Learn to Skateboard at 40

Steps to learn skateboardSkateboard is a fantastic thing to enjoy and use. It can be used as one of the coolest things for nearby traveling. Saves time to reach your destination where you generally go by vehicle.

It even saves money which you usually spent when traveling through a bus or other modes. Skateboard is a perfect product that you can keep anywhere such as inside a room or outside in a car.

It is small in size which makes it possible to carry with you. Convenient thing as many youngsters prefers for their ride purposes. This forms excitement when they go to college, for playing and other ride modes.

Being a professional on a skateboard ride is truly good and fun for you but if you are not perfect for riding a skateboard then make sure to learn all the basics first. And if it is at the age of 40, then it is a little bit tough but even though not accurately.

Details Before Learning Skateboard at 40:

learn skateboardTo become a perfect rider of a skateboard at the age of 40 years is not a big deal. The age doesn’t matter at this stage of life, what you need is courage to do with good willpower.

You need some precautions and measures to maintain according to your age to avoid physical risk. All this is necessary because at the age of 40 any such major accident can let you suffer through significant injuries for the rest of life. It may cause severe issues at a later stage to live with as well.

Skateboard ride is great fun to have in your day to busy life. This is like an exercise if you regularly perform for different purpose of travel. Living with skateboard will bring a specific different change in your life.

It is good to be skilled in it and being a perfect skater you can enjoy most of the times

Your body needs to maintain some precautions just before doing so. At the initial stage, you may fail to perform the skating task but after time and practicing several times, definitely will become master on it.

  • Different skateboards are available in different shapes and sizes which you need to choose as per your choice.
  • Secondly, your body shape or the condition of life stage say how fit you are to do the task.
  • Thirdly, make sure to have enough safety instruments such as gloves on hand and pads on a knee.
  • Last but not the least, for extra protection you must wear a helmet on the head to avoid damage. These things are necessary for the safety of your health. Try to get this stuff with you while riding a skateboard.

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Where to Learn Skateboard?

skating on playgroundAs you already know that the mentioned things are necessary to ride with a skateboard.

Get yourself ready with this cool stuff for the safe ride just before you commence like a pro skater.

Wear a t-shirt with funky style to look great, and people could see that you are riding a skateboard.

Try to wear casual shoes, don’t begin with leather shoes because they are not that much comfortable and hence you will lose the control.

Buy any skateboard which you like but go for high-quality boards that will long last. Don’t bring the larger one nor do, the smaller get the medium sized product because it is better to practice on a medium sized board.

You can practice skating on playground area as it has no risk. At the ground, you get a significant amount of space to practice most of the time and even if you fell then no severe damage will happen.

Most of the people begin directly on the road or on streets to show off which is very risky for their life. Also being an elder person performing such tasks directly on the road might be embarrassing and awful.

Steps to learn skateboard ride:

Before Learning SkateboardWear entire safety gear on your body and purchase correct quality skateboard to enjoy the ride. Start at an empty place such as playground for active learning with skills. With proper safety measures on the body, you need to spend some time on practice to become perfect.

Be read with this fact that you are going to fall a couple of times which may get you pain on the body but confidence is all that matters. The more you practice, the more get to learn suitably.

  • Skateboard ride is simple with a foot keeping on the board and to go wherever you wish to go.
  • At first, step a foot on the skateboard with a left or right leg which you feel suitable.
  • Make yourself properly stand on the board while adjusting the position.
  • Keep your pose leaning towards ahead to start.
  • Now, literally with one foot on ground push your stepped foot on board to move forward.
  • It will feel little confusing when trying to move as you may drop down during initial attempts but proper practice makes it perfect.
  • Don’t get nervous and try slowly to remain with the exact position from where you begin.
  • Again, try to practice, and once you gain the trust on board, then you will be soon able to ride on.
  • Be confident in what you are doing then no matter how you fell; you will learn to ride a skateboard.
  • You need to be attentive and cautious when riding to see what’s coming ahead to take turns and move in different directions.
  • Regular practicing will make you skilled in skateboard riding and even physically stronger.
  • Later time by time you will learn tricks by yourself on skating but for that, you must to spend time on practice.


Here, I have discussed how to learn skateboard at the age of 40 with some simple steps at the beginning. During ride some safety measures to be taken and to have the better ride.

Its perfectly awesome to ride with a skateboard at the said age, to be aware of precautions to avoid harm on the body.

In this way, everyone can learn skateboard and still have doubt then lets us know by your valuable comments.

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