Krown: Best and Worst Longboard Brands 2023

The Krown is one of the leading Longboard manufacturing and marketing industry. The familiarities of this brand are increasing day by day. It produces the most exciting products in the market. These Longboards are mostly featured with bamboo and maple construction and appropriate for the rider who wants strength, rigidity and user-friendly. The Krown Longboards not only have an impressive look and feel, but also made with renewable resources.

Top 5 Krown Longboards

The best part of this Longboard is that their additional parts and components are available in the market at an affordable price. Over the last few years, the Krown brand can supply a variety of Longboards of various design, size, and colors. They are also able to provide most efficient and low-cost boards in the market. Due to their specific products and outstanding services, sales and promotion of Krown are increasing day by day.


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Reviews (14/20)

The Krown Longboards has received many excellent comments by its user. The firm point of these boards like, design, cost, service, safety, performance, etc. are appreciated by the customer. Most of the customer provides 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon and finally earned an average 4 rating most of the products. Their promotion is also increasing rapidly due to lots of positive comments by the user and for the same reason the Krown improving their product quality day by day.

Riding Style (14/20)

Riding style is one of the focusing parameters of Krown. Freeriding/Sliding, Cruising, Downhill is casual riding style for these Longboards. The sturdy design, trucks and low center of gravity makes the downhill funny and safe.

Design / Color (12/15)

There is no compromise with the aesthetic look and unique design of these boards. Wide ranges of color are used for manufacturing of these Longboards. These are very elegant Longboards, and many riders prefer them for their natural look. Their graphic design is amazing, and the Elite Rasta Lion is another example of good looking Longboards with the red, yellow and green display.
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Deck (11/15)

Most of the decks of these Longboards are made with bamboo or Canadian maple. Decks are normally coated with easily cleanable extremely strong spray. They provide high-quality deck with a concave shape.  Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard has an incredible bamboo deck that is durable, and its 9.25×41-Inch long deck offers fair balance for safe and smooth riding without occurring any accident. The bamboo deck gives nice flex that will ensure your smooth riding over a rough surface.

Wheels (8/10)

The wheels provided by the Krown vary from model to model. Their average performance is good and has no complaints from the customers about wheels. The Logo 2 Longboard has 65mm 78a Black Wheels which are appropriate for riding both over the smooth and rough surface.

Truck (5/10)

The trucks of these Longboards mostly manufactured with aluminum, silver, etc. The primary function of trucks are providing stability and Krown always fulfill the requirements. Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard has 7” Black Reverse Kingpin Trucks that cause no wheel bit and remain stable in any situation.

Busing (3/5)

A variety of bushes has included most of the Longboards.  To get smooth and sharp carve, most of the bushes manufactured by this brand are hard or medium soft bushing. Sometimes it may need to replace the bushes, and it can be easily replaceable.

Bearing (4/5)

The most important part is choosing bearings for smooth and noise free riding. Most of the bearings are durable and cannot damage easily, even its contacts with dust and moisture. The perfect ABEC 7 bearing prevents from slowed down in any way when moving.

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Krown is offering some of the best longboards which are very much popular in the market these days. Below are some of the best longboards we are selecting for you from Krown brand.


Every longboard brand has its creativity and unique feature. However, Krown longboards are very innovative in nature and are most suitable for the beginners. Who would not want to ride a longboard which has a full package of enthusiasm, and innovation filled in it? Beginners and experts anyone can ride these longboards as there are various varieties of them available in the market these days. There are the simplest ones as well as the most complicated longboards available in the market. One needs to have a pretty good knowledge before they purchase the right longboard for themselves. With our articles, we are trying to help and guide on how exactly you can choose the longboards and what kind of longboards are the most suitable ones for your needs. These longboards are very much suitable for people who are looking for quite inexpensive, but rich in features and offer excellent durability. Many of the online reviews on Krown longboards are positive, and people have expressed their likes on many varieties of their longboards.

Best and Worst Longboard Brands 2023

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