Why Long Boarding is Good for You?

Why long boarding is good for youLong boarding is one of the best rides you could experience these days. And trust me if you have not travelled to your favourite places in a Longboard you have never really tasted what freedom actually feels like.

You have to understand that Longboarding is just not about riding a skateboard to places and hitting the tracks for thrill. This might be very intriguing but actually long boarding is not just a sport loves by young generation but also truly enjoyed by matured and aged people too.

Longboards have changed the culture of gender and age segregation by creating a united sense of attachment between long boarders which is more of a contemporary culture.

So I am going to let you experience the world of longboard and the benefits it is providing to its loyal riders and Why should you longboard? Let’s begin:


Many people are confused between the terms liberty and freedom so let me clear this out for you, freedom is actually getting the right to speak, think and express according to his own will but liberty is having your life your way according to your interests and principles and not following any social, regional or cultural barrier.

Longboards are successful in providing both liberty and freedom, and all the riders know this because they know the significance of this point of time in their life which involves all the decision makings.

Longboards are also providing freedom to its rider by giving the rights to transport anywhere and everywhere as they please.


BalanceWe all know this that playing with gravity is something we can’t conquer, but long boarding allows you to master even that too. Longboards helps in increasing the balance and coordination of body by hand eye coordination, somatosensory system, vestibular system and also enhances the musculoskeletal system.

You might need this type of balance someday to save your life from any accident or so, and if not so also it is a good indicator of healthy body and lifestyle.

Lower Body Strength

Long boarding enhances the muscles and the structure of body but mostly it works best for the lower body by increasing the strengthening durability of lower body. By having a strong Lower body you can consider yourself a strong person. And in Lehmanlanguage you are able to make higher jumps, run faster than before and gain some muscles easily and avoid injuries etc.


So due to an increase in the hand eye coordination and good balance skills, rider gets awareness too. A long boarder with these skills is said to be more aware of the surroundings and little little things happening around him.

Awareness helps in increasing the efficiency of movements and understanding your own body in a much better way and utilising it in your daily life also.


CardioLong boarding works as the perfect mix of cardio exercises for the rider in order to improve stamina, capacity of lung and the health of body.

Daily cardio exercises also help you in keeping your body fit and in shapes and also enhance flexibility along with motions and movements. So guys longboards are good way to do your cardio and action exercises at the same time.

Sex Appeal

Ohhh.. You might be shocked to see this one on the list but yes guys its true longboard gives the value added service of a good sex appeal.

You guys might have also noticed that the long boarders have a better personality and a sexy body. So I think this reason might attract you to long boarding.

Saves Time and Money

arbor longboardsNobody wants to get stuck on the roads in the traffic and this sight is more frequent in metropolitan areas. So don’t get into this traffic thing and get boarded on the longboard and make your ride timesaver and reasonable.

Longboards help the riders to avoid the long traffic queues and reach their destinations as fast as possible. And on the other hand if we talk about saving money with this mode of transport than let me tell you you can save approx 1800-2000 dollars by stoping travelling from your personal cars and discarding extra costs like fuel, maintenance charges and other costs.

As the result of this switching of transportation modes you might be able to save some money.

Environment Friendly

Long boarding is one of the sports activities offering a share to environment welfare too.
Long boarding decreases driving of vehicles and hence the amount of emission of any hazardous gases in the nature is also decreased due to that.

In the end long boarding comes out as a environment friendly activity.

You Can Become a Professional

Yes of course you could become a hardcore professional in long boarding if you are an amazing long boarder.In the recent decades long boarding has become one of the main stream sports activities. And people are growing their careers in these sports as well. So if you are good and professional long boarder than you might have the chance to become a professional in this field.


As the word longboard comes in our mind we have this misconception in mind that it might be long and heavy but it’s the other way around. A longest longboard might only be weighing 20 pounds only. So the next good thing about longboards is that they are easily portable. Its light weight makes it portable and easy to carry in your arms.

Have New Friends

For me the best advantage of longboards is that it is a medium to make new adventure loving friends for a good lifetime. You guys must have also noticed long boarders in huge packs, yes they all move along in packs exploring and enjoying their rides all way long. They do everything together be it activities like sports, passions, music etc anything and everything.


In this year 2017, people are using GoPro cameras to record amazing recordings and footages of their adventures ride and escapades.

So you can also opt for this option, all you need is a GoPro camera to record your cruises and downhill riding skills and tricks. And once you are satisfied with the no. Of videos you have you can combine them all and make a good compilation and upload.

FilmingAnd if you don’t want to upload you can have it with you for your whole life and relive this moments whenever you feel like.

Emergency Response

If you have a friend who is a experienced long boarder you might have noticed this that they are the first one ever to respond to any emergency situation. Yes this thing, they are the first person to respond in the cases of emergency.

Long boarding inculcates some basic skills in you, it lets you explore your body and get some safety skills to protect your body from any injury that might occur at anytime. And it is a result of this that they are available for lending help to people in emergency situations as they are aware of all the safety tips.

All Weather Activity

The best thing about longboards is that you can ride them in any weather be it cloudy, rainy or winters. It is an activity you could do anytime irrespective of the season or weather. Unless there is a heavy snowfall, you can ride it in little snow also. But make sure if you are using it in different weathers than you maintain it for the same too as they have to be maintained in order to increase their shelf life.

So these were some of the advantages of having a longboard and being a long boarder. Long boarding is an activity that is going to enhance your life and health skills making your life better and interesting. And if you have liked the article, tell us about it in the comment section below. You can also share your long boarding experiences with us we are keen to hear from you.

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