LandShark Longboard Review – Unique Style for Longboarder

Longboard has been known as a cool sports game for youngsters around the world. For longboard riders, a longboard isn’t simply a sports equipment, it is a fashionable item that represents its owners’ styles and characteristics.

In the current market, there is a wide range of longboard brand names which may drive you crazy to pick up. In case you are a newbie and searching for a badass longboard, Landshark longboards are our recommendation. In this article, we will jot down a detailed Landshark longboard review. Check it out now!

LandShark Longboard Review

After taking the time to experience a wide range of LandShark longboards, we’ve jotted down the detailed review below. Hopefully, after reading this article, you could grab basic knowledge about this brand and finally make the right purchase decision.


BrandFor those who don’t know, LandShark has 40 years of experience in the longboard industry. This American brand is excellent in winning customers’ hearts.

It offers uniquely designed longboards with robust performance. All products’ prices range from $70 to $200. No matter if you are a newbie or professional, LandShark knows how to meet your requirements.

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In terms of wheels, the LandShark manufacturer utilises Road Rider wheels for the sake of fast and smooth riding. These soft wheels help to increase the stickiness to the pavement, giving riders better control over the board.

LandShark makes use of aluminum material for trucks to create durable and lightweight products. For longboards featuring graphics, the manufacturer adds a clear spray-on grip to protect the artwork as well as increase traction. Some models are specially made from maple to intensify sturdiness.


DesignIt is needless to say that design is a key selling-point of the LandShark brand. Its diversified and unique designs contribute greatly to its success.

All products have their own story and characteristics. Among LandShark collections, we are highly impressed by Santa Cruz. The collection reminds us of the summer vibe with awesome color blending between yellow, green and red.

If you are a classic type of person, a Retro Shark Land skateboard will surely please you. The retro product line features artistic graphics that remind us of 90’s street style. For those who love basic and surf style, we highly recommend the Landshark Island Longboard.

Additionally, LandShark products are lightweight and compact. You can carry and store it while traveling. However, some players may find it too small to perform tricks and extreme training.

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Some LandShark models are equipped with drops to add the stability and pushing ability, and support users to jump up from the ground. Plus, the board possesses perfect contour to lower down the center of gravity and give riders more control. The deck is ideally designed with a medium concave, allowing players to easily sit on the deck.

Unlike other brands which choose steel ball bearings to save cost, LandShark opts for ceramic bearings to make the product lightweight and long-lasting.

In terms of longboard styles, this awesome brand provides 4 key styles: cruising, downhill, freeriding and carving.

For Both Novices and Professionals

For both Novices and professionalsNo matter what level you are in, LandShark always offers the exact product for your demand and requirements.

For those who are starters, instead of purchasing an expensive product with special features, you’d better look for a cheap board first and get used to it, and practice simple tricks to understand your riding style. LandShark produces 3 basic deck shape types that are suitable for newbies to pick up: drop-down, pintail and drop through.

Furthermore, you should choose deck size length ranging from 35 to 42 inches, wheels ranging from 50mm to 75mm. About bearings, ABEC-3 and ABEC-5 are safe for exciting riding experiences.

For professionals, small longboards with small wheels and concave shape boards are usually picked as they are easier to perform tricks and stunts. ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 bearings provide faster spinning.

Pors and Cons

Pors and ConsPros:

  • Good-quality wood material
  • Attractive and creative design
  • Functional and appealing shape
  • Best suited for beginners
  • Easy to store


  • Some longboard players found its length a bit short
  • Its bearings offer medium speed range

Why Should LandShark Longboard be Your Choice?

Why Should LandShark longboard be your choiceGenerally speaking, we’re satisfied with LandShark longboards and highly recommend this brand to newbies and medium-range players.

Firstly, LandShark comes at an acceptable price. With under $100, you can purchase an eye-catching longboard with great performance. Additionally, the artworks printed on longboards are attractive and diversified to fit customers’ style.

Secondly, it has a wide range of products that fit both newbie and professionals. Its performance is outstanding. LandShark longboards are carefully designed to enhance skaters’ riding experience. For example, its deck adds a bit of flex for the sake of shocks and vibrations absorbent. Deck length is adjusted accordingly to the skaters’ level to ensure highest comfort and stability.

Thirdly, with certain popularity, you can easily purchase these products in a bunch of retailer stores or E-commerce platforms. With just a simple click, the goods are delivered right at your doorstep.

Finally yet importantly, the brand produces excellent customer service. After making a purchase and encountering some problems with the longboard, you can easily contact the LongShark customer services department to fix the issue or get a new replacement.


To wrap up, LandShark longboards are worth your attention. Give it a try and we’re sure that it won’t let you down. That’s all for today’s LandShark longboard review.

Hopefully our article provided you sufficient and useful information. Thanks for reading and if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to comment down below, we’ll reply as fast as possible. Have a great day ahead!

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