Longboard Cruising v/s Skateboarding

A natural tendency among people experienced is that they confuse longboard cruising with skateboarding. Both the board games are extremely perplexing to people and therefore they tend to mix both the games forgetting that although they look alike but are way too different. The reality has a different version, skateboarding is totally different form longboarding.

Another point of conflict seen in many people is their discussions on whether skateboarding is easy or longboarding? Well, it is not easy to say which one of them is easy and which one is more complex as both the sports have their pros and cons guarded with different set of rules applicable to them.

Best Skateboard for Cruising

According to some people skateboarding is much easier and to some longboarding is a piece of cake, but talking on a rational basis it is felt that a person takes comparatively lesser time to get adapted to longboarding because of their longer deck size, bigger wheel basis and the fact that the rider gets more room on the deck / leg space which adds on to the comfort level of the rider. The feature of the longboarding deck being more flexible puts a gaining point in its pocket.

  • But the contradictory argument still doesn’t come to an end as there is a difference between both the activities. One cannot argue over the fact that longboards are not suitable for downhill racing or runs and for twists, turns and high speed cruising.
  • Whereas on the other hand skateboards are considered to be pro for street skating, trick skating or casual rides because of its concave structure which allows the skaters to pull tricks such as flips. So if rail slides and kick flips are your thing then skateboard is just the thing for you. A casual street rider will always prefer a skateboard to a long board.

longboard cruising

Best Longboards for Cruising

Longboarding is Flexible and Comfortable

  • Keeping aside all these facts if you are a newbie rider it is always advisable to go for a long board due to its flexibility, comfort and the fact that they have a broad wheel base to balance the board easily giving the rider a sense of stability and security.
  • This argument can always get heated up amongst the longboard cruising lovers and skateboard lovers. But it is very important to understand that both the games though appearing similar have different purposes and tact of riding. They even have completely opposite structure and support different riding styles.
  • Some people think that skateboards are meant to perform tricks and longboards for simply getting around, but longboards are definitely more than that. They are capable of performing tricks but in a different way for e.g. spin, stepping, the shanker and what not.

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