Kryptonics Skateboard Review – Budget Choice for Newbie

Have you heard about Kryptonics skateboards? Whether you’re a pro or newbie, the Kryptonics name must have come across your mind when choosing your skateboard.

As there are mixing reviews out there about the brand, let me put an end to all your worries now. What are Kryptonics skateboards? Who should buy them? Find out in the below review.

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Kryptonics – A Brief Introduction

Kryptonics – A Brief IntroductionKryptonics was once famous for their Star-Trac lines – the wheels that make you feel like Spiderman. Being one of the oldest in the industry, they produced the best of the best, earned their reputation with sweat and blood. Yet, after a long period of standing on top, they have failed to catch up with the new standard and faded slowly from the market.

Their downfall started when they ventured into manufacturing skateboards. Aiming at newbies with an entry-level price point, their skateboards are available at Walmart and many mainstream retail stores. To be honest, Kryptonics skateboards’ quality can’t match its previous prime, but it doesn’t mean they suck.

Kryptonics Skateboard – What You Spend Is What You Get


DesignThe aesthetic of Kryptonics skateboards is one thing that we can all love. Across all product lines, the company offers numerous graphics to reflect your personality on your board. You prefer a simple one? We got you covered. You prefer a Hawaii tropical one? We got you covered, too. You can properly find all kinds of prints with Kryptonics skateboards.


MaterialLet’s inspect the most important factor when it comes to a skateboard: the material.

Kryptonics skateboards are made from mostly maple wood. This is an ideal wood type: flexible yet durable, allowing the manufacturer to shape the deck at ease. Being a mass producer, the number of plies per deck of the Kryptonics board falls in the standard range: from 7 to 9 plies.

If you don’t know what ply is, it is the thin sheet (or veneer) of wood, which stacks together to form a deck. It might sound fragile, but the truth is together, these plies are much stronger than a single wood plank. The more they stack, the more durable the deck is.

However, 7 to 9 plies per deck is a good standard to balance between strength and weight. A notice is that sometimes Kryptonics integrates other kinds of wood to improve durability, which is a hidden value that I love.

We also need to pay attention to the truck, bearing, base plate, nuts, bolts, and washers other than the deck. They should always be top-rate materials to withstand the test of time. Well, this is where Kryptonics skateboards fail. These parts from Kryptonics are just somewhat okay.

I would recommend changing most of them or getting them tightened, as there have been many negative reviews about how crappy and loose the truck and bearing are right out of the box. That is what you get from a budget price point. After that, they are good to use.


WheelsThis might be where Kryptonics skateboards shine. Originally, Kryptonics is a skateboard wheels company that revolutionized the sport by introducing urethane wheels. This kind of revolution provides more grips and smoothly glides, earning the name for the company in the ’80.

The wheels now are still reasonably fine, even though they hardly live up to the previous prime. If you’re looking for a “vintage” Kryptonics feeling, try finding wheels from the ’70s to 2000. They can be considered the best of Kryptonics.

But watch out those from eBay! Even though Kryptonics wheels can last for years, certain dangers are waiting for you in using a secondhand.

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DurabilityFor the price point, you can’t ask for much durability, to be honest.

Don’t expect Kryptonics skateboards to last for years or be passed from generations to generations. Regardless of the material and finish quality of the board, durability also relies on your choice. If you choose a smaller board than your size and weight’s recommendation, you might end up breaking sooner than expected.

But we can guarantee you the aesthetic durability, as Kryptonics features some awesome tech on their print. Most of their graphic boards are laser-printed. Some special boards are protected by clear sand spray or micro-injected rubber insert to enhance the aesthetic and grip’s durability.

Who Should Use Kryptonics Skateboard?

Who Should Use Kryptonics SkateboardKryptonics skateboards should only be used by newbies. You can confidently break it without regretting due to its low price.

It comes already assembled, which is another reason why it’s perfect for beginners to start without hassle. Parts of these boards are universal, which means you can easily find replacements at any retails.

Also, a recommendation from my experience is that Kryptonics skateboards aren’t for full-grown adults. Sturdy it is, won’t it last longer than a few days with a pro skater.

Another notice is the stock wheels handle pavement and concrete a bit poor. You might consider upgrade after purchase or customize during shopping.

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Final Verdict

Kryptonics skateboards aren’t what they used to be anymore. Yet, they remain one of the big names in the industry of manufacturing skateboard equipment. Affordable price, flexible decks, fine riding experience, and cool designs are what make these boards a reasonable choice for newbies.

Yet, as they slowly prioritized profit, some product lines have been moved to China for manufacture. One of them is the longboard, a product line which we don’t recommend buying. They are produced at a discounted price. Other than that, Kryptonics skateboard is still developing and adapting to trends, keeping its lines fresh and worth purchasing.

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