Locker Board Skateboard: In-depth Review Of This Brand & The Best Place To Buy The Product

Spreading reputation from Shark Tank reality show, this new design does breathe new life into skateboarding. Not only popular in school, but street gangs also find these products exciting and attractive.

As a new product, locker board skateboard has solved specific issues that skaters have confronted for a long time. It opened a new era of street sports after school.

So, what are you waiting for?

History and CEO

Carson – The Founder of Locker Board

Carson The Founder of Locker Board“Shred hard, dream hard and work hard” is the inspirational slogan by Locker Board since its establishment. Carson Kropfl, a teenager boy keen on surfing, has invented Locker Board at the age of 11.

Many people would be surprised that how a high-school student could be a CEO at that age.

This brand represents his passion for skateboarding. As none of the skateboards on the market can fit in his backpack and the locker at school, the boy made himself one.

How Locker Board Comes in Public?

How Locker Board Comes in Public?These fantastic pieces of wood might stay inside Carson’s locker forever, uniquely and quietly. However, Carson started dreaming about surfing contests. Carson needs to pay for lessons while he had no job at that time.

It was such a luck for all skaters when Carson boy began to release his invention on the market.

Before the appearance in Shark Tank, Locker Board has grown up a corporation which supplied upcycled skateboards. In its operation, the company has joined Ocean Unite in the campaign for the environment.

Carson has oriented the brand to sustainable fundamentals. He aimed to create stable and sturdy skateboard with the meaning of sustainability. In the Nike tour that Carson had chances to participate, that ideology was even more apparent.

Blossoming After Shark’s Investment

Blossoming After Shark’s InvestmentIn the Program Shark Tank season 9, our 12-year-old boy did present his solid and portable skateboard. The products amazed every Shark in the meeting for the brilliant convenience. More than that. It’s the business by a teenager boy.

He succeeded in calling for investment from the Sharks. The boy convinced $65 grand for 20% value of the whole business. It was lower than his expectation, but the boy struggled to make his mind.

The investor at that time was Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin. The businessman was persuaded by the passion of Carson who carried some of his personality at a young age.

Now, the brand is the outcome of a talented 7th grader and a business magnate. It’s no doubt that the Locker board soon developed more and more.

Main Features

Thinking out of the box when designing Locker board, Carson has made amazing decks that everyone loves.

Let’s see how awesome it is.


PortabilityLocker board skateboards are standardized 17 and 24 inches long. The width is among 7.5 to 8.5 depending on the condition of the decks before production — meanwhile, an ordinary skateboard maybe 27 or 29 inches.

Because the length is limited, the brand does not offer thinner width, for the safety.

It’s the first skateboard deck that we can stuff in a backpack and bring on the way to school. No more packages, no more space needed when we want to keep skateboard close.

The locker board is shorter than the standard decks, apparently.

In addition, the size explains why this model suits the demands of high-school boys. It can fit in the locker.

You used to keep the board under the table. Or you might spend a day keeping an eye on the decks if you brought it to the class. All of the inconveniences resulted from the size.

But now, this pieces can stay neatly in your back and safely in the locker at school. There could be no chances to lost it as long as you have the backpack and the locker key with you.


Environment-friendlyOne of the interesting facts from Carson is that he cares a lot about the environment, especially ocean. The little CEO of locker board donate 1$ per each deck on sale for Ocean Unite as a contribution to ocean conservation.

For him, locker board skateboards are more than products for profits. They stand for the sustainable generation of skateboards. What we convey from each product is the call for environmental protection.

Each piece is cycled from usual decks. In the US, there are thousands of trash deck thrown up every day- about 13 million each year according to Carson. They are still in good condition, so Carson picks them up from landfills and makes them into locker boards.

It saves the ocean from a tremendous amount of trash.

Until now, when the company falls in place, and the fund gets stable, Carson keeps doing in his way.

There is still a desire for sustainable products in his mind.

Ridiculously Awesome

Ridiculously AwesomeThe shorter and smaller locker board do not mean that skateboarders have less fun.

Due to the size, some people might find it difficult to cruise on the street. However, it’s more fun to practice. At least, you will have more time with it now when the item can be packed with books.

The short decks allow users to do more tricks easily. The portable size makes it simple to control. Moreover, more younger people join skating when they can start the hobbies with suitable decks in size.

Who isn’t happy if their hobbies are now spreading all over the country?

Target Users

Target UsersCarson first thought of selling the hand-made board to local friends.

However, it seems the reputation has crossed the town so far.

With the Locker board, there are no limitations in skaters. Or, we would say, this product opens a chance of practicing skateboarding to many people.

Firstly, let’s talk about experienced skateboarders.

They are people having more than one skateboard in the house. They might try many designs to find new excitement and challenge. Why not locker board skateboard?

The challenging decks can fill them with surprises, thrills and breathtaking moves. They are used to common decks for such a long time. So, riding a shorter one becomes another entirely fascinating journey.

Secondly, little children are not out of the target.

It might not be the first customer segment for locker board skateboard. However, it works nicely. Your children may have a hard time finding decks with suitable size while all of them end up 27 inches of length.

With this new design, the problem is solved.

In addition, beginners, students or street gangs are also potential clients for locker board skateboard.

If you are looking for something new, challenging sporty bonus with eco-green attitude, the locker board skateboards are ideal for you.


GuaranteeBuying skateboard from Locker Board promises fun.

The terms of services are as common as any online website you randomly bump into. Besides, while many online businesses refuse to take their items back due to poor conditions, Locker Board offers different options.

Locker Board released its products on Amazon and offline selling points where buyers can operate complaints or returns.

Besides, if the decks are purchased on the website by Locker Board, it’s still simple to make claims.

In 30 days after purchase, buyers can directly contact the number on the website to report about the condition of the skateboard. Any products in unused condition deserve 100% reimbursement from the company.

Signature Locker Board Skateboard

Since the start, Carson concentrates on only shorter decks which fit the lockers. Therefore, there are not many designs on the stock.

However, the products are enough to bring joy to anyone.

Let’s see what Locker Board have in stores.

Travel Cruiser

Travel CruiserTravel cruiser is the basic design on the stock.

This skateboard is only 17 inches long, the shortest on the market nowadays. However, it’s doing an excellent job as a cruiser.

The designer gave Travel cruiser a light slop at the front side so users can comfortably lean on the front. The wheels are also wider to catch up on shocks during the riding; all designed to give smooth rider feeling on the excursion.

The skateboard is also produced to move smoothly on the flat surface. You can ride it around the city after school time.

Like other products by Carson, this 17-inch deck fits your bags and the locker at school. They provide the decks in multiple colors with logo at the bottom side and impressive gravity painting.

One more advantage for travel cruiser still lays on the size. It’s not only portable but also suits children. The decks are not too big for kids plus the right balance and smooth movement for adult riding.

Travel Trickster

Travel TricksterBy its name, this one speaks for itself.

Travel trickster has once shown up in Shark tanks, and with Carson, it convinced the investment of $65 grand.

The Trickster has got smaller wheels which helps to increase challenges on riding and fit on various terrains.

The deck are generally flat and stable but higher on at the end.

The slight wave at the end of the deck support users to do tricks. Or, we can see it as a tool to have more fun with skateboarding.

These 17″ decks are the products remade from old decks. Locker Board’s producers have restyled those pieces of wood into colorful locker skateboards.

It’s the typical skateboard for anyone. And, this one is an unfold and neat decks which fit the backpack as any of Carson’s designs.

Shred’it Skateboard

Shred’it SkateboardShred’it Skateboard is the most extended model of Locker Board.

It’s still the mini size in comparison with traditional skateboards on the market with 24 inches long. Shred’it was once on the Shark Tank, too, but this product is the innovation for its sibling design.

This skateboard is designed balanced with a more extended and wavy deck. The surface made it easier to ride and keep balance during the ride. Besides, the small wheels are perfect for fast riding or crossing different surface.

Because of its length, this design cannot fit in a regular backpack, but you can strap it outside. Other decks need special back to carry on but not the Shred’it. The length will not stop you from carrying the bag comfortably.

By making this, the Locker Board hopes to attract a broader range of rider including beginners at skateboarding.


Even this business turns out simple in both products and terms of purchase; we know you have got in mind wonderings.

Q1: How to Make Purchase Successfully?

Customers are suggested to leave email address while making an order. Payment by visa card or Paypal is all accepted at the time. In one working day (or depending on carrier), the product is on the way to you, and the carrier’s track number should be in your mailbox.

However, the product delivery now is limited in the country.

Q2: What About Delivery Problems?

If the consignment arrival is notified, but you haven’t got any packages, the Locker Board customer service welcome contacting by number 949-554-4448.

You can cancel the order if the delivery hasn’t started yet. Or, if you want to return the product after arrival, you can count on the standard service.

Locker Board uses UPS and US postal services as their primary way of delivery. They are all trustworthy carriers in the US so you can rely on.

Q3: Is it Harder to Ride in Shorter Decks?

Locker board skateboards are shorter but still simple to control. If you are just into skateboarding recently, choosing 24-inch board is better because you need to practice foot placement.

What you have to control is how to step on. Because people used to ride in spacious decks, they might hesitate to ride in a travel cruiser. However, products by Locker board are stable and firm enough to keep you in balance.

This Brand is OKAY

Locker Board by Carson Krofl brings on the mission of ocean conservation, more convenient skateboard and funnier skateboarding time.

It’s the real innovation hidden in a little young boy. The product has inspired people to go for activities after schools and spread the call for saving the ocean.

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