Should You Buy The Skateboard of Landyachtz Battle Axe?

More than just something new to try, skateboarding is an exciting, and valuable activity that helps improve your fitness. No special gear needed. No fellow player needed.
Let’s cart a skateboard around and do some tricks!

And right after you decide to give skateboarding a shot, “Which skateboard deck brand is the best out there?” is the very first question to pop up in your head.

As the skateboard industry is as diverse and competitive as this nerve-racking sport itself, you will be spoiled for choices.

But we have compiled a list of the most favorite and popular skateboard brands of 2018 for you to consider. The Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard is nothing but the best option you can choose.

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What is Landyachtz Battle Axe?

What is Landyachtz Battle Axe?There is no denying that the best skateboard companies will easily help all aspiring skaters regardless of ages get off the ground. It is absolutely up to you to take it from the long list of great skateboarding deck options. But I’m sure that there are surely compelling reasons why the Landyachtz produces are always on top of the best skateboarding choices.

As the top skateboarding deck brand on the market, the Landyachtz takes on that daring, free expression, and cringe-worthy outdoor activity which is quintessential to the grand community of skateboarders.

High-quality skateboarding decks are the fastest and most effective lesson plan for you to learn how to ride by yourself and even do a ton of tricks.

But the top products by the Landyachtz are not all about that deep kind of fun and games. Rather than taking a lot to produce wooden decks with dope graphic designs, the skateboard company with their DIY mentality in mind has made it to the highest level since day one.

The top skateboarding deck manufacturer is the one to bring hands-on willingness and genuine passion into this kind of exciting outdoor activity. And it’s exactly what the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboards will give you.

The feeling of landing a skateboard like the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard/Skateboard for the very first time might be the best thing you ever had.

Main Features

Main FeaturesThe well known brand from the U.S.A has been producing high-quality, durable, and stable skateboards and longboards as well as longboard accessories for almost 20 years.

Throughout 18 years producing skateboarding decks, the excellent products of the Landyachtz have gone through a lot of phases of development and advanced changes.

The Landyachtz creation and production team has contributed much to the development of the skateboarding deck industry by creating the awesome models particularly suited for many types of terrains.

And the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series is not an exception. From specific lengths, widths, shapes, wheelbases, and special construction technology, this series is produced with attention paid to even the smallest detail.

With the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series, Landyachtz has created an incredible beast of a skateboarding deck producing company.

And here are the main features of the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series:

The Special Construction Technology

Skateboarding lovers have witnessed a lot of phases of development and changes throughout this sport’s history. And the Landyachtz Battle Axe’s special construction technology including Drop – Through Mounting and 8 Plies of Maple makes its collection outstanding.

The Deck Size

They always measure the skateboarding deck’s size in inches – the American official unit of measurement. One American unit is equal to 2.54 cm or 1 Zoll – the unit widely used in Europe.

Skateboard Deck Length

Skateboard Deck LengthFor other skateboarding deck companies’ fans, these skateboards ranging from 28” to 33” (from 70 to 80 cm) in length are popular.

But the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series has only two options available. One is 35” (89 cm) and another is 40” (101.6 cm).

Skateboard Deck Width

Skateboard Deck WidthSkateboard deck width might be one of the decisive factors when skateboarders, especially beginners, have to choose a good one for them.

Only by trying out various models with different deck width can you get a feeling for the perfect size for your board.

That’s when you can determine the most comfortable option for you. And the perfect width for a skateboard deck varies depending on your body size, your skateboarding style, and your personal preference.

A tip for novice skateboarders: Good indicators when you have no idea about the best suited width are your height or your shoe size.

In short: The bigger shoes you wear, the bigger the skateboard width should be.

And if an incredibly smooth ride at a high speed is what you are looking for, then the wide surface of up to 9” (22.9 cm) will, without doubt, make you satisfied.

Apart from providing the fun of speeds at its best, this width with much space also decreases the chance that you will hurt yourself. The larger the size is, the bigger the advantage when landing tricks is.

Skateboard Wheelbase

Skateboard wheelbase is another fundamental factor to take into consideration when choosing. Two models of the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series correspond to the two skateboard wheelbase – 24.5″ (62cm) or 29.5″ (75cm).

The Skateboard

Normally, each board consists of three distinct parts: the front (also known as the nose), the wheelbase (the part between the trucks), and the tail (also known as the rear).

Take a much closer insight into your deck in order to find out the position of the nose and the tail. The front is usually wider and steeper as a result.

High-quality Included Components

High-quality Included ComponentsOnce you get a complete model of the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series, you will enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Because it is equipped with the premium included components! Some of them are Hawgs Mini Monster Wheels, Bear Grizzly Trucks, Landyachtz Abec 7 Bearings, and Bear Spaceballs Bearings.

Who is The Battle Axe Best For?

Who is The Battle Axe Best For?Whether you are in search of a great way to get from one point to another or just a fun game to play with your friends, the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series is great for you and your team, regardless of your age and experience.

You started your riding passion at a young age? It does not matter much how old you are, just make sure you are truly passionate to dominate the board. Riders of all levels, from beginners to intermediate riders, might just love the time spent with the high-quality products of the top USA skateboarding deck manufacturers.

What are the Benefits of Using Landyachtz Battle Axe?

It is needless to say that the Landyachtz Battle Axe takes you from one destination to another with ease. But the models of this series actually do a whole heap of things in only one full package.

Landyachtz Battle Axe Series – What Is The Best Size For You?

35” Battle Axe

35” Battle Axe

  • Features: sharp turns with ease; a 5-ply bamboo deck allowing an incredibly increased amount of flexibility; etc.
  • Pros: Affordable; excellent carving capability;
  • Cons: High speeds (at 25-30 mph) might hurt any riders’ stability;
  • Used For: Carving, Commuting, and Campus Cruising;
  • Best For: Those who want to use the Battle Axe as a commuting long skateboarding deck.

Your very first skateboarding deck should be a good-looking and affordable one which can complete multiple duties. And then there is no better choice than the 35” Landyachtz Battle Axe.

Thanks to the stunning maneuverability, it can make sharp turns without difficulty. Even when playing with your core group of boy and girl skaters out there, you will easily be able to improvise when your friends suddenly change directions.

Whether it is 35″ – Chill Bird, 35″ – Cougar, or 35″ – Thunderbird, the 35” Landyachtz Battle Axe will bring the riding beginners who have almost no experience to the advanced flat ground tricks.

Once you try out sliding with this board, you will find it a great excuse to visit any big city around the world. Whether it is London or New York, Berlin or Melbourne, Los Angeles or Guangzhou, you will have an unforgettable experience riding around.

One more thing that makes the 35” Landyachtz Battle Axe a good choice is its affordability. No matter which one you choose, you can have all of the simplest functions of a long skateboarding deck done pretty perfectly for around USD 200.

40” Battle Axe

40” Battle Axe

  • Features: Bamboo Core Construction, Stable board; 82a 70mm Mini Monsters Wheels;
  • Pros: A longboard for various purposes; increased stability and speeds;
  • Cons: The lack of maneuverability;
  • Used For: Long distance rides with a premium skateboard deck;
  • Best For: Novice skateboard riders.

The 40” Landyachtz Battle Axe has three models on sale: 40″ – Chill Bird, 40″ – Cougar, and 40″ – Eagle.

Among a handful of long skateboarding decks for different purposes out there, the 40″ Landyachtz Battle Axe stands out for a good reason. More than just a means of transportation, it is designed to show you how the real experience of a ride can be.

Also, we should mention the lowered platform, full length rocker, light flex pattern, and wheel cut-outs that make it one of the comfiest land cruisers.

With the hope of making every carve a buttery one, the Battle Axe not only has eliminated wheel bite but also has increased the stability and extreme control of this commuting longboard.

For novice riders who have almost no experience chopping their way through their daily commute, I cannot have a better suggestion than the 40″ Battle Axe.

As I’ve said above, the longer your longboard is, the more stable it is. Therefore, any rider regardless of age looking for a longer, more stable platform can pick the Battle Axe at 4’’.

There is no need to worry about a season pass, a membership, or a traditional vehicle to commute every day. All you need to do is bring out a 40″ Landyachtz Battle Axe and your imagination. And get ready to become a skateboarder!


Q1: How to Choose the Right Landyachtz Battle Axe?

Something interesting to hang out with a core group of friends, a fun way to pass the time outdoors with your teammates, an effective way to improve your health condition, and even a way to express yourself, skateboarding definitely certainly makes your life better.

That’s why the better the skateboard’s quality is, the much more your life is improved. But which skateboard deck was born to be yours? You only get what you pay for when you find out the most suitable one.

Q2: What can Affect Your Riding Experience?

Shopping around and you will spend much time on a dizzying collection of high-quality skateboarding decks. What can affect your riding experience? What should you know before getting your own skateboarding deck? What makes one type of skateboarding deck different from the others?

Summarizing The Above

I know that you have a hard time finding the best one for you. Thus, we have compiled some recommendations for you to find this wide selection a little bit less challenging. Hope that you can find answers to all of your questions and more here!

2018 is a good year for skateboarding. But among a wide range of good skateboarding brands in the market, how can you choose the best one? It might be the very first question to have in mind of all skateboard lovers, both amateurs and enthusiasts.

That’s why we want to take this chance to introduce the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard to you. Hope that one of the best skateboard deck brands of the year will give you an exciting skateboarding experience.

Thank you for reading ! I hope you will find the perfect board for yourself!

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