Jetson Rave Hoverboard Review in 2022

Hoverboard (or self-balancing scooter) was first launched in 2013 and soon became trendy all over the world. Today’s our main character is Jetson rave hoverboard – an outstanding model with a dynamic design for the youth.

The Jetson product offers not only safety experiences but also a thrilling feeling on a moving toy. After trying the Rave, we have summarized some exceptional features that you might be interested in this compact device. So, let’s get started!

Why Should You Choose Jetson hoverboard?

Why Should You Choose JetsonWell, you might remember the unfortunate incident that happened to the hoverboard in the past few years.

While people were excited to own an impressive self-balancing scooter as a Christmas gift in 2015, the hoverboard market was brought to a standstill with a lot of reports about “hoverboard caught on fire”. Many retailed websites such as eBay, Amazon, etc. also immediately banned this product.

Fortunately, the UL 2272 safety requirement saved this item from collapse. The standard evaluates the safety of self-balancing scooters in regard to battery, electric system, and charger. And Jetson hoverboard is one of the representative brands of this standard.

Passed all safety testing and construction evaluation, Jetson’s hoverboards meet all requirements of UL 2272 safety with its marks, labels, and user manual requirements. Now, you can smoothly move on Jetson hoverboards without any worry about being a live torch someday.

Despite the affordable price, Jetson rave hoverboard offers a safe and smooth experience while moving. We got the Rave after three days of delivery and can assure its values during the journey.

Another awesome feature that makes us fall in love with this model is its LED light-up wheels. Try it! You will see how outstanding you are on the streets. The product comes with a Samsung battery, UL charger, and 1-year warranty.

Jetson Rave Hoverboard Review – Extraordinary Features

1. Bluetooth

BluetoothImagine you are roaming around on a hoverboard, enjoying the breeze on hair, and listening to your favourite music on the way through, how refreshing it is! That’s why you should choose a hoverboard with Bluetooth integrated, and The Rave is a perfect one.

Much more convenient than other models, with the Rave, you don’t need to turn the Bluetooth manually. When you operate the board, its system will automatically search for the nearby devices. So, just connect it to your smartphone’s Bluetooth and enjoy the crisp and clear sounds played.

Besides the Bluetooth speaker (which is your handheld device), the Ride Jetson app is another option for you to connect to the product’s Bluetooth. With the support of this app, you can also adjust the speed at Beginner – Immediate – Advanced Mode Max Speed, following by 8 – 10 – 12 mph. It’s nice to adjust speeds on each particular terrain.

2. Easy To Use

Easy To UseFor a novice, it might be dangerous if you don’t know how to ride a hoverboard properly. Hence, to save you from any risk while riding on this fantastic machine, learn to control it at your will. Remember just a small tilt is enough to make it move, so it is essential not to be afraid. After the fear is assuaged, you can freely enjoy a safe and thrilling ride.

The Rave hoverboard is not only appreciated for its ease of use but also suitable for beginners thanks to the anti-slip grip mat and speed setting on Ride Jetson app. It would help if you chose the Beginner mode for the first time and then increase when your skills become more adept.

In addition, the Active Balance Technology with internal sensors will keep balanced and give you more stability when riding.

The Rave is very compact to carry around since it weighs only 22lb and has dimension at L23.5” x W8” x H6.95”. The unit supports the total weight of 220lbs, perfect for both kids and adults.

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3. Battery

BatteryComing back to the exploding story in 2015, the quality of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries inside the hoverboard, which are mostly produced in China, is a big issue.

There are a lot of examples showing that these China’s cheap li-ion batteries are not as good as the ones of reputable brands like LG or Samsung. We don’t mean these Chinese batteries are fake, they are just poor-quality due to mass production.

Luckily, the Rave is equipped with 100% premium Samsung rechargeable lithium-ion battery 25.9V/ 4AH, taking three hours for a full charge. Plus, the UL certification makes the product more reliable. So we can make sure that our battery will not suddenly catch on fire.

4. Riding Range

Riding RangeAccording to our research, the average riding range of a typical hoverboard is 7 – 10 miles, and the high-end one can reach up to 15 miles after fully charged.

With 400W Modern Hub Motor, the max speed of the Rave can be 12 mph and has a max range up to 10 miles – a pretty impressive index in the mid-range segment. It is enough for you to roam around your neighborhood or ride a short distance to the grocery store nearby.

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Pros and Cons Jetson Hoverboard

Pros and ConsPros

  • Safety
  • Samsung battery
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ease of use with advanced technology


  • The Ride Jetson app doesn’t work so smooth


In general, the hoverboard is an exciting device for the young people. Not only offering the thrilling mood of diverse speeds, but it also helps improve your posture and support to straighten your back.

So after reading this far, what do you think about Jetson rave hoverboard? For us, this is a fantastic model in the mid-range segment with the safety and outstanding features it offers. Workout your body on this product, and you will feel refreshed from head to toe in the open space without soaking in sweat.

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