Intelligent Electric Skateboard – The New Generation of Skateboarding

Summer has come, and it’s time for exciting summer activities. Why not play some enjoyable sports instead of staying in your house? Skating may be an excellent choice for you.

Many people worry that they cannot slide as smoothly as professional skaters on TV because traditional skating methods require much technique and strength. Acknowledge that anxiety, some manufacturers have invented the intelligent electric skateboard, which can run automatically without any external impact.

In this post, let’s go through some intelligent electric skateboards so that you can choose your most favorite item overall.

Intelligent Electric Skateboard – Critical Information for You

Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard – Best for Kickflips

Boosted Mini Electric SkateboardThe first item to be introduced on the list is an intelligent electric skateboard from Boosted. Since 2012, the brand has started producing electric skateboards and is keen on creating innovative skateboard models each year.

The Mini Electric Skateboard has successfully gained much positive feedback from the skating community for its top speed and long-lasting battery life. To be specific, after just 1 hour 45 minutes for a full charge, the skateboard is ready to skate up to 14 miles, higher than the average range when compared to other models.

With the powerful 1000 Watts engine, this electric skateboard can climb up the hills without breaking. You must wonder whether the experience is smooth or not, right?

Don’t need to worry then, because the 80 mm Lunar Wheels can support you with a super “peaceful” roll. For kickflip lovers, this is such a great detail as it allows them to conduct safe and stable flips. Plus, whenever you feel the speed is too fast, switch to stop immediately on the safety brake.

Specialized wheels for smooth movements, speed control for safety – with these features given, the Boosted skateboard is an excellent choice for kicktail methods, and kickflips skaters.


  • Fast ride
  • Powerful uphills
  • Strong torque


  • Quite expensive

Swagtron Swagskate Electric Skateboard – Best for Automatic Activation

Swagtron Swagskate Electric SkateboardThe intelligent electric skateboard surprises users at first sight for its colorful, well-designed appearances. Painted in black, yellow, and green, the Swagtron Skateboard is preferable for adults and kids.

With only 19.6 inches length and 7.7 pounds weight, the skateboard is easily fit inside a backpack. With this dimension, it is easy to carry the Swagtron skateboard around for summer holidays that are about to come.

Plus, an LED light is attached to the device to signal whenever it needs charging. The LED tail light also keeps the skater visible in low-lit conditions so that there will be no accidents. What a thoughtful design, right?

Furthermore, the Swagtron Swagstake Electric Skateboard is equipped with a 100-watt motor, moving at 9.3mph. But, that’s not its best character.

The most significant part is that the skateboard features the “kick to cruise” technology so that players don’t need the remote control. As long as the user pressures and slides the device forward, it will retain the speed automatically. Consequently, when you push a little forward, the skateboard will run slower and gradually stop.

That being said, this Swagtron Swagtake Electric skateboard is a perfect choice for young skaters as it offers good speed, lightweight, cool design, and safety alarm light.


  • Powerful motor
  • Amazing automatic speed control
  • Compact size


  • Rocky and bumpy surfaces traveling restriction

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard – Best for Children

Hiboy S11 Electric SkateboardJudging from the name, we can see that this skateboard is suitable for teenagers and kids. With colorful neon green, white, and black cover, the Hiboy skateboard is such an attractive product for any kids who come across it at the store. Well, in fact, it is only suitable for kids (play for entertaining) and entry-level players indeed.

The Hiboy S11 electric skateboard can run up to 12.4mph at the maximum. The battery can last enough for traveling 6.2 miles, which is acceptable for short-distance skating. The device is small enough to bring along with the dimensions 30 x 8.3 x 4.4 inches and 8.3 pounds weighing to add-in.

So, besides the so-so speed and compact size, are there some unique features of this product? Then, the regenerative braking system needs mentioning.

This automatic braking mechanism allows young skaters to control the speed so that their journey can be safer. Besides, we don’t need to worry about the battery because manufacturers followed the safety standard for vehicle appliances to produce it.

However, the device’s quality is not as consistent as advertised, and there is no indication while charging the battery. To conclude, this skateboard is suitable for beginners with low requirements and prefer attractive designs at affordable prices.


  • Attractive design
  • Affordable price
  • Compact size
  • Innovative braking system


  • Low consistency in quality
  • Average speed range

URBANPRO Skateboard – Best for Hill Climbing

URBANPRO SkateboardThe URBANPRO skateboard brings out a unique first impression by its cool design. The beautiful scenery painted on each skateboard gives players a joyful experience.

This device has a 400W torque motor, which can run up to 20mph. After 3 hours of fast charging, you can travel on the skateboard for a full 10 miles. Compared to other models in the market, this is an average capacity for an electric skateboard.

The URBANPRO’s board deck is up to 35 inches in terms of sizing, making it comfortable to stay on. However, the weight of 17 pounds is somehow uncomfortable to pick up or put inside a backpack.

To choose the URBANPRO electric skateboard’ selling point, we must consider the 20% grade hill conquering feature. Given that it has a robust 400W motor, this device is such a great, sturdy, reliable skateboard for climbing. In the market recently, there aren’t many durable models, like the URBANPRO ones.

To add-in, the 11 composites layers provide such a thick and rigid surface for the deck to load a maximum of 265 pounds. We believe that you don’t need to worry about cracking the deck, right?


  • Firm deck
  • Remarkable hill conquering rate
  • Robust motor
  • Comfortable longboard deck


  • Quite heavy to carry around

SKATEBOLT Skateboard – Best for Speedy Skating

SKATEBOLT SkateboardSKATEBOLT skateboard is on the top-selling products because of its impressive design. Released in 2016 by the new company SKATEBOLT, this item has received many positive reviews from customers.

This product, equipped with a 350W engine, can reach up to 28mph. After fully charged, the skateboard can ride for 15 miles or more, which is better than the average level.

Besides, this powerful motor can climb up the 30% steep hill, making it dominant in the market. The manufacturers even supply a 90mm wheelset replacement so that users can repair the broken down skateboard by themselves at home.

Additionally, the board deck is made of bamboo and two fiberglass layers, giving it a balance of durability and flexibility. On the bottom, there are 2 LED taillights to inform of the battery capacity and keep users visible in dark conditions.

Last but not least, by pressing the LED button during riding, skaters can easily maintain the current speed as they want. To turn on the device, step on, slide it, and the SKATEBOLT skateboard is ready to use.


  • Convenient automatic adjustment system
  • Fast skateboard – pushing activation
  • Powerful motor
  • High maximum speed
  • Modern and impressive design


  • Suddenly stop working
  • Expensive fixing fee

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RazorX Electric Skateboard – Best for Stability

RazorX Electric SkateboardWelcome to the introduction of the versatile RazorX Electric Skateboard. This product is considered an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced skaters. However, the color option is limited to only one color.

Breaking down the composition, we can see that RazorX skateboard is equipped with a kick-to-start, 150W motor, which can operate up to 12mph. After a full charge, you can continuously use it for only 40 minutes more.

Considering the size, the RazorX’s board deck is 34.25 inches long and made from 7 layers of maple. It is said to provide responsive cruising and smooth riding for most of the time.
The urethane wheel is what makes it unique. The common stereotype about skating is that the ride can be too slippery and beginners will consecutively fall down.

Understanding that worry, the developers from RazorX had designed bigger and more durable wheels, so that it provokes the stronger “stable” vibe when users stand on it. To be specific, the design enlarges the interaction between the wheels and the road, making it less greasy and comforts the user while learning to skate.

As a result, that ground-gripping wheel combined with reverse kingpin trucks boost the stability and comforts for users. Given this fact, the RazorX skateboard can endure kids from age nine as long as they don’t weigh more than 220 pounds.

Despite its so-so speed and short-range, this item’s price is higher than the average cost in the market, making it less preferred by several users.


  • Impressive shock tolerance
  • Helpful urethane wheel
  • High weight endurance limit, up to 220 pounds
  • Basic but modern design


  • Average speed range
  • Expensive
  • Short-range (40 minutes)

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shaofu Electric Skateboard – Best for Compact Size

shaofu Electric SkateboardCompared to other models, the shaofu Electric Skateboard is simply but modern designed. There is just one color, so you cannot choose your favorite design, though.

In terms of speed, shaofu intelligent electric skateboard, powered by a 250W motor, can reach up to 12mph. After only 2 hours of charging, the device can run for 10 miles maximum.

So, what about the deck? The surface, made out of 7 layers of maple, is light but firm and perfectly responsive for cruising. It can handle riders from 8 years old and above, as long as the weight won’t exceed 286 pounds.

Here are some of its outstanding features. First, there are 4 LED lights to alert the battery capacity. Secondly, the shock-absorbing 2.9 inches wheels can endure mostly any landform. Thirdly, this product weighs only 11 pounds, light enough to carry around or put inside a backpack.

Regardings its portability, the shaofu Electric Skateboard is considered as the top 2 compact size items compared to others on this post. In terms of weight, the shaofu is a bit heavier than the Swagtron skateboard.

What about the dimension? Then, the shaofu and Swagtron share a similar height and width but differ in length. The shaofu ‘s deck is longer than its competitor, making it more stable to ride.

The summary of the two details above shows that the shaofu’s length is more helpful, and their weight gap is not significant. We can jump to the conclusion that between these two compact skateboards, the shaofu is better in terms of size.

If we are about to point out its disadvantages, its unimpressive design must be mentioned. There is no pattern to decorate, making the item look bland and boring.


  • Compact size for putting in a backpack
  • Useful shock-durable wheels
  • Easy downhill riding
  • Firm board deck


  • Bland and boring design

Alouette Electric Skateboard – Best for Speed Control

Alouette Electric SkateboardThe Alouette Electric Skateboard will impress customers by its simple but modern design with a bright, colorful surface. There are three choices for you: purple, green, and red. Whatever you choose, the product comes out prominent and outstanding on the street.

Getting rid of the traditional grip, this model is designed with a frosted deck that can offer skidproof and stable sliding experience. The surface, made from 7 maple layers, is solid, thick, and durable.

In terms of performance, this Alouette item can reach 16mph while climbing up the hills. That being said, the skateboard is suitable for commuting between campus or workplaces.

The reason for Alouette Electric Skateboard’s preference is its innovative Cruise Control. By pushing the “cruise” button, skaters can retain the current speed as long as they want.

Plus, touching the brake will stop the device immediately. Furthermore, the LCD screen will inform users of the speed, range, and battery status for the best skating experience. Given these features, the item is appropriate for long-distance trips.


  • Unique Cruise Control
  • Smooth mountains climbing
  • Rigid deck


  • Time-consuming battery charging
  • Heavy to pick up

Teamgee Ultra Thin Lightweight Skateboard – Best for Rotation and Grip

Teamgee Ultra Thin Lightweight SkateboardReleased in 2019 by the Chinese company Teamgee, Teamgee Ultra Thin Lightweight Skateboard has gained many positive comments from the skater community. With the cool, trendy appearance and impressive size, this item is the right selection for teenagers and adult players.

What makes the Teamgee skateboard unique is its bizarre board deck design. The board is prominently long with the dimensions 965x215x12 mm, providing a weird-but-impressive experience for first try. The surface, made out of 11 layers of maple and fiberglass, is rigid, unbreakable, and sturdy enough to slide on jagged mountains.

In terms of speed, this intelligent electric skateboard can run up to 22mph, an average level in the market. However, the PU wheels offer the 20 angle smooth rotation and firm grip. With the super sturdy surface, a long-lasting battery, and lower deck, the Teamgee Ultra Thin Lightweight Skateboard must be the right choice for you!


  • A lower deck for more stability
  • Smooth rotation
  • Firm deck
  • Cool design


  • Average speed range
  • Heavy to pick up

WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard – Best for Design

WOOKRAYS Electric SkateboardThe last item to be introduced on the list is WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard. The products create a “cool teen,” “swag,” vibe from the first impression, making it the right choice for teenage skaters.

With the 350W motor and 3-speed modes for both beginners and advanced users, the skateboard can operate up to 20km per hour. After being charged within 2 hours, skaters can travel 8 kilometers maximum. Briefly, this item’s speed and sliding capacity is remarkably high compared to others.

What makes the WOOKRAYS skateboard outstanding is its convenient LEAD taillight and firm board deck. The light not only indicates the battery life status but also keeps users visible in low-light conditions and prevents unintentional accidents.

Besides, the deck is also made from 7 layers rock hard maple so that it’s impossible to be cracked. With these advantages, this WOOKRAYS intelligent electric skateboard is suitable for mountain and hill climbing.


  • Strong motor
  • High-speed range
  • Impressive design


  • Easily-to-be-broken-down battery

The Bottom Line

By this post, we have gone into detail about the intelligent electric skateboard. Each item has its distinctive features as well as advantages and disadvantages. We believe that you have already had your choice, right?

Personally, we prefer the Teamgee Ultra Thin Lightweight Skateboard over others because its design has caught our attention at first glance. Even though it still contains some weaknesses, its pros can win over its cons under an entry-level user’s perspective. However, the choice is on you, so, be the wise buyers!

Hope this article provides you with much useful information about intelligent electric skateboards.

Thank you for reading!

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