Liner Socks – Discover One of the Best Options for Your Hiking

Liner sock is an indispensable item for people who love outdoor activities, especially hiking.

A good sock liner can keep your feet warm and take off water and sweat. With dry and comfortable feet, you don’t need to worry about blisters and hurts.

So, why don’t you equip some liner socks and enjoy your adventures right away?

Top 5 Best Hiking Liner Socks

What Is a Sock Liner?

What Is a Sock LinerThe liner sock is a thin sock designed to protect your feet. It is worn inside another sock. The materials of a sock liner are often nylon and polyester. But, others are also made of lycra, merino wool, elastane, and spandex. All they are durable and comfortable enough to wear for outdoors.

You can wear a liner sock with a pair of boots or shoes. For long hiking activities, a liner sock is ideal to wear with hiking boots.

The Main Function of a Sock Liner

The Main Function of a Sock Liner“What is sock liner for” is a popular question for most people who haven’t used sock liner before. Some people even think that just one boot is enough for their feet.

The main function of a sock liner is preventing blisters and keeping warm for your feet.

You know, there are at least 2 reasons for the appearance of blisters on your feet. The first one is friction and the second one is moisture.

Reduce friction: During walking, your feet (especially the points at the toes and heels) will rub against shoes or boots.

The activities of rub make the points contact directly with shoes heat up, into the blisters. Especially if you like to wear hard-soled shoes, your feet take more friction, then take more blisters.

You cannot eliminate friction, but you can reduce friction to as low as possible by a liner sock.

The layer of sock liner can help your feet comfortable, reduce the contact directly between shoes and your feet. Thereby, it reduces creating hot pots. Reducing hot pots means reducing frictions. Reducing frictions means reducing blisters.

Reduce moisture: When you wear shoes or boots every day, your feet may feel hot and steamy. Wet and vulnerable skin is one of the reasons for blisters.

We are glad to share with you that sock liners can reduce moisture and stop chafing. Through a base layer of protection, the sock liner takes off water and sweat and move them to your hiking boots.

Your feet become dry and snug!

Are Sock Liners Necessary For Hiking?

Are Sock Liners Necessary For HikingHiking is a type of outdoor activity that consumes a lot of energy. You will make many sweats; your feet will also make rubs with your shoes. So, there is no reason to refuse a sock liner for yourself.

You may be okay if you only take part in hiking one time. For several times hiking in the worst case, your feet will struggle against troubles such as blisters and hurts.

Feet skin is sensitive. If your feet skin is pain, it affects negatively to your activities. In the long term, you may stop the adventure trips.

Finding a suitable sock liner for yourself is very necessary. When your feet are comfortable, you can relax, go hiking or play any activities you want.

What Are the Best Hiking Liner Socks?

Liner socks with boots are excellent combination for use. However, it does not mean that any liner sock is right or any line sock always brings the maximum effect for you. Let’s refer to the material, brand, and price to get suitable and affordable liner socks.

Here are five suggestions for liner socks. You can refer to these options; maybe they can give you some ideas.

Injinji Liner Crew Toesocks – Best for Long Hikes

Injinji Liner Crew ToesocksInjinji Crew Toesocks, which is the first product we want to introduce with you, is one of the perfect items you can equip for your trips. If you are a person who likes long hiking, you should not miss this product.

With an Injinji sock, no sweat can stay on your feet. The base layers keep off your sweats and move them to boots. So, it protects your sensitive feet skin always dry and comfortable.

Injinji liner sock has features suitable for extended hiking, including moisture management and blister prevention.

The activities of the rub are reduced, then the hot pots are reduced too. You can feel pleasure at your ankle and the top at the sock in a long time. It means that you will have a functional status for any long hiking.

Also, the materials of this toe sock are 75% polyester, 20% nylon, and 5% lycra. All they create a thin toe sleeve protective base layer that fit any shoes or boots. It fits feet, so you don’t need to worry if your toes are too short or too long.
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Fox River – Best for Keeping Your Feet Warm

Fox RiverDo you often work in the cold weather? Do you want your feet to be warmer? Well, you can try liner socks from Fox River – one of the best solutions for keeping your feet warm.

They are made of 1% spandex, 50% thermolite polyester, and 49% nylon. Thermolite polyester gives moisture-wicking and insulation away to maintain your feet dry. The Fox River is considered to keep warmer than the other liner socks.

Your feet temperature is controlled if you choose to wear the Fox River. It will be useful when you walk for miles in the cold weather.

In particular, combination of efficient polymer and a micro – tested hollow-core heats your feet quickly while a lightweight fiber provides breathability and warmth. Besides, this liner sock has flat knit construction to make sure sensitive foot skin is protected perfectly. You won’t feel irritation because of soft and smooth fibers.

Another excellent point of the Fox River is the various size range for men, women, and kids. Each size is described and consulted in details. That’s why you are easy to pick size fit for yourself.
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Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks – Best for Preventing Odor

Smartwool PhD outdoor light crew socksIf you want to get a preventing odor for your feet, Smartwool PhD outdoor light crew sock will be a perfect candidate for your pick.

With the main material of merino wool, Smartwool PhD outdoor light crew has a resistance of odor well. Many feedbacks are given that they can use a Smartwool liner sock for several days and it’s still no smell.

This product is also one of the liner socks suitable for the person who loves hiking and riding. The base layer is studied and experimented with guarantee of getting the best performance for any strenuous and sweaty activities.

It is noticed that light cushion and care instruction allow you to wear many different backpacking boots and receive good experiences for all-day wear.

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Terramar Thermasilk Mid Calf Sock – Best for Gifts

Terramar Thermasilk Mid Calf SockA Terramar Thermasilk Mid Calf Sock is made of 80% spun silk and 20% stretch nylon. These high-quality materials touch your skin smooth and comfortable in all conditions. You feel as if you are not wearing any at all.

Through Terramar sports technology, Terramar liner sock can control and adjust your body temperature. Even, Terramar also uses ClimaSense technology to adapt to any of your activities.

The Terramar liner socks are unisex socks. This is the reason why it is appropriate to give somebody as gifts. The recipient can be either male or female. So all you need to do is choose a suitable size.

In some situations, you ordered a Terramar sock, but it did not fit in your size. Don’t worry. We suggest you give it to anyone because of the unisex of the product.

A product has high quality and unisex. Are there any reasons not to choose it as a gift?

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Bridgedale Ultralight Coolmax Liner Socks – Best for the Worst Condition

Bridgedale Ultralight Coolmax Liner SocksThe material of Bridgedale liner socks includes 20% nylon, 19% endurofil, 57% coolmax, and 4% lycra. That’s why this pair of line sock is appropriate for the extreme weather condition.

Coolmax is combined with endurofil (polypropylene) for comfort, dryness to sensitive skin. Lycra improves fit and staying fitted in your socks. The combination of materials creates 4-channel construction. It causes your feet to achieve soft and wash resistance in maximum.

We believe that Bridgedale liner socks are one of your best solutions when you walk a long time in the worst condition. With a unique moisture management system and technical innovations, the socks work amazingly well.

Your feet are always protected in the best way. No blister bother you!

One more good news for you! Bridgedale promises to guarantee their product in one year. So, you will be supported if your liner socks take problems.

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How Do Sock Liners Work?

How Do Sock Liners WorkMany people still wonder how a sock liner work. It’s effortless! You go in a sock liner before you wear your boots. Then, sock liners look after your feet through the based layer.

In the hot weather, sock liners evaporate sweat. They also take off the water and move out to boots or shoes. In contrast, sock liners will cover and keep your feet warm in the colder conditions.

Sometimes, you can face troubles for a combination of sock liners and shoes (boots). Fortunately, some tips are given to make sure you have the best performance.

The first one is choosing suitable sock liners. It means you should try different fitting liners for different shoes. Remember, no fix sock liner size fit for all of the shoes. So, maybe you have to mix this sock liner for this shoe, and the other sock liner for the other shoe.

The second one is experimenting. Let’s try sock liner for short trip before you start for a hiking trip. You know, in some situations, the material of sock liner is not good. It makes your feet uncomfortable, and in the worst case, your feet are hurt.

You even wonder what you can do with your hurt feet.

The answer is nothing. There is no reason to refuse to try new liner socks. Proper preparation for yourself is never redundant.

The final one is preventive sock liners. When your feet wet and sock liners vaporize sweat in maximum, it’d better change your other sock liners. Moister feet never get well for any situation. We mean you should bring preventive sock liners for long hiking.

Warm Keeping Function of a Liner Sock

Warm Keeping Function of a Liner SockMany people often concern whether a sock liner will keep warm or not. Actually, the question is not difficult to answer. Staying warm is one of the two main tasks of sock liners. They cover your feet and keep warm air right up next to your skin.

Depending on the type of material of each liner socks, the level of keeping your feet warm is also different. Some liner socks keep temperature better, and others focus on getting away blisters. Therefore you have to identify clearly what your liner sock use for and choose the liner socks to fit your needs.


A liner sock can brings the fantastic effects that nobody can deny. They defend your feet from getting away from blisters by reducing moisture and frictions. They also move sweat to boots and maintain your feet warm and dry. So, whether you like outdoor activities (hiking, camping, riding, etc.) or not, you should buy at least a liner sock for yourself.

Love and take care of yourself from the simplest things. Your feet deserve to be cradled.

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