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Looking for an alternative to pricey skateboard brands? Seeking a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality? Look no further than the KPC Skateboard. Offering the KPC Pro Skateboard Complete – a wallet-friendly choice that doesn’t skimp on excellence. Renowned as one of the market’s top sellers, the KPC Skateboard line caters to skating enthusiasts of all kinds. Its reputation is on the rise, evident from its impressive four-star reviews.

KPC Skateboard Brand
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Reviews (14/20)

KPC boards encompass all the qualities found in high-priced brands. Crafted from seven layers of durable hard maple, the deck is both flexible and sturdy, offering clear insight into its rigidity. Measuring at 3.9 x 31.5 x 7.7 inches, this board boasts ample width. What sets the KPC board apart is its distinctive black grip tape, an added assurance for the rider’s safety, ensuring an unmatched grip. With a mere weight of 1 pound, the skateboard’s exceptional lightness allows for convenient portability. Furthermore, personalization is at your fingertips, with the skateboard available in an array of six different colors of your choosing.

Riding (15/20)

The KPC Pro Skateboard Complete is for all, no matter if you are skilled or not. It is a comparatively low price board, suitable for all the riders irrespective of their levels. It provides the rider an easy control over it that is enough to perform the incredible tricks. The 31 inches-sized deck consists of Canadian Maple Wood that gives immense sturdiness and durability to the skateboard. Such a strong deck easily handles the rider’s weight even more than 200 lbs.

You can have a fearless ride by using the KPC skateboard. Grip tape is employed here that let the rider firmly fix his feet on the board. Due to the excellent grip, you don’t have the fright of slipping from the skateboard while performing stunts swiftly. The KPC board is wide enough to accommodate any height and weight. The board width is approximately 7.75 inches, which is suitable for a taller rider to position himself at the appropriate point on the board.

If you are a beginner in the skating sports, then KPC is the most suitable brand for you. The control of the entire board is in the hand of the user, designed to be stable and responsive so the player can feel like they have complete control over the board. Therefore, one can easily learn the different riding skills by using this board. This lightweight skateboard is perfect for professional skaters as well. You can impress the world by outstanding performance along with the astonishing tricks. The ideal shape and size of a KPC skateboard enable the person to have a seamless ride on any track.


Design (11/15)

The best skateboard has the best design too. You can uplift the board high in the air due to mild concave shaped kick tails and nose. The road’s roughness or the ramp’s bumpiness will not cause an interruption in your desire for a smooth ride. This is because the board has soft and wide wheels. The ABEC 7 rated bearings offer a safe and fast skating you can ever experience. The KPC skateboard is no doubt an appropriate choice for stunt lovers while still having a great maneuver on the board.

Deck (12/15)

The deck is the main part of any skateboard. The KPC skateboard brand has included all the features that can make this perfect for both the learners and skilled riders. It is 7.75 inches wide that is compatible with both small and tall height riders. To learn the kickflips and heelflips, you cannot get any skateboard better than KPC.

KPC board is the highly preferable choice for the new fans of riding. It has a deeper concave, which is unlike the other skateboards. Such a deck with deep concavity provides the additional surety to keep the feet in the proper place and protect from easy bails. The deck of KPC Pro Skateboard entirely comprises 7-layered hard Canadian maple wood. This accounts for the enormous sturdiness and toughness of the skateboard. It can carry 200+ pounds weight without bending.


Wheels (7/10)

You cannot stop yourself from skating once you are on the KPC skateboard. You will experience a smooth and free ride despite the surface texture. Whether there are pebbles on the way or a pathway with so many cracks, nothing can stop you from rolling on the track. The wheels are wide and softer than the regular vehicle wheels. However, they are designed to be sufficient so that you will have the feeling of floating in the air. Whatever riding skill level you are at, the KPC skateboard builds up the confidence of every rider, even of a beginner. The perfect wheels of the KPC board allow the rider to have the jerk-free cruising.

Trucks (7/10)

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete is as professional and complete as its name. The manufacturers have elegantly gathered and assembled the components to provide the customers the best product. The highly considerable thing is that you can have all the features of high price brands in an affordable amount!

The board possesses high-quality Havoc trucks. Canadian Maple and aluminum alloy are the major constituents making the trucks light but strong enough. These trucks are immensely in accordance with the size of the deck. The trucks are fully fitted with the wheels as well. The perfect signature molds create the trucks that are appropriate for all the skaters.

The Havoc trucks are available in a wide range of colors that are enough to satisfy the cravings of a creative mind. This is the only skateboard that permits the rider to alter and customize the design of the board, according to the rider’s own will.


Bushing (4/5)

Whatever your track is, you will feel no difference in the level of smoothness the skateboard provides. The bushings used in the KPC skateboard are perfect for any surface whether it’s of any street, or of grassy parks, a tough ramp or a water pool. You can conquer all the smooth and rough surfaces via the KPC Pro skateboard.

Bearing (5/5)

If we further go into the details, we will find that KPC skateboards have chosen all the accessories that can let the rider experience the ride he/she can ever imagine. The skateboards usually have ABEC rated bearings that are classified as 1,3,5,7, and 9, depending on the accuracy and precision. Still, the grading does not explain too much about the bearing characteristics. However, it is suggested that ABEC 3 performs better than ABEC 7.

Despite the lack, the KPC skateboard has ABEC 7 graded bearings. These bearings are pre-lubricated, which ensures a faster and smoother skating experience.

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To get all the perfect quality of the skateboard within the affordable range is no longer a dream. The KPC Skateboard Complete offers all the features that compete with any of the expensive brands. The lightweight skateboard is equally the best choice for the beginners and the professional, highly skilled riders. The deck’s strength, width, and shape are adjusted in such a way that the skater of any level can perform the tricks with perfect control on the board. The grip tapes further add prevention from slipping by holding and fixing the feet on the skateboard. With the soft and wide wheels, Havoc trucks, and high-quality bushings, and ABEC 7 rated bearings, no surface can limit you from having a smooth swift, jerk-free, and faster ride. Let’s fly in the air with all the new KPC skateboard brand!

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