Top 6 Popular Long range Electric Scooters You Can Invest in

Electric motorbikes are a relatively popular and enjoyable vehicle for children. There are many types of dedicated long range electric scooter for children today. However, not all scooters can meet all requirements such as safety, durability, and reasonable price. If you are having trouble finding your child a suitable scooter, we hope the following article will bring you a lot of useful information and knowledge.

The content will focus on analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the most popular scooters today.

Top 6 Excellent Long Range Electric Scooter for 2020

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Razor Power Core E90 – Safe Choice for Kids

Razor Power Core E90 Electric ScooterThe Razor Power Core E90 is built relatively modern. The chassis is plated with powder-coated steel, a material that significantly increases the vehicle’s durability and robustness.

This electric car is very suitable for children. The manufacturer has created a variety of colors to suit children’s ages. Plus, This scooter weighs only about 21.75 pounds, much lighter than other scooters on the market. Children can take it more easily.

The relatively minimal size (31,7×12,9×32,9) so you can keep it in the trunk of a car and take your children to travel long distances. For young children’s safety, Walt Motor uses a 12v, 90-battery battery capable of up to 10 miles per hour – a moderately slow pace for a child’s age.

The kickStarting feature is also a feature that many parents trust and value for their children’s safety. It can prevent malfunction, especially for small children, such as accidentally turning on the gas.

Besides, many people will not spend a large amount of money to buy a scooter with more functions than the needs of small children. Knowing this, the manufacturer has adjusted the scooter’s usage to only about 80 minutes after each charge. This change not only suits the needs of young children but also reduces their costs.

Besides the advantages, the scooter also needs to improve many other specific features. Charging time can be up to 12 hours per time. This number is indeed modest even for children and should be improved in the future.

Another problem this scooter has is that its relatively low Torque Speed makes it disadvantageous when going uphill or over challenging roads.

Also, vehicle height is relatively limited. It is very difficult for grown children to continue playing with it. Besides, its maximum load-bearing capacity is 120 Lbs, making it difficult for overweight kids to play.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter – Mark 10 for Quality

Razor E200 Electric ScooterThe Razor E200 electric scooter is a vehicle that seems more suitable for a young teenager. The vehicle is equipped with a battery system of up to 24V, which is relatively robust and highly efficient. Its top speed can reach 12 miles per hour, which is greater than the Razor Power Core E90. With an engine and design like this, teenagers will be able to satisfy many needs to go away, go to school without worrying about running out of battery in the middle.

The payload of Razor E200 is also raised to 160 pounds to ensure that teenagers can walk no matter how fast they grow.

Another feature that your child may enjoy is the outstanding ride comfort. The engine monolith itself and the housing are made of all-steel, making it possible to reduce engine noise and increase engine endurance.

On the other hand, Razor E200 still has some inherent weaknesses. Its battery life is not overestimated. The Razor E200 has a typical 40-minute battery life, but this can vary depending on your child’s weight as well as how rough the route is.

However, there have been many reports from users that its battery life deteriorates quite rapidly over time. You may need to replace the battery earlier than advertised by the manufacturer.

Also, the relatively high price is also one of the disadvantages of Razor 200 when compared to other children’s versions of this brand.

Glion Dolly – Unique Design for Style

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric ScooterGlion Dolly owns a lot of unique advantages that you can hardly find in another product. It is one of those long-distance electric scooters that fold open especially quickly. You need to perform two simple movements of drag and drop. Since magnetism is integrated into the rotating joint, movements only need to be gentle.

In addition, it has the ability to straighten itself up without you having to hold it. Due to its design that makes its handlebar very wide and sturdy, users won’t have to care for it while waiting for the train or worry that some winds might spill it.

The pull handle, also, is designed for towing this scooter as part of the luggage. This is a quite unique point of this scooter compared to other products on the market. It has small side wheels small enough for you to pull gently.

Another critically acclaimed feature is this Glion Dolly incorporating extremely bright headlights. This is almost the only scooter I’ve ever seen with built-in headlights. You will be able to travel at night more conveniently and safely.

On the weakness perspective, It has a relatively heavy weight of about 28 pounds. Although this is not the most massive scooter, the noses can be much bulkier than you might think. You might be afraid to take it to travel long distances somewhere. Also, It seems to weaken when climbing a slope. Glion with a capacity of 250 watts will not have an advantage when climbing steep hills. It is much weaker than the 500-watt engine of other scooters such as E-Twow, Uscooter Booster.

Razor Power Core E90 FFP – Buffalo Battery

Razor Power Core E90 FFPThis is a sporty version of the Razer Core E90 series as it features 6 LED light bulbs in the body, making the scooter stand out when running at night. For the kids who love the show, this feature is obviously a pretty big plus.

Only the frame and forks of the scooter are made of steel, so the scooter’s weight is significantly reduced to only about 21.62 pounds. The rear tire is also improved with a sporty style when it is planned flat and more extensive than other Core E90 versions.

This scooter’s capacity is similar to other versions stopping at 90 watts but with tremendous torque helping your child climb high slopes much more comfortable than the same type.

The battery used is a lead-based acid water battery that prolongs usage time to an average of 60 minutes per charge while the scooters of the same type are only about 40 minutes.

Overall, in terms of weaknesses, this is still a long-distance electric scooter for young children and has a relatively low height. Your child will be able to grow up fast and is no longer suitable for this vehicle in just a short time.

In addition, the chassis has no aluminum monolithic design, so the scooter, although lighter, is also less sturdy.

Gotrax Xr – Outstanding Comfortability

Gotrax XrIf you are looking for a fairly modern scooter but do not want to invest too much, Gotrax Xr will be a smart choice. It has almost all the features and conveniences that a scooter needs but is relatively affordable.

It has a large 8.5-inch tire with gas inside, making you feel extremely comfortable to use. In particular, the ride’s quality is extremely concerned by the manufacturer when Xr owns two large layers of compressed air, and the deck is cushioned quite smoothly. You will reduce discomfort when walking on rough terrain.

Bright headlights are also an advantage of the GoTrax XR Ultra. It is integrated with functional front lights to assist users with walking at night.

The brakes are pretty good for its budget price. The scooter used disc brakes and passed the tests of many studies.

The integration of many features but at a low price will make this scooter face many weaknesses. One of them is that its acceleration, as well as climbing, is not appreciated.

Specifically, the machine can only climb hills at 4 miles per hour – a relatively modest figure for a scooter with a 250-watt engine. Likewise, it also takes an average of 8.2 seconds to increase to a top speed of 14.6 km/h.

However, it still has some weaknesses. The integration of many features but at a low price will make this scooter face many weaknesses. One of them is that its acceleration as well as climbing is not appreciated.

Specifically, the machine can only climb hills at 4 miles per hour – a relatively modest figure for a scooter with a 250-watt engine. likewise, it also takes an average of 8.2 seconds to increase to a top speed of 14.6 km/h.

Razor E Prime III – High Durability

Razor E Prime IIIUnlike many products on the market, its tires are made with a unique combination of large pneumatic tires in the front and solid rubber tires at the back. The front tire will be responsible for smoothing down collisions with bad road cracks. The rear tire will be responsible for pushing the machine away forcefully.

For the brake, Razor E Prime III uses electric brakes at the front and fender brake at the rear. The manufacturer has created an extra brake at the rear, more so than other conventional long-distance electric scooters.

Fender brakes can create friction more efficiently and cause the scooter to stop faster than disc brakes. So Razor E prime III has a higher safety level than the competition.

Plus, this scooter can conquer the most demanding consumers by its weight with just 24 pounds, in the lowest amount for a scooter I’ve ever known. Not only that, but it can also be doubled, and you can carry it anywhere you want. This feature is very useful for those who regularly go to work and school not too far away.

The only weakness is probably the slightly large handle of the Razer Prime III that makes it easy for those with relatively small hands to get tired during long driving. The scooter also has a relatively large team of 41.24 “when folded. In addition, the scooter is quite long with 41 1/1 /. 4 “when folded.


The above is all our analysis and review of the pros and cons of the most popular scooters today. This article is for informational and educational purposes only. The final choice still depends on your budget, conditions, and environment.

We hope that after this article, you will have more information to make the right choice for you or your loved long range electric scooter. Happy shopping!

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