Light up Skateboard Wheels: Get the Flare Wheels

Light up skateboards are vivid items that flash on the street any time they show up.

Not only being an enthusiastic recreational sport, but skateboarding also triggers users to apply their personality on the boards.

Many boards are designed with unique characteristics from the manufacturer.

Many owners customize their boards with unique creativeness.

Decoration on skateboards can go from the board to the wheels.

Light up Skateboard WheelsWith the board, skating avid can put stickers or paint their favorite contents; while on the wheels, they can make them sparkle.

A few steps installing with the luminescent wheels will change the look of your board as well as catch the eyes whenever you skate by.

In this particular article, we will instruct you how to light up skateboard wheels to draw the crowd’s admiration towards your skating section.

What Makes the Skateboard Wheel Twinkle?

What Makes the Skateboard Wheel Twinkle?The flare wheels with LED are self-powered equipment rely on the rolling motions.

Inside the wheel is a magnetic collar that plays a stationary on the axle.

The core spins are wrapped around by the copper wires thus ignite electricity to power the LEDs in the wheels.

The self-light up wheels come in flourish colors for illumination only.

**Though the wheels flash more beautifully at night, we don’t encourage you to skate in an insufficient light condition.

Some wheels have internal batteries to turn on the lights when you spin the wheel fast.

Getting to Know the Wheels

Getting to Know the WheelsJust like any type of vehicle, skateboards rely on the rolling motions of the wheels to move.

If cars have tires, skateboards use wheels with distinctive characteristics.

Skating wheels are designed specifically with efficient diameter supporting speed and traction.

To fulfill various purposes of skating, manufacturers have created particular types.

Before heading to the next part, let us walk you through the anatomy of the wheel and see how it functions.


MaterialEarly wheels were made of steel or wood that gave a rough ride in the young time of skateboarding.

Today, polyurethane skate wheels are standard on most modern skateboards.

Polyurethane is a strong, resistant, durable plastic ideal for skateboarding wheels.

This material provides acceptable gripping to the ground satisfies the need of contacting the road of a wheel.

There are factors decide the reactions of a wheel to your ride.


DiameterIt is indicated in millimeters.

The diameters between 42 and 110 mm are decided to be the standard for skateboards.

The biggest diameters are preferred in speed skating while the smallest ones are mostly used in aggressive rides.

Larger wheels provide excellent speed and ability to store kinetic energy, but are hard to pivot due to higher gravity center makes it lose reactivity at the start.

Whereas, smaller wheels are easier to handle but harder to maintain.

Wheel Cores

The cores vary from hard to soft depending on the material.

Nylon and Rilsan are mixed with carbon fiber to improve durability.

Plastic materials are softer and more elastic while aluminum cores have become destined for performance.

Types of Wheels

Types of Wheels

  • Luminous: LEDs are supplied with the dynamo system without the use of the battery to fickle.
  • Anti-rockers: full wheels with small diameters for aggressive skating. The use of bearings is not necessary.
  • All-terrain: big diameter up to 150 mm. They can go flat like tires.
  • Air-tube: have the top-notch technology brings comfort and maneuverability.
  • Phosphorescent: trap daylight to become phosphorescent at night.

The Most Favorable Light up Skateboard Wheels 2019

We have done the research for you aiming to the luminescent wheels to light up your skates.

Sala-Fnt – 4PCS 60x45mm PU Luminous Skateboard Wheels

Sala-Fnt - 4PCS 60x45mm PU Luminous Skateboard WheelsOverview

  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Diameter: 60 mm
  • Bearings: not included
  • Hardness: SHR-78A


The wheels come in a pack of 4 with a diameter of 60 mm.

They utilize the centrifugal force to operate.

There are three super bright LEDs in each wheel that are able to shine for 10,000 hours.

Above all, the Rounded Profile and Super High Rebound Urethane give way to reduce friction and allow faster speed.

There are versatile wheels can fit on most inline skates or even luggage.

Get your stake ready for these wheels, and prepare to look cool.

KINPAR Outdoor Skate Wheels

KINPAR Outdoor Skate WheelsOverview

  • Material: solider and resilient PU
  • Diameter: 54 mm
  • Bearings: ABEC 7


These wheels by Kinpar has 4 LEDs inside each wheel and a magnetic core.

Friction between the core and metal elements on the spacer will create energy to light up the wheels.

There are no batteries needed to function.

The bearings have the ABEC 7 standard for speed, durability and steering precision.

Installing the wheels is quite easy. You can pop in and out the spacer and bearings to replace.

The wheels can also be used for luggage and longboard.

Cruiser Skateboard Wheels Led

Cruiser Skateboard Wheels LedOverview

  • Material: PU
  • Diameter: 59 mm
  • Durometer: 78a


Like any luminous skate wheels, these Cruise wheels support 4 LEDs inside.

It utilizes friction type shock absorber to power up the lights. Thus, there is no need for batteries.

The wheels don’t come with bearings but have metal spacers to trigger electricity.

There are three colors of blue, green, and red.

Sector 9 Lumithane Glow

Sector 9 Lumithane GlowOverview

  • Material: hard rubber (PU)
  • Diameter: 67 mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Bearings: not included


Sector 9 LED wheels make a perfect gift for any skateboarding aficionado.

Besides the built-in LEDs of green light up, the wheels also glow thanks to the coat of phosphorescent.

The wheels are available in a set of four pieces and promise to make your ride attractive.

How to Tell a Good Set of Light up Wheels?

How to Tell a Good Set of Light up Wheels?When you buy a set of wheels from the store, they usually come in a set of 4 or 8.

A lot of light up wheels are glitchy or they don’t stay lid all the time.

Also, many of the urethane and other light up wheels don’t have decent quality.

High-quality wheels can skate through bumps, cracks or rocks. The standard of the wheels should be in compromise with most conditions in order to get it lid.

You will want to see the wheels light up continuously about the whole wheel.

There should not be individual notes with unpleasant twinkles.

Wheel’s Construction

Wheel’s ConstructionYou can pick the wheels depending on the style you are riding.

The material will rely on how you skate. Whether you want them to be tough of tender.

You will see pretty quickly the bearings in the middle of the wheels.

Some packages don’t include bearings, but if the one you get does, it’s perfect.

The bearings are actually the power generator that lights up the wheels.

Since there are no batteries inside, you charge the wheels with force and friction.

When you pop out the bearing, there is a little magnet that works coordinately with the metal-round at the spacer.

These two things magnetize when you clip the bearing in and will become a generator.

You probably may feel a bit sluggish due to the friction while skating, but light up wheels, by all means, are about night cruising, not performance.

They act as flashing elements to make you visible at night and help you stay safe on the street.

How to Put the Light up Wheels into Your Skateboard

How to Put the Light up Wheels into Your SkateboardIf you are new to the replacing section, you will need to get familiar with dissembling the wheels and bearings before placing the new ones in.

You will need an Allen wrench to open the spacer then snap out the bearings.

  • On the flare wheels, place the two bearings on the sides.
  • Push the whole wheel into the axle. Make sure the wheels rotate properly.
  • Then, tighten the nut on with the wrench.
  • There you go. Time to rock the road.

Luminous Wheels on Longboards

Luminous Wheels on LongboardsGenerally, light up longboard wheels are similar to the ones on skateboards.

They offer bright LEDs on the road that glow with a self-power spinning motion.

Needless to say, either on longboard or skateboard, light up wheels make a fantastic decoration as well as promote your unique personality to the crowd.

What to do When the Wheels are not Functioning?

What to do When the Wheels are not Functioning?When you put weight on the board, it will keep the light continuous.

If you have trouble with the wheels not lighting up, just pull out the generator, blow it off and put it back in.

It is because sometimes they get small gunky that makes the connection not working well; so, don’t get yourself too stress to the idea of broken wheels.

Bottom Line

That is all as far as we concern about the light up skateboard wheels.

Keep in mind that riding with a set of luminous wheels is not all about looking cool.

It is about your safety in the night rides.

But don’t skate in too dark areas or places that completely have no light.

Sunset is a good time to light up your wheels. Remember to put your safety gears on and enjoy a happy flashing slide.

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