All You Need to Know About the Loaded Board

Recently, playing skateboard has not only become a hot trend but also turned into a special “culture” of youngsters. There is no sharp-tongued when saying skateboard is a king sports genre of active and sporty youngsters all over the world. Skate are mostly found in America and Europe. It is common when seeing a teenager riding his skate to the school.

Regarding a skateboard, in my point of view, Loaded Board comes none to second. They are proficient in providing high – quality and well – designed longboards and longboard skateboards.

As you may know that Loaded Board is a renowned skateboard manufacturer which produces Vanguard, loaded Icarus, loaded tarab longboards. Apart from what you know about it, I’m pretty sure that there are several things you don’t know about this awesome brand. So let me tell you.


The Loaded Board started its journey in the mid-90s in Culver City, California. After numerous trials and failures, they finally launched their very first board successfully, named The Vanguard.

Unfortunately, in the next few years, they experienced numerous uphill struggles. They came close to going out of business and closing shop. However, they didn’t give up the game and continued developing their key products. Luckily, in a few years later, the fledgling longboard industry had developed strongly. Plus, the boarding trend had risen. After 7 years of hard work and continuous effort, since 2009, Loads Board has built its name in the boarding manufacturer market.

Currently, Loads Board concentrates on reinforcing their foundation. They are internal crew, ambassadors, product development, infrastructure and skate boarding’s contemporary culture. At Loaded Board, they strongly believe that business is truly an opening door for building up an ethics system of responsible practices.

History the Loaded BoardLoaded Boards was founded by the talented Done Tashman in 2002. With a huge passion for skating combining with a sharp mind, Tashman has quickly led Loaded Boards to the success. Presently, they are one of the highest – prestigious and well- known longboarding brands. His ambition is to generate high – quality, well – build and environmental – friendly longboards.

Their product line primarily concentrates on producing longboard decks, predominantly for dancing, freeriding and carving. Plus, they also manufacture wheels and accessories.

When it comes to marketing, Loaded Board seems to be a pioneer. They are the first brand creating innovative and practical marketing videos showing longboarding’s sport. Their marketing videos were professionally produced and attracted a million views. After the spectacular success of Loaded, loads of their competitors started to emulate each other to produce numerous marketing videos.

Target customer of The Loaded Board

Target customer of The Loaded BoardThe Loaded Board has done their best to serve two main types of customers:

  • Men aged from 18 to 24: energetic, has a strong passion for skates, active, love something challenging
  • Younger kids aged from 13 to 17: love to discover and experience new things, follow trends

Skateboard is a high energy – required sport which is appropriate for youngsters. Currently, the number of men playing skateboard outnumber the quantity of that in women.

With youthful, energetic and fashionable longboards, The Loaded attracts numerous teenage customers.

The differences between The Loaded Board and other Board sport brands

Product line

Product lineUnlike other loaded skateboard brands such as Globe Longboards and Sector 9 which manufacture longboard – related things, The Loaded Board mainly produces longboard decks. However, they have a variety of skating’s collections.

They focus on manufacturing decks which have freestyle, lower speed free – riding, dancing and cruising in mind. Also, several downhills and race – inspired decks are found. They also own an offshoot brand called Orangatang. It concentrates on generating premium and superb wheels to pair together with their decks.

Product features

Product featuresOne more special thing, which makes it stands out among the longboard market, is its unique design. Their graphics predominantly take form in artistic and etches imagery and simplistic abstract shapes. These exceptional graphics are considered to be their trademark.

Like other longboard brands, The Loaded Board produces decks with a wide range of size. The lengths are ranging from 32 to 45 inches; the widths are from 8 to 9.

The Loaded Board’s strong points, environmental – friendly materials will pop up in customers’ mind instantly. With a strong love and care for the environment, The Loaded Board’s CEO decided to use safe materials. And somehow, it has turned into this brand’ bright point and wined customers’ hearts.

Also, it will be a huge mistake when missing out two outstanding features of The Loaded Board. They are unparalleled carving ability and flexible bamboo decks. Loaded’s products usually mix fiberglass and bamboo to create a sturdy and flexible skateboard.

All Loaded Longboard’s products achieve a flex that no other company can be able to match. They produce several technologically top-notch longboards in the skate industry.


I’m a skateboard lover and also a marketing-minded person. Hence, one of the main reasons make me fall in love with this brand is its excellent marketing strategy. Nowadays, marketing videos seem to be normal as they appear daily on all social media channels. However, The Loaded Brand is the first brand applying marketing video and received positive results.

Top best seller products of The Loaded Board and detailed reviews

Currently, The Loaded Board has launched numerous products. For example The Loaded Icarus, The Loaded Dervish, The Loaded Vanguard, The Loaded Tesseract, The Loaded Ceviche, The Loaded Poke and The Loaded Tan Tien.

In specific, The Loaded Icarus and The Loaded Tan Tien are frequently used for dancing and cruising. The Tesseract suits freeride and downhill. The Icarus is mostly chosen for snowboard, freeride, and downhill. The Pintail is a good option for carving, freestyle, pumping, and pedestrian.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 best seller product of this lovely brand:

Loaded Boards Truncated Tesseract Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Loaded Boards Truncated Tesseract
There will be a big mistake when not mentioning the Loaded Boards Truncated Tesseract Bamboo Longboard in this list. This downhill destroyer won numerous customers’ hearts.

The Loaded Tesseract integrates W concave, wheel well flares, numerous wheelbase options and rocker into a lightweight package. It is specially designed for high speeds, big mountain roads, and snappy slides. It possesses a race – inspired and compact shape is offering high sliding and cornering leverage.

Furthermore, it also has several wheelbase options playing a role in fining tune your setup. The dual bamboo cores and fiberglass layers make the Tesseract lightweight and stiff. The bottom layer is made of cork which delivers vibration damping and protects abrasive damage against spreading.

The wide and tall W concave mellowing out near the truck plays is highly important. It plays a role in increasing comfort on downhill runs while delivering lateral support for cornering and sliding. Wheel well flares generate ergonomic reference points and enhance wheel clearance.


  • Easy personal customization thanks to multiple wheelbase options
  • Super stable and stiff at higher speeds
  • Stability added with W Concave
  • Reasonable price


  • This board is a bit heavier compared to another longboard of The Loaded Board
  • W Concave could be tricky for the flat ground pushing

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Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo
The Loaded Icarus is a multi-function versatile carving machine. It is highly suitable for pumping, snowboard – style carving, freestyle, freeride and urban commuting.

It possesses utilitarian design with drop – through truck which provides effortless pushing and stability. Furthermore, the manufacturer also adds variable edge concave and cambered profile to help customers have precise and lively riding experience.

It combines the flared wheel wells with cutouts. It helps to make the most of the clearance for wheels and allow tight turns and deep carves. Additionally, its Paris trucks provide a controlled and smooth turning response which is ideal for all – around riding and hard carving.

Like other products of the Loaded Board, the Loaded Icarus is super lightweight and durable. Simply because it is made of fiberglass and vertically laminated bamboo.


  • Anti – wheelbite shape thanks to large wheel wells
  • Deliver outstanding flex balance
  • User – friendly, environmental – friendly
  • Its price could fit all skaters’ pockets


  • Can be for new players with the balance of larger and flex wheels

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Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo
Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard attracts everyone since the very first sign. This is because it possesses an impressive, colorful and unique design. However, its high quality is the prerequisite factor which helps it stay in customers’ hearts.

The Loaded Dervish is specially designed for freeride, pumping, carving, urban commuting and freestyle. It is fairly low and effortless to ride which makes it a perfect option for first – time skaters. This good boy is also suitable for experienced players who are seeking a snowboard – inspired and high – performance ride.

The Dervish is equipped drop – through truck mounting in the purpose of positioning the deck lower to ground. It will generate easier ride, high stability, and efficient pushing. Furthermore, thanks to the ample and lightweight standing platform, handling for freeride and carving is never that easy.

Players could enjoy responsive ride thanks to the fiberglass construction pair and vertically laminated bamboo. Especially, this longboard has three flex ratings so you could easily adjust it according to your style and weight. While lower flex is appropriate for heavier riders, higher flex is highly recommended for lighter players.


  • Well – made, good – looking, smooth and high – quality
  • Easy to drive
  • Has 3 flex levels to adjust
  • The price is quite reasonable for such a good longboard
  • Carving and pumping is extremely effortlessly on this board
  • Symmetrical shape provides balance and comfortable


  • The flex deck isn’t suitable for heavier skaters
  • It doesn’t bring into play all his strengths for higher speeds or downhill

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FAQs Loaded Board

1. Which type of longboard is suitable for newbies?

Tan Tien is highly appropriate for new learners as it is low, light and easy to control and ride. When I was in the very first steps of playing this awesome subject, I struggled in finding a longboard. And my friend recommended me to buy a Tan Tien longboard. As it is the most lucid decision that I’ve ever made. So invest in a Tan Tien, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll never regret.

2. How to clean the bearings?

It is a good question. Bearings play an important role in riding smooth. If your bearings get dirty or rusted, it will generate more friction, then reduce speed and riding experience. In the JEHU bearings, the metal shields are fixed to help save the bearings from dirt, water, and sand.

So when buying shields, remember to pick up a set with detachable shields for the sake of easy cleaning. Removable shields are great for washing and lubricating with a low viscosity bearing lubricant and speed cream. In case you are struggling to find out a superior resource on bearing maintenance and cleaning, I highly recommend Bone Bearings.

3. How do I know whether a certain flex board is appropriate for me or not?

A flex board will deliver an extraordinary driving experience. About going for a flex, your weight and type of riding are two main factors that you should take into consideration. If you intend to do a couple of hard landing tricks, let’s opt for a stiffer board. Notably, each product of The Loaded Board has its flex rate.


In conclusion, Loaded Board is a prestigious brand that you should give it a try at least once in a lifetime. I’m pretty sure that after using Loaded Board’s products, you will don’t even want to take the slightest notice of other skateboard’s brands. As a long – year customer of this brand, I’m totally satisfied with its well – designed, durable products and dedicated customer services. In short, I highly recommend this awesome brand for both skateboard starters and professional players.

Finally, hope that after reading my full-depth review, you guys could grasp some useful information about Loaded Board. Then, don’t hesitate to like and share it with your friends.

And, if there is anything unclear, feel free to leave your comments down below. I’ll try to reply to them quickly . Once again, I want to send my big thanks and hugs to all viewers as you’ve inspired me a lot. Keep skating and following my blog as I will send you lots of fun and interesting articles soon.

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