Kick Scooter for Adults – The Best Items and How to Buy

A kick scooter for adults is perfect for those who want to ignore petrol cars to commute in the city. Although this kid-like transportation mean is not anything of speed, it provides recreational moments.

But what makes that children thing attractive to adults?

Adult kick scooters are not only cheap but also producing zero emissions to the environment. Not to mention those scooters make you exercise.

It takes little effort to practice riding a push scooter. With the right scooters, you can enjoy the road to work or school, in a different way.

Keeping that optimism in mind, we have got some rolling units into use and picked out some of the best.

Our list comes as well with the buying guide in the hope to help you choose your best suitable kick scooters. Let’s get the ride on.

Top 5 Best Scooters For Adults 2019

Best Scooter for Kids

In a Hurry?

Below are several key considerations when purchasing skateboard ramps. Keep reading to know what they are.

Here is the brief list of scooters in our reviews:

  • Best overall – XOOTR Mg Teen/Adult Kick Scooter
  • Best for bumpy roads – HUDORA 230 Aluminum Foldable Scooters
  • Best foldable – Razor A6 Kick Scooter
  • Best for budget – Hikole Scooter for Adults Teens
  • Best for the commuter – Mongoose Expo Scooter

Benefits of Kick Scooters

Benefits of Kick ScootersIf you own a car, you know it costs you averagely $10,000 a year for maintenance and petrol. Using a kick scooter to get around town saves you some parts of that money.

Riding a scooter also involves movements to exercise most parts of your body. It helps take control of your health and burn fat effectively, no less than any gym lessons.

Besides the benefits of wellness and health, you contribute zero emissions to the environment. If you could use the kick scooter to commute every day in lieu of cars, you reduced the percent of greenhouse gas.

The Best Kick Scooters for Adults – 2019 Newest Reviews

Best Overall – XOOTR Mg Teen/Adult Kick Scooter

XOOTR Mg TeenXOOTER is a brand that makes scooters easy on the eyes.

The first thing we noticed was the Mg in the product’s name. It means magnesium, which makes up the unit.

Magnesium is a light, yet durable metal. So, you know that this scooter can last very long.

Scooters from this brand tend to be expensive. But you are the grownups; you don’t want to wander around silliness and cheap scooters you use to transport every day.

Speaking about specs, this adult kick scooter comes with “stomp” brake in the back which augmented with the BMX-style lever in the front. It guarantees safety to make the last-minute maneuvers and stops.

What we liked:

  • Sleek design
  • Wide and long platform
  • Fast gliding wheels
  • Foldable

What we disliked:

  • Long replacement time
  • Not suitable for rough terrain

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Best for Bumpy Roads – HUDORA 230 Aluminum Foldable Scooters

HUDORA 230 Aluminum Foldable ScootersYou don’t need to doubt the quality of products from Germany. This scooter is an example.

With a 230-mm wheel on the front and 205 mm wheel on the back, the HUDORA 230 can handle rough streets quite well. Those tires also support speeding giving an exciting riding experience. You can run fine on cement or asphalt road.

Better than that, the patented 3-Seconds Easy-Folding Mechanism enables super easy foldability for carrying around.

When going downhill, the rear brakes will ensure your speed is under control.

The only that comes in the way is probably the latching mechanism which tends to bend on weighted riders.

What we liked:

  • Durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Adjustable height
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Supportive big wheels on rugged terrains

What we disliked:

  • Bendable front on the heaviness
  • A bit bulky

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Best Foldable – Razor A6 Kick Scooter

Razor A6 Kick ScooterIf you need both fashion and quality, it’s the Razor you need to have a look.

First of all, you get a handsome anodized aluminum frame with a 13.8-inch length and a kickstand.

The best part is the padded end anti-rattle folding mechanism, which never fails us on transforming the unit to the on-the-go version.

Riding on this A6, every push you give is effortless. In practice, you’ll notice it’s like riding on an Amtrak supercar overnight. The glide and roll you get are exclusively smooth, efficient, and quick.

The brought-up concern here is no handbrake, but it got made up with the fender brake; especially when you consider a significant diameter of the 10-inch diameter urethane wheels.

What we liked:

  • Quiet, smooth-riding
  • Effective folding mechanism
  • Effortless riding and stop
  • Spacious deck

What we disliked:

  • o handbrake
  • Iterative adjustable headset

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Best for Budget – Hikole Scooter for Adults Teens

Hikole Scooter for Adults TeensHikoli equips the dual-suspension in this adult scooter model in both the front and back rear. This suspension system allows precise and safe maneuvering and braking.

This scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar providing flexibility for multiple riders.

We have tested this Hikole’s adaptation on different types of roads. Thanks to its shock-absorbing system relying on the big wheels on ABEC 7 bearings, we reckoned the unit could ride through pavements and sidewalks without giving back too much vibration.

Above all, the Hikole scooter doesn’t charge you much to own. It’s a safe option for those with tight pockets but still, want a premium scooter.

But of course, it has to sacrifice the easy-folding for the bargain price. Sometimes, you may realize the system unlatches.

Nevertheless, other pluses like money and features would trade-off any flaw.

What we liked:

  • The price
  • Adjustable height
  • Durable frame
  • Easy kick with the lower deck

What we disliked:

  • Returning and replacement takes time
  • Folding may get stuck
  • Heavy frame

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Best for the Commuter – Mongoose Expo Scooter

Mongoose Expo Kids ScooterWith this Mongoose goose-neck kick scooter, it’s easy to gather eyes from the crowd.

You will have a new concept of a kick scooter with a classic look of a bicycle. It comes with meaty wheels to handle curbs, pavement, gravel, and grass. You can even ride this unit on uneven terrains where potholes are around.

More than that, the scooter has a headset of a bike with handbrakes on it ensuring safety while commuting on urban streets.

A couple of drawbacks followed are the lack of brake department which makes it not reliable when going downhill. Otherwise, you can have fun riding it to work.

What we liked:

  • 12-inch wheel for all kinds of terrains
  • Confident speed control
  • Unique design

What we disliked:

  • Not ideal for downhill riding

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How to Choose the Best Adult Kick Scooter – Buyer’s Guide

We know it’s hard to go shopping with just a list. That’s why you’re here to read this guide. Make a checklist for yourself out of these factors.

Folding Mechanism

Folding mechanismYou might have heard somewhere the three-action and single-action mechanism.

  • Three-action: It involves releasing the clamp, lifting the locking pin, and tightening the clamp.
  • Single-action: Just about moving the pin.

The single-action seems to be more rapid, but in fact, both mechanisms provide practicality and convenience.

However, if you consider the kick scooter as another type of daily vehicle to commute, you need quick folding as in the single-action. For the rest of the preferences, it doesn’t matter which system you choose.


SuspensionThis term refers to shock absorbers in kick scooters. You can find many model install suspension on both front and rear.

The suspension will absorb vibration when you roll on unsmooth surfaces.

Having a good suspension system, you will have a smooth ride on uneven streets. So, if your road to work is rough, it’s useful to have suspension.


HandbrakesThere are models of kick scooters with the bicycle-like handbrake on the bar while the rest makes use the rear fender.

If you want a quick reaction time of brake, it’s reasonable to go for a handbrake model. But note that this feature will add weight and complexity on your vehicle. Also, handbrakes are available on just a few brands.

Deck Height

Deck heightMany scooter buyers skip this factor as it doesn’t seem essential.

In reality, the deck height influences the comfort of a kick scooter.

The lower the deck is, the more comfortable your push will be as you don’t have to bend the knees that much. Moreover, it enhances stability as your stance is on a lower center of gravity.

But lower decks can be found only on high-end, expensive scooters. So, when picking a scooter for the price, you should go as low a deck height as possible.

Deck Size

Deck sizeYou may think a larger deck is better because it gives a spacious room for both feet. But rethink if you aim for portability. In particular, ample deck size is best for long rides as you’ll more space to rest the foot.

On the contrary, with a smaller deck, you’re able to speed up with ease. Also, small decks come with a shorter wheelbase which won’t give you that serpentine line of movement.

Wheel Size and Material

Wheel size and materialUrban kick scooters typically come with PU (polyurethane) thread covering the plastic core. This kind of material is light and wear-resistant. You can ride in rains or through puddles caring nothing about the tires going rust.

The next thing you want to care about is how big the wheels are.

Wheel size matters in shock absorption and smooth rides. Bigger wheels render greater shock absorption. But of course, it adds cumbersome to your unit, making it less ideal for carrying on hands.

Small wheels, on the other hand, are light in weight. However, if you want performance and comfort, it’s better to reconsider.

What to Avoid When Buying a Kick Scooter?

What to avoid when buying a kick scooterIf you receive a scooter with flimsy components, request a return soon. You may tighten the screws, but when it comes already loose, it’s like to fall apart during your ride.

Checking the bearings is also essential. Stay away from bearings with ABEC is under 5. Poor-quality bearings will make every pushing a nightmare during the trip. Not to mention those bearings can break in the middle of your ride.

Don’t choose scooters with plain deck. It must at least equip round spike or grip-tape to hold your feet. A slick platform won’t give you any traction, and you’ll be falling off sooner or later.

FAQs – Common Questions

1. How Heavy Can a Kick Scooter for Adults Bear?

A: On average, an adult kick scooter can load about 300lbs. Some brands even push the number up to 400, and some at whopping 800. The Xootr is an example of high weight capacity.

It’s important not to exceed that figure if you don’t want to hurt yourself on the ride.

2. Is Helmet Mandatory When Riding a Kick Scooter?

A: There is no law applied for riding a kick scooter. But for your own sake of life, we highly recommend wearing a helmet.

Accidents are possible everywhere. Nothing can guarantee you will not bump into curbs or a pedestrian. In any case, a helmet is a worthwhile investment.

3. Can I Ride the Scooter in Rains?

A: Though the scooter itself is water-resistant, but it’s never a good idea to surf when it showers.

One reason is the rollerblade-like wheels don’t give enough traction on wet surfaces. So, if you ever have to ride in the rain, do it slowly. It’s not fun anymore if you get hurt.

4. Are Adult Scooters Usable for Kids?

A: Yes! If your kid is taller than 3 ft.

However, adult scooters are heavier than 15 pounds, that is difficult for kids to handle. So, if the children ever want to have some fun on your scooter, make sure they play under your supervision.

5. Is it Possible to do Tricks on a Push Scooter?

A: Not all kick scooters are designed for doing stunts, but some are capable of performing tricks. Those most-wanted made-for-tricks we had a look are the Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter, Envy One Series 2, and Fuzion X-3 Pro.

A stunt kick scooter has a more durable construction to resist impacts. It comes with special design in the wheels, deck, and brakes to provide the ability to perform tricks and extra entertainment for riders.

Keep in mind that you don’t do stunts on a regular or commuting scooter as you may get hurt and damage your own property.

Roll Time

And that’s all about it. We hope with the list and shopping guide above; you’ll be able to get the perfect kick scooter and ready to kick and roll in no time.

Please don’t hesitate to drop comments to ask us if you still have difficulty buying kick scooter for adults.

Have fun and be safe out there.

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