incredible benefits. Whether it is physical health advantages or mental ones, your children will benefit a lot from this.

1.Increase height

When children practice roller skating regularly, this will have a certain effect on their bones structure as it helps them stay stronger and increase height over time. Moreover, in addition to increasing the height, patin will contribute to help children maintain weight. Because when practicing roller skate children consume energy in this, they will eat a lot and have a sense of appetite that those who do not exercise won’t have.


PersonalityFirst, children will be more responsible for their own lives. When doing this activity, children see the shoes like their friends so they will be more aware of preserving their roller skates as well as consider them an asset they need to protect. By extension, from knowing how to value their belongings, children will appreciate the surrounding objects.

Second, for the timid children, you should let them practice roller skates because in such an energetic and dynamic environment, their personality will be somewhat affected and improved day by day. This is really good for their future. Who doesn’t want their children to be brave, more active rather than the whole day inconspicuously sitting at home with phones, ipad playing games, watching movies?

3.Physical health

Any sport is good for health, roller skating is an exception . When practicing this sport, children will have to use all their body to participate in the glide. Not only is it supportive of cardiovascular issues, but roller skating also brings benefits for the whole body.

Find roller skating useful enough? Scroll down for our suggestion to the five best indoor roller skates for your boys.

Best Indoor Roller Skates For Boys

Roller Derby 1378-12

Roller Derby 1378-12Wonder which pair of roller skates should you get for your boys that will make him immediately love at first sight? Roller Derby 1378-12 is exactly the answer you are looking for!

This product is a perfect choice for your sport shoes lovers’ boys because of the classic design with synthetic uppers and a padded liner. Roller Derby Roller Skates are equipped with velcro laces and power straps for a complete fit. Your kids now can put on their favourite skates shoes by themselves without having any problems and their foot will be securely protected.

What makes this piece of equipment stand out from various roller skates on the market is about the chassis. A lightweight torsion beam provides extreme control for turns and glides on every surface. There is also a structure of non-marking toe stops on both skates.

The 54mm urethane wheels and G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings are not only environmentally friendly but also keep smooth glides once he gets moving. So, why not choose one?


  • Classic design
  • Lightweight material and padded liner
  • Sturdy and well-made


  • Smaller than the given size

Verdict: If your demands are not about modern design or high speed, then the Roller Derby Youth Boys Roller Skates will be the most suitable choice. High quality material and comfort details is what you are finding for the wonderful roller skating experience your boys may have.

Chicago Boys Rink Roller Skate

Chicago Boys Rink Roller SkateThe next pair of roller skates we want to introduce to you is another classic product but still have incredible structure and functions. This roller rink skates from Chicago is a popular choice among parents because of its iconic design for gliding for decades.

With a high topline and top quality laces for maximum protection, your boy can enjoy his hobby for long hours without feeling any pain in the foot.

The urethane wheels again ensure smooth traction and control, and the semi-precision bearings provide fast glides in every single move! Having this piece of equipment will never worry you about the normal wear and tear of skating.

The Chicago Boys Rink Roller Skates feature an aluminum base and adjustable truck will put your children at ease as they can easily switch to their desired size.

Don’t forget to check the size chart carefully before buying your boys indoor roller skates! This product will be an excellent roller skates to increase your son’s strength and creativity, we promise.


  • Can use both for outdoor and indoor skating
  • Durable
  • Comfort fit and adjustable


  • May be a bit rigid at first

Verdict: Chicago Boys Rink Roller Skates will be an irresistible piece of equipment for those who want to have a lifelong skates shoes. Adjustable and maximum protection system assures that your boys will love this pair of roller skates at first sight.

Riedell Dart Ombre Skates

Riedell Dart Ombre SkatesDo you want your children to be the most trendy and stylish boys among their friends? Then the Dart Ombre Riedell Roller Skates is nothing more wonderful than this.

These high-quality roller skates are made of animal-friendly materials using a drum-dyed vinyl system which will create a breathable environment for your boys’ foot. This piece of item features a high-impact die aluminum base, strong metal trucks and ABEC-5 bearings for even smoother glides.

With Riedell Dart Ombre Roller Skates, you have a variety of colors and a mixture of unique fade patterns to choose: purple-green, green-black, black-red, and purple-pink.

Using an adjustable simple lace system, a velcro strap, along with high-quality padded liner, these quad rollers will make it easier for your kids to adjust the shoes by themselves and enjoy the fun.

Whether your boys are beginners or professional roller skaters, Riedell Skates are undeniably a great choice!

One more time, remember to check the size carefully for your children’s best experience.


  • Trendy and comfortable fit design
  • High-quality material
  • Durable


  • A little bit heavy for your kids

Verdict: If your children have a good taste in every type of shoe, then you may regret not buying these ones. Stylish combination of ombre colour and comfortable design will provide your boys with complete enjoyment when roller skating

Crazy Skates Flash Roller Skates

Crazy Skates Flash Roller SkatesIt is undeniable that this blinking roller skates is what a light lovers’ boy wishes to have as a gift. With an adjustable lace structure, your kids can easily tighten or loosen the rollers for stable movement and complete foot protection.

These incredible roller skates offer your boys not only safe and fast glides in every environment but also solid urethane toe stops for smooth experience. Moreover, the skates feature some of the most powerful details, including ABEC-3 bearings and an efficient braking which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor roller skating.

A special feature that makes this piece of equipment stand out from other products on the market is a system of motion-activated LED lights which can be used up to 500 hours of battery life. Sounds great, isn’t it? These various colorful lights surrounding all angles of the rollers will allow your boys to be seen and used even in dark conditions.

Having a classic high topline and soft padded collars which completely fit your children’s ankles will ensure that there is no pain while skating. Feel assured enough to get this product for your boys?


  • High quality derby skates
  • Super comfortable
  • LED lights display


  • Smaller than the given size

Verdict: Can’t wait to see your boys standing out from their friends with a pair of glowing roller skates with LED lights on the soles? This Crazy Skates Flash Roller Skates will give your children chances to show off themselves and have an unforgettable experience.

Epic Skates Galaxy

Epic Skates GalaxyTrust me, your boys will definitely love at first sight if they get this Epic Skates Galaxy Elite Kids Quad Roller Skates from their beloved parents. The rollers are now available with 3 colours with 2 versions of laces: black and white.

With a mid-top design and super fit padded liner, these black galaxy boots are by no means a good choice for your sons. Non-marking toe stops and urethane wheels make sure that this piece of item can be used in both indoor and outdoor rinks.

These rollers features with lightweight nylon plate for double functions of the trucks. Using ABEC-3 bearings, this product will offer your boys full experience and smooth glides.


  • Secure speed traction
  • Diverse designs
  • Use for both indoor and outdoor skating


  • Non-adjustable

Verdict: Wanting your children to have the smoothest glides and speed quality? Then the only pair of roller skates that can’t be missed out is this Epic Skates Galaxy Quad Speed Skates. Although they may not have adjustable features, your boys will still stand a golden chance of experiencing the fun with comfortable padded liner and top-quality bearings.

How To Choose The Right Roller Skates For Kids?

Before considering a pair of indoor roller skates for boys as the next purchase, it’s important to choose them the most suitable one. We introduce you some tips to make sure that your boys will get the best experience.

  • First: Boot (lining): To ensure the growing leg bones of young children, parents should choose the type of roller skates with smooth and thick boots.
  • Second: Frame: Should choose roller skates with alloy frames, limit the purchase of plastic roller skates as this will quickly wear out and make it difficult for small children to roller skate.
  • Third: Can adjust the size: The characteristic of children’s roller skates is to adjust the shoe size (S: 28 – 32) (M: 33 – 37), There are many types of shoes with size adjustment mode, but according to our experience , parents should buy shoes that are resized with the push button for convenience
  • Fourth: Children should choose roller skates made from solid rubber material with good elasticity when using. Creating a feeling of smoothness when sliding, comfortable for the kids, not broken or chipped, can perform quite flexible sliding techniques, the weight support is also much better than plastic wheels.

How To Teach Your Kids Roller Skating?

How To Teach Your Kids Roller Skating

  1. Learn the basics: Learning how to roller skate is all about balance and focus. Make sure that your children can keep their bent and lean straight, standing on the rollers for a long time before starting to walk. After they find a little easier, encourage them to glide slowly until they can control the pace and traction themselves.
  2. Never give up: Slips or falls are apparent when it comes to practicing roller skates the first time. Always try to encourage them as much as you can to transmit motivation to your kids. It is foreseen that kids who fear injuries will not be able to make a second attempt. A helmet, elbow and knee pads will make them feel secure and that falling off is just a normal problem.
  3. Focus is the key: Doing anything requires focus and so does roller skating. Remind your kids of focusing as it will help them to do things the easiest and save up the time. No matter how hard the first time may discourage your kids, don’t forget to be passionate about them.

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In order to start making your children love this interesting and beneficial sport, choosing the right roller skates is an important beginning.

We would be glad to hear that this article helps both parents and their kids to find a perfect gift. Consider one of these best indoor roller skates for boys and enjoy the moment when your children feel joyful seeing their ideal pair of skates shoes. We are sure that roller skating will bring your children to an active and healthy lifestyle.

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