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If you are looking for a Longboard, which offers better stability, grip and comfort, then LANDYACHTZ Longboards is the perfect choice for you. The company offers its quality services for a long time, it’s never let down any customer because of poor performance. Apart from comfort, grip, and other basic board features, the company has also focused on the design and looks and as a result has released some innovative boards, which are being appreciated by the youth.
Keeping in mind the customer’s demands and budget, the company has released different Longboard series, which can easily fulfill all the customers demand and that too within his budget. Investing your money in LANDYACHTZ Longboards is totally worth as its smooth performance will always help you to get the most out of Longboarding. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of Longboards from this brand.

Top 5 Landyachtz Longboards Recommendation


LANDYACHTZ Longboards got a place in the customer’s heart, which has help the company to achieve a customer rating of high score. An overall customer rating of average is good, it is definitely as one of the best rankings. Some of the models got a huge perfect score customer rating, which is the highest rating for a Longboard. Landyachtz Dinghy Growler Complete Skateboard are constructed of only high quality materials

Riding Style

There’s a huge collection of Longboards, which allows the customers to find out the best model in riding style. Once you look at this collection, you can easily find out some amazing models for cruising, downhill, freeride and freestyle. If you are looking for a model that supports all the riding styles, then you should explore the LANDYACHTZ collection. So that you will certainly find out some amazing models that can fulfil your demand.

Design / Color

Landyachtz Longboards Design Color

People are getting in love with Longboarding as a Longboard is a best and economical way of transporting. Since people are using a Longboard for regular use, they definitely look out for the best model. They choose the one offers a smooth ride along with attractive looks and design. The company understands this fact and has made sure all the models have their own unique and attractive designs. Landyachtz Switchblade 40″ Complete Longboard Graphic: The Switchblade is legendary in the world of High Performance Longboarding. The symmetrical dropped-deck with drop-through mounting make the Switchblade very stable and easy to ride.

Deck, Wheels

Deck and Wheels are majorly responsible for laying down the foundation of better stability and grip. Especially, the company uses Maple and some other superior quality wood for manufacturing deck. They always make sure the Longboard will offer better stability to the customer. With the use of Plastic elastic PU wheels, the customer can make sharp turns without any risk in addition. Because of the use of best deck and wheels, people are falling in love with the board from this brand.
Deck Wheels


Moreover, the company got 4.6 rating in the category, which is clearly to define the quality of the trucks used. They use different trucks for different Longboards, which help the customers to enjoy a smooth and fast ride without worrying about the connection between the deck and the wheels.

Truck Landyachtz Longboards


Some of the important factors to look out in Longboard bushings are shape and durometer in addition. The company uses the short and tall cone, barrel, eliminator and stepped cone bushings for different models, which enhances the performance of the Longboard. Landyachtz – Bamboo Pinner Longboard Complete: Pintails have always been a obvious choice for anyone looking to surf the asphalt. They’ve updated this classic with a rocker profile, clear grip and subtle flex making it a responsive and comfortable carving machine.


Bearings are responsible for providing smoothness and stability to the Longboard, thus making it necessary for the manufacturers to use top quality bearings for the board. Keeping the profits apart, the company uses ABEC 11 bearings for the maximum number of models, which ensures better stability and smoothness.

Bearings Landyachtz Longboards


There is a numerous number of manufacturers, which has come up with some exceptional models. However, all of them have not been able to gain the trust and the love of the customers because of low-quality components, poor performance or because of some other reason. However, LANDYACHTZ is a renowned manufacturer and is one of the favourite brands of the Longboard users.

The latest series from this brand is gaining more love and appreciation from the customers each day. Within few weeks of its release, the company’s latest series has managed to gain an excellent customer rating of 47, which is far ahead of some of the top models currently available in the industry. Bamboo Pinner Longboard, Switchblade 40” Complete Longboard are some of the few models from the latest series of this brand, which has shocked the entire Longboarding industry with its mammoth popularity and exceptional performance.

All the models manufactured by the company are made up of top quality components, which ensure better performance. Moreover, with cool looks and perfect colour combinations, the models of this brand are being liked by the customers. Apart from these reasons, another major reason, which has helped the company to gain customer trust, is the price factor. All the models manufactured by the company are totally worth, according to their features, which helps the user to grab the perfect Longboard at the best price.

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