List Of Top 5 Best Longboards For Type 2021

You can check out our best longboards for cruising, downhill, drop through, pintail HERE.

Best Drop Through Longboard

Quest - Best Longboard For Beginners Girl

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

DROP THROUGH-In order to get excellent stability while riding ultra low you must opt for this lovely Atom drop through longboard. That downhill carving can be easily done and you can easily enjoy a huge turning radius with this incredible longboard. Another best part is that this longboard comes with fully maple laminated deck which ensures durability and it long lasts as compared to other brands of Longboards. The unique perimeter shape is it’s another unique and cool feature. Now say goodbye to wheel bite and enjoy maximum stability on each ride.

Best Downhill Longboard



Yocaher Professional Longboard

Downhill- Your thirst for getting the best downhill longboard can only be quenched by this incredible masterpiece. Yoacher is one of the leading longboard brands of the world and this longboard has all the features and qualities that you can expect from a reputed brand. It comes with a special grip tape which provides exceptional stability even if there is a watery slope down there. It has got special 9-Ply Maple which gives this longboard durability and ensures long-lasting effect. The modern design and the deck is coated with special layer which makes this board looks appealing and stylish.

Best Carving Longboard



Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Carving- One of the best Longboards for downhill carving is being offered by Atom. The fully laminated deck is made of maple wood which is natural and skin friendly. Another best part about this longboard is that it is ideal for the urban youth who loves to steer his favourite board on sideways and city roads. The wheels are equipped with quality axles which come with 1 year warranty. All this and much more available at a highly affordable price. Company believes in innovating and hence this time the bearings are equipped with high speed lubricant. All this helps in the smooth movement of the board.

Best Cruising Longboards



Quest Super Cruiser Bamboo

Cruising- Quest this time has come up with amazing 44 inch artisan bamboo longboard. The 70mm PU wheels are durable and quite rugged. Another best part about this board is that it is perfect for beginners. It means if you are planning to gift your loved one something new and enchanting then this longboard is the perfect choice. There are several longboard lovers who always want to experience smooth cruising and for them this board could prove to be an ultimate thing. This 10-pound board has 7-inch aluminium trucks which can be easily maintained and can be used for a pretty longer period of time.

Best Bamboo Longboards



Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo-Though there are several longboard brands which manufacture bamboo based boards but there is no comparison to the boards offered by Krown Krex. The bamboo is specially treated for that polished look and durability. This zero maintenance board comes with amazing graphics and freestyle shape. Mostly loved by youngsters this board also comes with 7 inch black trucks. Another best and most unique part is that the top of the board is coated with special long lasting spray which not only gives it a shinning appeal but also helps in easy cleaning of the board.

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