Top 5 Lightest Skateboard Helmets That You Shouldn’t Miss

As you can see, skating is one of the most adventurous sports for everybody, especially for the young generation.Skateboarding is a risky sport but the excitement and the adrenaline rush is what captures the hearts of million skaters. If we do not protect ourselves carefully in the sport, we will never know when we can be in danger.

To protect yourself we highly recommend wearing protections.On the market we have today, you can find various skateboard helmet types. That is also a challenge for a new one to choose a suitable helmet among massive kinds.

How can you select the lightest skateboard helmet suiting your requirement? Let’s come with us, and we will find out together what this articles is in store for us!

The Benefit of Wearing a Skateboard Helmet

Before going into the list of the lightest skateboard helmets we should know some interesting facts and useful basics for it. Hence, you will understand exactly the reason why wearing a helmet is good for you.

The benefit of wearing a skateboard helmetYou will never feel secure when playing without a helmet. There is no surety that you cannot get injured when falling or hitting on the ground. So wearing a helmet can protect your head from outside impacts beyond your awareness.

Best Skateboard Helmet

Last but not least, finding the lightest skateboard helmet will help you feel better when playing outside. Since you are not annoyed with a heavy helmet, you can stay focused on skating. Therefore, the lighter a helmet is, the more comfortable you will feel.

Top Lightest Skateboard Helmets for You

We had researched and summed up into a list of top lightest skateboard helmets. Therefore, you can be able to get the simple choice among those helmets on the market

Pro-tec Classic Skateboard Helmet

Pro-tec classic skateboard helmet
The first of light and cool skateboard helmets that we bring to you is the Pro-tec classic skateboard helmet.

The Specifications

If you are really into skateboarding, you may know this well-known brand. The Pro-tec helmet is one of the best-seller products of the brand.

On the outside, you can tell that this helmet has a simple but seamless looking. It has a classic appearance which is suitable for many styles.

The holes on the helmet keep your head cool during your play. Plus, the price of the product is really affordable.

Since the Pro-tec brand mainly specializes in safety equipment, you can rely on them to protect your safety. The helmet has everything you need for a protective tool. It features eps foam which is good for shock absorption.

Moreover, you will never feel confused when using the equipment for the first time. The helmet includes a simple strap as well as a decent fit for everyone.

Pros and Cons

We will discuss the benefits of the helmet first. Well, as you can see, it comes with a simple appearance. That means the skater who has different styles will choose it as the regular equipment.

It has a certified-quality of good protective equipment for you. There is no trouble in using the helmet with the simple design. Besides, the price of it is low.

How about the cons of it?

There are not many color options for you to choose from and the size of the product is not available for children.

The appearance of this one may get scratched easily and it will also mean you have to keep it carefully or you will have a not-good-to-look helmet.

Pro-Tec Classic Skate, Matte Rasta Green, L
  • Dri-LEX;moisture wicking;fabric pulls sweat away from your skin
  • SHELL • High-Impact ABS
  • VENTS • 11 Open Vents
  • Founded in 1973, Pro-Tec is the original skateboard protective gear brand, featuring the market’s most recognizable style of helmets. Pro-Tec designs are often imitated but never truly duplicated; that's because no other action sports brand has 40-years of heritage producing the most stylish and technologically advanced protective gear.
  • - FIT • 5 sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL

Punisher Pro-series Helmet

Punisher Pro-series helmet
This is also one of the lightest skateboard helmets you can choose for your outdoor sport.

The Specifications

In the skateboard helmet market, the Punisher brand is a familiar name. We can claim that the product which we are mentioning is the one you need.

Therefore, you have to protect it to make sure your body stays safe and sound. Wearing the type of helmet is a good idea for you.

This one can supply to you the strong protection against even the harsh hits. Plus, it features air vents that help the air to circulate well. As a result, your head will never get uncomfortable when wearing the helmet.

Pros and Cons

The bright point of this product comes from many aspects. You will never regret buying this one since it brings you a comfortable feeling. The straps of this product are adjustable for fitting any types of head sizes. It also has extra padding for a more comfortable feeling.

On the other hand, you might feel a little bit annoyed with this helmet due to the big size, children may not use this one and it has a quite expensive price point compared to other brands so it is inadvisable to purchase this product if you have a tight budget .

Razor V17 Youth Helmet

Razor V17 Youth helmet
Since you want to be cool and comfortable in playing, we think you need to choose the Razor V17 Youth helmet. It is considered one of those cool skateboard helmets ever.

The Specifications

But this is the right story that many people have to face up with. Therefore, we think that we need to show this product to you.

This product has a special design for oval-shaped heads. That means there is no more struggle for you to look for a perfect helmet. In addition, it also fits bikers, too.

The air vents on the surface of the helmet are smart. That means you will never be hot and uncomfortable with this one. Even on the hot summer day, you can stay fresh and clear.

Moreover, this equipment has interior pads for the best security. Therefore, your head will be safe even when it is hit by severe forces.

Pros and Cons

Unlike those above helmets, this one has smaller sizes which fit the kid’s head. Parents can choose the helmet for your children and feel free to let them play with the thrilling sport.

It is lightweight equipment and perfect design for active activities. Plus, you can pick up your favorite color from various ranges.

All colors of those products are bright and pigmented. That means it will stay for a longer time even exposed to direct sunlight, harsh wind or heavy rain.

Nevertheless, the price of this one is really budget-friendly. Hence, all you guys can purchase good equipment within a reasonable investment.

If you do not light the bright color, you may not be interested in the series of this product.

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet, Gloss Black
  • Cutting-edge youth safety helmet for biking, skating, and more
  • Ergonomic interior padding is comfortable and secure
  • 17 top and side vents help rider keep a cool head on hot days
  • Side release buckles adjust and fasten quickly; sleek black gloss color
  • Fits head sizes 22 to 23.5 inches; for ages 8 to 14; complies with CPSC standards

Triple Eight Skateboard Helmet

Triple eight skateboard helmet
The triple eight skateboard helmet is also a good choice for you if you are looking for cool skateboard helmets.

The Specifications

The helmet is from a New York-based company specializing in safety tools. On the other hand, the brand is also famous for extensive pads and hip pads.

If you are a gothic lover, you may really love this one. It will take you on a stylish as well as comfortable feeling. Moreover, there is a wide range of color options for the user. Hence, it is easy to find a suitable one matching your favor.

The cap of this helmet can easily be adjusted. That means it will fit you like a glove even what type of hair you have.

Pros and Cons

The plus point of this helmet is firstly from the appearance. The product has nice colors for you to choose from. Hence, you can easily to pick up one helmet which has the color matching your liking.

It also brings you comfort when wearing it all day long. That means it is a perfect option for you in playing many types of skating like roller skating or longboard skating.

About the disadvantages of the helmet, there are some points for you.

The product only has a limited size. In other words, there are three different sizes: X-Small/Small to Large/X-Large size.

The product is quite pricey due to its quality being on the top of the list.

Triple Eight Tony Hawk Signature Model The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet for Skateboarding, BMX, and...
  • Tony Hawk edition dual certified skateboard helmet with high impact-absorbing EPS foam, dual-density soft foam, and moisture-wicking Sweatsaver fabric
  • A design collaboration between Triple Eight and Tony Hawk, it’s exactly what Tony wears, complete with his subtle and stylish signature model graphics
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards
  • Available in three sizes: XS/S fits 20–21.25 in (51–54 cm), S/M fits 21–22.5 in (53–57 cm), L/XL fits 22.5–23.5 in (57–60 cm)
  • To determine proper size, measure around head with a soft tape measure or string; liners should be used to further customize fit

TSG Superlight Skateboard Helmet

TSG Superlight skateboard helmet
Finally, the TSG Superlight skateboard helmet is also the lightest skateboard helmet which suits your demand.

The Specifications

It is true that this TSG helmet has the lightest weight among those helmets in our list. We can say we keep the best for the last just for you.

The product has the EPS foam which is known as the authentic design of the brand. The foam is installed into the impact resistant polycarbonate outer shell. That will keep your head safe even if it is hit by the strongest forces.

The light weight of the helmet comes from carefully selecting materials constructed to make the quality alway be top notch to the consumer. The manufacturer claims that they use the highest-quality materials for their helmets to produce products with the highest quality . Therefore, you can protect your head from danger and feel comfortable at the same time.

Plus, the product sits lower than others above helmets so that it provides the best protection to the lower back. Therefore, both your head and your lower back head are completely in great protection.

You have to notice that it comes with only one size. The padding in the inner shell can be adjusted to fit your head. In other words, you can easily add in or put out some pads until you feel comfortable.

Pros and Cons

The brightest point of this helmet is the weight of it. According to our research, it is the lightest skateboard helmet ever. You will never feel like wearing heavy stuff on your head.

It passed most global testaments so you can feel safe to wear it to skateboard all day long. You will keep your head and your back head in a safe zone with this helmet.

The adjustable padding of this helmet brings you convenience in wearing the helmet. Even your head is small or big; it will fit you all.

On the other hand, you will have some disadvantages from the helmet.

It seems to be uncomfortable that you cannot choose this good helmet for your beloved kids. Since the product has only one size, it may fit most adults rather than young kids.

Nevertheless, the high-quality of this helmet also comes along with an expensive price point. As a result, if you have a small amount of money, you may not purchase this one. In my point of view, you should invest enough money for your health, or you will cry later.

FAQs About the Skateboard Helmet

Besides giving you the list of the lightest skateboard helmets, we also gave you some FAQs related to the topic. Here are common questions which we received from you guys.

How can we determine which size of a helmet is suitable for our head?

When you choose a helmet, besides the quality of it, you also need to consider your head size.

Actually, the men’s head has an average size of 7 3/8 inches. On the other hand, the size of women is 7 1/4 inches.

You need to define which size of the helmet is suitable for your head. The first thing you have to do is find your head side. Then, you research the sizing chart of a particular brand.

As a result, it is pretty easy for the purchaser to find a fitted one. We will be sure that you never are annoyed by an unfitted-sized helmet.

What is the best guide for the lightest skateboard fitting?

The lightweight of a helmet is not the only point you have to pay attention to. Besides the aspect, there are a lot of things you have to check before going to get a helmet.

Safety is the most important thing you need to focus on. The main purpose of wearing a skateboard helmet is for head protection, right?

Therefore, you need to pick up a helmet with high-quality materials so that it can keep your head safe. Perfect design of a helmet must have some features:

  • It sits properly on your head.
  • The helmet must include protective paddings for your safety.
  • It will not move or shift when you are moving.

After checking those features, you are sure that you have the right choice of good equipment. Then, it is time for your favorite color and style.

Since there is not only a version of a product, you can choose for you a suitable product which meets your requirement.

Our Final Verdict to Find the Lightest Skateboard Helmet

That is all about the lightest skateboard helmet that we want to share with you. Although it seems hard for you to pick up a suitable helmet for the first time, our list will help you out. As a result, you will find it easier to choose among those light and cool skateboard helmets in the list.

Last but not least, according to our study, we highly recommend that you should choose a TSG Superlight skateboard helmet. It has the most advantageous sides that no products in the list can compare.

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