How To Choose the Correct Inline Skate Size – Handy Tips For All Skaters!

How to choose the correct inline skate size? The question makes so many skaters feel confused.

Inline skating has become very popular with everyone in the last couple of years because it is one of the most brilliant ways to combine relaxation and exercise, be it recreationally or professionally. Even Chris Evan loves it.

Nevertheless, there are tons of things you have to consider before deciding to invest your money in possessing a pair of inline skates for yourselves. Choosing a suitable size can be one of the most crucial factors. Capturing this insight, in today’s article, we want to show you how to choose the correct inline skate size for your perfect skating experiences. Let’s start!

Is Suitable Inline Skate Size Important?

suitable inline skate sizeThere are a lot of people who tend to choose the bigger size when buying inline skates, especially for children. You know why? The reason behind it is that they think they can use these skates for a long time. However, in this case, a bigger size does not mean saving money. Skates that are too big will tear out faster and easily cause serious damages.

In fact, when it comes to skates for kids, they are often designed to be adjustable in size. Thanks to this feature, you do not have to worry about kids’ feet growth while still feeling secure about the child’s safety at present.

Inline skates are somewhat the same to ski or snowboard boots when these footwears have the responsibility of energy transfer and control. These things then will translate into comfort and safety for skaters.

In the market nowadays, most of the skates produced by famous manufacturers are designed following the anatomical construction of the liner. The internal structure of the liner is made suitable for the shape of the foot, and it requires the correct foot position when using to be able to maximize the support for skating.

Choosing the wrong size will lead to the bad and unnatural foot position when you skate. As a result, it can make users feel uncomfortable, hard to control, and also tear the liner quickly.

How To Choose The Correct Inline Skate Size

Normally, when it comes to how to choose the correct inline skate size, almost everyone will immediately think about the shoe size that has to be perfectly fit for their feet. Actually, choosing the size of the inline skate comes with two steps: choose the wheel size and choose the shoe size.

Choose the Wheel Size

Choose the wheel sizeThe size is measured in mm and printed on the side of the wheel. The value often varies from 60 to over 85 mm. So which one will be the best for you?

The answer is the suitable wheel size will depend on your size, your skill level, and also the surface you will skate on. The bigger the wheels are, the faster they will be.

Besides, the bigger wheel size means they will last longer than smaller wheels even though all of them have the same hardness. Therefore, while the big wheels are better for uneven surfaces, the small ones are for more quality surfaces.

To sum up, you can follow the classification below:

  • Smaller wheels from 60 – 70 mm will be safer for children because they can easily control the balance just with basic techniques.
  • Wheel size from 72-mm to 84-mm will be suitable for most people with the purpose of recreation and fitness.
  • The size over 85 mm will be very fast, so just choose this size if you are professional in skating.

Choose the Shoe Size

Choose the shoe sizeMany skaters believe that they can use their standard shoe size to choose their inline skates as they are quite the same. Notwithstanding, it is a mistake because normal shoes are always much more flexible than inline skates. Hence, the former tend to be longer than the latters.

When buying skates, you can use the size chart provided by the manufacturers to choose the correct inline skate size for you. However, there is not just one size chart for every type of skate. Inline skate brands have a variety of different size charts used. In some cases, some brands even have more than one size chart.

This inconsistency can lead to confusion for customers. On that account, our advice is you should always measure your foot by yourself and look for the size chart that comes with each skate.

You can easily find these charts in the “Size” section on the product description page. In case you have any problem in finding out the charts, or you want to have more recommendations about sizing, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team.

Measure Your Foot

Your Feet MeasurementIt is advisable to wear socks while measuring your foot length to have the best result. We will measure in mm or convert the result into mm.

You place your foot on the ground against a wall. Then measure the distance from the wall until the toes. You had better do one more time with your other foot. The final result will be the longer of the two measurements. You will use this one to compare to the measurement chart.

You do not have to measure the size of your shoe’s insoles. It is because the sizing charts refer to the size of the foot and not the size of the insoles that are a few mm smaller.

Use the Foot Measurement

Some Fun Facts About Roller SkatingNow you have the exact measurement of your foot and of course, the skate model that you are really into. All you have to do is find out the sizing chart that is specific for your model in the “Size” section on the product description page.

Once again, keep in mind that these charts can be very different depending on the model you are looking for, and it is very common to use different sizes corresponding to different skates.

When comparing to street shoes, each of these size charts will suggest a performance fit that is usually tighter and closed more firmly. In some cases, if your measurement is between two sizes, it is always better for you to round it down and choose the smaller value.

Do you know why we should choose a smaller size in this case? Wouldn’t a pair of shoes larger than a few centimeters be more comfortable?

The reason is extremely simple. While a bit bigger skates seem initially convenient, it will break-in over time and create more room. At that time, your skates will become loose.

Try on For Fit

Try on For FitAlthough using the measurement chart can be very convenient, especially when you want to go shopping online, remember that each person will have a different shape of feet.

With many years of experience buying the inline skates both in a real store and via the internet, I can assure that the best option to be able to possess your suitable size is to try them on carefully.

Do you know your feet will swell a little bit when you ride? A small tip is you should go to the store to try your skates after some exercise. It can be a good idea to park a bit far from the store and walk over there. By doing so, your feet will be the same size as when you actually skate.

When you try the inline skates, ask for your measurement size, and do not forget to put on socks while trying. You should try both two of your legs since there are a lot of people whose one foot is a bit bigger than the other.

In a seated position, tie up all the laces and buckles reasonably tight. Make sure there is still room at the back of the skate for you to able to insert one finger inside. The buckle should be tight enough so that you can bend your knees, and the strap can support you.

Once wearing both skates and tightening them properly, check your toes position by wiggling them while standing straight with both feet parallel.

Do they slightly touch the front of the shoes? If they rub against the toe box too hard, you should increase the size a bit. If there is still a lot of space to wiggle freely, try a bit smaller one.

Now try to bend your knee. In this position, your toes should not touch the front anymore.


Properly sizing inline skates is a very crucial part of the buying process since a perfectly fitted skate is going to provide you more comfort and better support.

With the guide above, we have learned how to choose the correct inline skate size. Hopefully, this information will be useful for you in determining your size and choosing the best inline skates for yourselves. Do not hesitate to let us know should you have any trouble. Goodbye, and have a good day!

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